Daily Manabzamin (দৈনিক মানবজমিন) Online Bangla Newspaper


Daily Manabzamin Bangla Newspaper(Daily Manab Zamin)

Mzamin or Daily Manabzamin is a daily circulated Online Bangla Newspaper in Bangladesh. This newspaper offers you the latest Politics, Sports, Entertainment, Today News, Sports, Whole World, Exclusive, National News, Archive, Mzamin ePaper, Manobjamin News Update and so more from the universe. The newspaper provides you 24 hours online news and updates.

Every month 10+ Plus a million people read the Mzamin newspaper from around the world. The Manabzamin Newspaper is the top-listed newspaper in Bangladesh. It took place in the top 500 Bangala Newspaper. Also, it is the oldest and famous circulated Bangla daily newspaper.

Manobzamin editor is Motiur Rahman Chowdhury. The head main office of Manabzamin is Jenith Taoyar, 40 Kaoran Bazar, Dhaka-1236, end media printers 149-150 tejgao silpo area, Dhaka-1208. You can email at news@emanabzamin.com for any update of Mzamin Newspaper.

The Daily Manab Zamin called “People’s Land” in Bengali is the most leading tabloid newspaper in Bangladesh. It is not formatted into broadsheet style like other regular newspapers.

Description: With the tagline of ” Karo Tabedari Kore Na “, Manab Zamin’s motto is publishing truth without any compromising. It was not a daily newspaper at first, starting with monthly publication. Then in 1997, it became a daily national Bengali newspaper.

Editors: Mahbuba Chowdhury plays the role of publisher and Matiur Rahman Chowdhury is as editor in chief of this daily.

Daily Manab Zamin

Daily Manab Zamin Bengali newspaper

The daily publishes all sections of news like lifestyle, educative pieces of information, political issues, environmental updates, commentaries, sports and goes on.

Concluding the burning issues of the world the tabloid newspaper is much available in our country. Quite affordable & for the Bengali version, it has gained a familiar place to the general people in Bangladesh.

Manab Zamin ePaper

Manab Zamin also has an online newspaper service named Online-Manab Zamin for its readers to stay connected with them as always.

It has exclusively featured topics. People can get news freely from the daily with internet access.  

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Manab Zamin World Wide

Daily Manab Zamin is not only popular in our country but also it is widely known internationally. In fact, its global achievement is remarkable to all of us.

  • Each month they daily get around 1.6 million visitors globally which makes it the most visited online Bengali newspaper.
  • It is affiliated with FIFA, UEFA, English Premier league; the one & only Bangladeshi publication.
  • Also partnered with Sony Pictures, Warner Bros for the publicity of Hollywood productions.
  • Hosted a dedicated website in the 2010 FIFA world cup with all updates of football by which the daily made into the top place.

Daily Manab Zamin Social Platform

  • Has a website by which people can get 24/7 service Manab Zamin 
  • Manab Zamin has a Facebook page that has almost 1 million followers;  people can be connected with them regularly, share their thoughts, views.
  • It has also a Twitter account, youtube channel by which people can join & create a community globally.

Manab Zamin Archive

An archive section is offered from the daily,  where people can collect information for their purposes. They can find the news by dates, online version, or print version.

However, in spite of having numerous competitors, the daily Manab Zamin placed into the top 5 Bengali news sites in the world. After all,  The Daily is still working hard as always on its best to remain in the top places. 

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