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List Of All Bangladeshi Bangla Magazine & Bengali Books (Updated)

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Bangla Magazine is the most popular Bengali Books in Bangladesh and all over the world. Bangla is the fourth language in the world. Through that reason, Bangla Magazine is taking the place online readers book list when they search magazine for reading via online.

The magazine is the source or knowledge, even it’s present recent all kind of information in a book to all kind of people. A magazine can highlight the recent all major updates in a list on a book to the abroad people. It is the presenter of a country. Bangladesh newspapers are the first view of Bangladesh to others and countries people and the second eye is Bangladesh Magazine.

There are so many magazines circulated and printed in Bangladesh also they published the soft copy in online for online readers. Some Bangladeshi magazine is Bangla health magazine, online Bengali magazine, Bangla chat magazine, Bangla computer magazine, the youth magazine, woman magazine and so many.

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So, let see the top and best all kind of circulated Magazine in Bangladesh.

List Of Top Bangladeshi Magazines

1. Anannya Magazine

Anannya is the most famous and circulated female magazine in Bangladesh. It published since 1989.

2. Shaptahik

Shaptahik is the national weekly magazine in Bangladesh. This magazine coverup politics, sports, interviews, and health. Also, it’s included recently updated matter sometimes.

3. Unmad

Unmad is the humor sense magazine. Its covering cartoons, jokes, archive, funny ideas, and more.

4. Computer Jagat

Computer Jagat is a tech magazine in Bangladesh which provides all kinds of computer matter. Here you can get any kind of article about computers problem, new features, cellphones, and computer software also games.

5. Parabaas

Parabass is actually literature magazine. This Bangla web magazine covering literature, language, Bangla culture, religion, poets biography, poets poems, stories, Bengalis books and others.

6. Dhaka Courier

Dhaka courier is the English language magazine in Bangladesh. It covering Commentary, reportage, news, essays, conversations, politics, economics, development, nature, society, abroad, arts & reviews, lifestyle, sport, science, tech, travel, Literature and more.

7. LRB Travel Team

Lrb Travel Team is the travel magazine which covers all kind of traveling, beauty or Bangladesh and others travel updates. It’s a nonprofitable team and online base magazine.

8. The Star

The start is the part of the daily star newspapers in Bangladesh. It is the English language magazine. It is weekly published from the daily start newspapers. It’s published sports, news, business and so more.

9. Megaupdate24

Megaupdate24 is the tech and programming base magazine from Bangladesh. It’s covering online money making the guide, Adsense, social media, SEO, programming, software, computer and all kind of technology.

10. Corporate

Corporate is published in English and Bangla both language. Its cover-up tech, financial, freelancing, tutorial, cybercrime and others report the news.

Bangladeshi Magazines – (Bangla & English)

1. Bangladesher Khela

2. Energy & Power

3. Holiday

4. eBiz – This magazine Circulated From Ittefaq Newspapers.

5. Koli O Kalam

6. Manchitro

7. Nishorga Its a traveling, natural beauty and wildlife Bangla magazine.

8. PC World

9. Prothom Alo Special Supplement – This magazine published by daily prothom alo newspaper office.

10. Ittefaq Entertainment

Others Bangla Magazine

Now I will share all kind of Bangla Magazine with numbering in a list. You can read them via online and also possible buy hard copy from the newspapers store.

1. Bidesh Bangla 24

2. Doshdik

3. Notun Barta

4. Parjatan Bichitra – This magazine published traveling post and history.

5. ICT Today

6. Rupali Alo

7. Ekhon Somoy

8. Abasar

9. ComJagat

10. Loksangbad

11. Manchitro 

12. Mayer Dak

13. Megh Barta

15. Manojogot

16. Porshi

17. Probe News

18. Satbela

19. Sonar Bangla 

20. The Bengali Times

21. Vinnomot

22. Shatorup Magazine

Islamic Bangla Magazine List In Bangladesh

1. At Tahree – This magazine published by monthly circulation.

2. Madina – This is also circulated by monthly schedule.

These are the best and most popular Bangladeshi Bangla Magazine. If you wish to read these magazines, then you can visit their official webpage magazine link and read them on online.

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