List Of Angola Newspapers Online & Angola News Sites

Angola, a rich country in natural resources situated in Central Africa. A very poor country from a long civil war against the Portuguese. Angola newspapers are a common mass media source of communication in Angola for being a not well-developed country.

Angola Newspapers List

Angola newspapers are mainly in the Portuguese language, the official language of Angola. The printed newspapers are basically from the capital of Angola, Luanda. They are also known as Luanda newspapers. Along with printed newspapers, online newspapers, news media are equally popular to the readers. In fact, online newspapers are widely known because the number of internets has increased rapidly. Thus, the people of Angola and abroad can easily know what’s happening in Angola online.

 Luanda Newspaper

These Luanda Newspapers are published weekly, monthly, bi-weekly, private weekly. They are also owned by the government or privately. Some general Luanda newspapers in Angola in the printed version are given below.

Angola Online Newspaper

Since the internet user has grown widely so the contents of the internet are also rising. Such as different social media platforms, online games, etc are trying to always stay connected with viewers. Hence, in this regard, it has become very tough to be productive, updated.

Angola Online newspapers are no different than others. Various Angola online news sites are trying to at their best to keep connected with readers anytime from anywhere.

Top browsing Angola newspapers featuring political issues, international updates, current affairs, sports here are:

  • – Angola24Horas.Com is a 24/7 updated news portal.
  • Angola Online– Angola online tries to always broadcast recent news.
  • Angola Press – Angola press is a daily local Angola news site.
  • All Africa Angola – All Africa Angola gives updates about Africa including Angola.
  • Angola Monitor – Angola Monitor is another popular Angola news site.
  • BBC News – Angola -BBC News is an international channel which has also Angola-based news.
  • Club K – Club K is a familiar news portal to the Angola nation.
  • Central Angola 7311 – Central Angola 7311 is also Angola’s wide known channel.
  • Corrieo Da Kianda – Corrieo Da Kianda is a daily local Angola news site.
  • Expansao – Expansao is another popular Angola news site.
  • Jornal dos Desportos – Jornal dos Despotos is wide known channel of Angola.
  • Jornal de Angola – Jornal de Angola is a 24/7 updated news portal.
  • Maka Angola -Maka Angola broadcasts recent news, current news.
  • Mercado – Mercado is another popular news site.
  • Noticias de Angola – Noticias de Angola gives updates about the nation of Angola.
  • O Guardiao -O Guardiao is a daily local online Angola newspaper.
  • O Monitor de Angola – O Monitor de Angola is an online newspaper origin from Angola.
  • Platinaline – Platinaline publishes several topics happening in Angola.
  • Portal de Angola – Portal de Angola , another famous Angola news portal.
  • Rede Angola – Rede Angola broadcasts recent news, current news.
  • ReliefWeb-Angola – Relief web Angola, airs various updates about Angola.
  • Sapo – Sapo is wide known Angola news site.
  • Ver Angola – Ver Angola is a daily local online Angola newspaper.
  • Vox Nova Angola – Vox Nova Angola gives updates about Angola.
  • Voz de Angola – Voz de Angola is a common Angola news portal.

Read More Newspapers:

Angola Newspapers Magazines

Angola magazines are printed mainly in the Portuguese language. There are very few magazines in Angola.

Angola News Agency

Angola Press News Agency (ANGOP)is the official news channel in Angola from Luanda. It broadcasts in different languages abroad also. It is an award-winner press agency which is equally familiar to locals and foreigners.

Including ANGOP there exist a few numbers of news agencies broadcasting worldwide about Angola.

Angola newspaper is a major key to the nation of Angola, to perceive the activities of the world. In consequence, the importance of Angola newspapers is beyond words.