The Daily Jugantor (দৈনিক যুগান্তর) Online Bangla Newspaper

Daily Jugantor is a leading newspaper in Bangladesh. It called Dainik Jugantor in Bangladesh. Jugantor is a daily Bangla newspaper which printed newspaper every morning. The newspaper printed and published by Jamuna Printing and Publishing Ltd. Jamuna Media Ltd is the owner of this national newspaper and started its journey since 1999.

Editor name of daily Jugantor called Saiful Alam. It founded in 2000, the first of February. In every single day, 300000 copy newspaper is printed for sale.

Daily Jugantor Bangla Newspaper

Daily Jugantor

You can read here Daily Jugantor Bangla Newspaper which covers news on  National, International, Live Sports, Politics, All Bangladesh, IT World, Education, Entertainment, and especially it covers Breading News.

This newspaper is similar to Daily Prothom Alo, Kaler Kantho, Ittefar Newspaper. All of them are national and popular newspapers in Bangladesh.

It is one of the oldest newspapers in the press release community. The world-famous journalists research this paper to recover historical news archives in BD.

Like other newspapers, Jugantor Authority wants to increase readers gradually of this newspaper in different ways. According to digital markets, Android App can increase more readers in a short time with their smartphone. Though that reason they making an android app in Google Play Store. You can download and install it on your android devices for reading this newspaper.

About daily Jugantor

Daily Jugantor is a popular daily newspaper published in Bangladesh. It was founded on February 1, 1999, and is now considered one of the most respected and influential newspapers in the country. The newspaper is published in Bengali language and covers a wide range of topics such as politics, business, sports, entertainment, education, and international affairs.

The headquarters of Daily Jugantor is located in Dhaka, the capital city of Bangladesh. The newspaper has a large team of journalists, editors, and correspondents who work tirelessly to gather and report news from all corners of the country and around the world. They aim to provide the readers with accurate, impartial, and up-to-date information on various issues that affect the society.

One of the distinguishing features of Daily Jugantor is its commitment to investigative journalism. The newspaper has a reputation for exposing corruption, social injustice, and human rights violations in Bangladesh. The journalists of Daily Jugantor are known for their courage and determination to uncover the truth, even when it means taking on powerful individuals or institutions.

Apart from the print edition, Daily Jugantor also has an online edition which allows readers to access news articles, editorials, and opinion pieces from anywhere in the world. The online edition is also available in the form of mobile apps, making it easier for people to stay updated with the latest news on the go.

Daily Jugantor is an essential source of information for millions of people in Bangladesh. Its commitment to journalistic excellence and fearless reporting has earned it a place of respect and admiration among its readers. As the world continues to evolve and face new challenges, Daily Jugantor remains dedicated to delivering the news and analysis that people need to make informed decisions.

e Jugantor Online Newspaper

e jugantor

Jugantor e-paper is an online version of the daily newspaper. You can read here the same news which publishes every morning with print paper. ePaper allows you to read the newspaper online and you can download any kind of page online, even you can save important news from this paper.

You can find the second edition of this newspaper on its official website every day. End of the point I must say Dainik Jugantor has no English version still.


Q: What is Daily Jugantor?

A: Daily Jugantor is a daily newspaper published in Bangladesh.

Q: When was ejugantor first published?

A: Daily Jugantor was first published on February 1, 2000.

Q: Who owns Jugantor news?

A: The Daily Jugantor is owned by Jamuna Group.

Q: What is the circulation of the daily Jugantor?

A: The circulation of Daily Jugantor is over 400,000 copies per day.

Q: In which language is Jugantor patrika published?

A: Daily Jugantor is published in Bengali.

Q: What kind of news does Jugantor newspaper cover?

A: Daily Jugantor covers a wide range of news, including national and international news, politics, business, sports, entertainment, and more.

Q: Can I read Jugantor paper online?

A: Yes, you can read Daily Jugantor online through their official website and mobile app.

Q: Is there a subscription fee to read daily Jugantor newspaper online?

A: Yes, there is a subscription fee to read Daily Jugantor online. However, some content is available for free.

Q: Can I advertise in Jugantor online?

A: Yes, you can advertise in Daily Jugantor. You can contact their advertising department for more information.

Q: Where can I buy a print copy of dainik Jugantor?

A: You can buy a print copy of Daily Jugantor from newsstands and vendors in Bangladesh.

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