All Algeria Newspapers and Algerian Online Newspapers List

Newspaper is a mirror of a nation. It shows a country’s overview, growth, and present situation. Algeria’s newspapers are a mass communication to the people of Algeria. They express themselves through the Algerian newspapers.

Algeria, the largest, most populated, and rich country in Africa. Its general media of communication are Algeria newspapers, Algerian online newspapers, tv channels, radio stations.

Right now we will discuss them in detail:

Algeria Newspapers List

Algeria Newspapers can be categorized into three sections. Such as Arabic language, English language & French language.

Arabic Language Algeria Newspapers:

  • Echorouk: Echorouk, one of the most read Algeria newspapers. Its online newspaper Echorouk is also one of the most visited news websites in the Middle East and North Africa. The Algerian newspaper also publishes weekly supplements.
  • El Khabar: El Khabar is a daily newspaper published in Arabic, French languages. It is the most read Algerian newspaper that also has an online version. The daily follow independent political view.
  • Ennahar El Djadid: Ennahar, the first-ever independent newspaper in Algeria 2007. It is also a daily tabloid formatted style newspaper.
  • El Moudjahid: El Moudjahid once a famous political affiliated newspaper now became a state newspaper.
  • Ech-Chaab: Ech Chaab is an Arabic language Algeria newspaper that was founded almost 59 years ago just after a few months of Algerian Independence. It is a tabloid format style six days newspaper.
  • El Massa: El Massa is an Arabic Algerian language that started with the evening edition.

French Language Algeria Newspapers:

  • El Watan: El Watan is a French-language Algeria newspaper that was founded by a famous Algerian journalist. The newspaper promotes democracy and is firmly against corruption and opposition. It has a website in three languages like  Arabic, French and  English language.
  • Alger Republicain: Alger Republicain is a daily Algerian newspaper founded in 1938. Because of its communist movement, the publication was ceased several times.
  • Le Quotodien d’Oran: A popular daily newspaper founded in 1994.
  • Le Soir d’Algerie: A French language Algeria newspaper which has only an evening edition.
  • Liberte: Liberte is a French-language daily independent newspaper. It is a tabloid newspaper owned privately.

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Algerian Online Newspaper

Algerian online newspaper is as popular as printed newspaper. In fact, online new sites surpassed the number of readers of printed newspapers. The online newspapers are in Arabic, French, and Algerian languages that cover several issues in Algeria.

Moreover, people prefer online newspaper for the facility of easy internet access and to read whenever they want.Top browsing Algerian online newspapers are:

Algerian Television Channels

Though Algerian maximum people enjoy satellite broadcasting channels, there exist also numerous local Algerian Television Channels.

  • Canal Algerie –  a public television channel in Algeria.
  • El Bilad TV – Arabic language news channel.
  • Coran TV  – Arabic language religion channel in Algeria.
  • Samira – a woman dedicated to Algerian television channels.
  • Echorouk TV – an Arabic language satellite channel based on lifestyle, entertainment.
  • Echorouk News – Arabic language Algerian television channel.
  • El Djazairiya TV – Arabic language satellite channel.
  • El Heddaf TV – an Algerian television channel that broadcasts sports news.
  • Ennahar TV – an Arabic language TV channel that broadcasts news, business updates.
  • Beur TV – is a French television channel broadcast in Algeria.
  • Al Magharibia – Arabic language satellite television channel for news updates.
  • Alanis TV – an Algerian television channel that broadcasts religious content.
  • Algerie 3 – an Algerian television channel for public

Algerian Magazines

Algerian Magazines feature about lifestyle, women style, culture, sports, tourism, entertainment, international, commentary, cuisine, etc.  Even if the number of Algerian Magazines is not very much after all they are very helpful, informative and enjoyable to the readers.

Algerian Radio Stations

Algerian radio stations are one of the important media sources. The country has nearly 34 million listeners. These radio stations broadcast different types of programs like politics, business, social, sports, entertainment, news bulletin.

As the number of Algeria newspapers is growing, still there have some issues of the government controlling the press & media section which the country has to overcome.