Daily Ittefaq ePaper(e Ittefaq)

e Ittefaq is an electronic paper of Daily Ittefaq Newspaper in Bangladesh. Daily ittefaq online version provides you read Ittegaz Newspaper in online media.

Ittefaq authority print hard copy in the daily morning. If you wanna read it without any penny via online media then follow the Daily Ittefaq Epaper. Even though this will free, you can save its page separately as your need.

How much popular Ittefaq ePaper?

You can count Ittefaq ePaper in the list of the daily popular eBangla newspaper. Ittefaq is a paper which achieved many awards from Bangladesh and Foreign.

Daily Ittefaq Bangla Newspaper (দৈনিক ইত্তেফাক)

Daily Ittefaq Online Bangla Newspaper is the daily popular newspaper in Bangladesh. Here you can read daily Bangla news headlines and all updates of the newspaper. Ettefaq published kind of news like politics, sports, fashion, updates, business, financial, and more.

If you wanna to read the unique news every morning Ittefaq in the best. It’s established in 1953 and the oldest newspaper in Bangladesh. Daily ittefaq is a Bengali Language daily Newspaper and English version have in online. This paper is most circulated and printed by Ittefaq Group of Publication LImited. The present editor is Anwar Hossain Manju.

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