List Of Comilla Newspapers And News Sites(Online News)

Comilla News is the part of All Bangladesh Newspapers. Here in this post, I will share with you a list of Comilla Newspapers and news sites.

Comilla called the second city of Bangladesh. The city counted in Chittagong Division. Here in the news list of Comilla, I will cover up Chandpur, Comilla, Barahmanbaria, Noakhli, Lakshmipur, and Feni news also.

All of the news published as a printed newspaper, some of them are only visible in online media, some of them are both.

Comilla Newspapers

Comilla News Sites List

comilla news

About Comilla Newspapers

Comilla is a city located in the eastern part of Bangladesh, and there are several newspapers published in the city that cater to the local and regional readership. Here are some of the notable Comilla newspapers:

  1. Comilla Barta: It is a daily newspaper that has been serving the readers of Comilla and surrounding areas since 2014. The newspaper covers local news, politics, business, entertainment, and sports.
  2. Dainik Comillar Kagoj: This is another popular daily newspaper that has been in circulation since 2003. It covers news related to Comilla, Noakhali, Feni, and other neighboring districts.
  3. Ajker Comilla: This daily newspaper has been serving the readers of Comilla since 2012. It covers local news, sports, and entertainment, as well as national and international news.
  4. Comilla News 24: This is an online news portal that provides up-to-date news coverage of Comilla and surrounding areas. It covers news related to politics, business, sports, entertainment, and more.
  5. Comilla Sangbad: It is a weekly newspaper that has been serving the readers of Comilla since 1992. The newspaper covers local news, politics, sports, and entertainment.
  6. Comilla Darpan: This is a monthly magazine that covers various topics related to Comilla, including history, culture, literature, and social issues.

These newspapers and magazines play a crucial role in informing the people of Comilla about the latest news and events in their city and beyond. They provide a platform for the local community to voice their opinions and concerns, and they help to promote transparency and accountability in the local government and institutions.

Daily Comilla News

A daily online news portal of Comilla. The author of Daily Comilla News may print their portal on a daily basis from next year.

Comillar Kagoj

Comillar Kagoj

Comillar kagoj is a daily newspaper from Comilla. It published from Comilla. It covers daily updates of Comilla city and nearly district.

Chandpur Kantha

Chandpur Kantha

Chandpur Kantho is a daily newspaper published in Chandpur. It is the most popular newspaper in Chandpur District. It cover-up, Matlab Uttar, Matlab Dokkhin, and Hajigonj Local News.

Chandpur Web

Chandpur Web 

Chandpur Web is another leading newspaper in Chandpur District. It publishes news based on international and national categories.

Comillar Barta

Comillar Barta

Comillar Barta is the known newspaper in Comilla. It’s a local newspaper which covers all kind of local news in Comilla city and nearby districts.

Chaloman Noakhali

Chaloman Noakhali

Chaloman Noakhali is a leading newspaper in Noakhali. It’s a poplar newspaper source for Noakhali People.

Amader Brahmanbaria

Amader Brahmanbaria

Amader Brahmanbaria is a news site from Brahmanbaria. Brhmanbaria is a district beside Comilla. So that the newspapers cover Comilla district newspapers.

Loksangbad Newspaper

Loksongbad is a newspaper that covers Noakhali and Lakshmipur local news. It also tries to cover international and Bangladesh News updates.


Lakshmipur 24

Lakshmipur 24 news provides you all kinds of updates in the Lakshmipur District. You can read it online cause it is an online news portal.

Comilla Newspapers Online

Now you can visit some online news sites for reading the Comilla Newspaper bellow.

  1. Comillar Khobor
  2. Chandpur News
  3. Brahmanbaria24
  4. Noakhali News
  5. Amader Comilla 
  6. Feni Online

These are the best, popular, and readable newspapers in Comilla. You can read more about Bangaldesh Media like TV Channel, Radio Channel, Banks, Insurance, Flag, and Magazine Online.


Q: What are some of the popular newspapers in Comilla?

A: Some of the popular newspapers in Comilla include Daily Comillar Dak, Daily Comilla Barta, Daily Juger Alo, Daily Sonali Sangbad, and Daily Bir Chattagram Mancha.

Q: How can I access Comilla news online?

A: Most Comilla newspapers have their own websites where you can read news online. Additionally, you can also find many Comilla newspapers on popular online news portals and news aggregator websites.

Q: Are Comilla news 24 available in English?

A: While most newspapers in Comilla are published in Bengali, some may also have an English section or an online English version available for readers who prefer to read news in English.

Q: Can I get a print version of Comilla newspapers outside of Comilla?

A: It may be possible to get a print version of some Comilla newspapers outside of Comilla, but this will depend on the specific newspaper and its distribution network.

Q: What topics do Comilla pratidin cover?

A: Comilla newspapers cover a wide range of topics including local news, national news, international news, politics, business, sports, entertainment, and more. Some newspapers may also focus on specific topics such as agriculture or education.