All Bangladeshi TV Channel List (Bangla TV Channel LIVE)

Bangladesh is one of the most famous countries in Asia. Bangladesh is called a creative and natural country although it is so small and not developed on earth’s map! In this post, we just watch all Bangla TV Channel Live on a list.

In cultural function, Bangladesh Drama is more popular all over the world to the people who lead Bangla as their mother language. Bangladesh has so many TV Channels and a maximum of them are Bangla TV Channels. All of the Bangla TV broadcasting entertainment, drama, politics news, sports news, business-related event and news, movies, music, and much more.

Some of the channels broadcast Bangla News and English news 24 hours gradually. As the fourth language of Bangla, it is a popular language across the world. The majority of people talk with Bangla in Bangladesh and it is only one language in this country, English is the second.

In this post I will share with you some lists of Bangladeshi TV channels like Bangla Live TV, bd lives tv list, Bangla tv news list, Bangla channel list, Bangladesh tv, and Bangla television, bangle online tv, all Bangla tv channel, etc.

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About the Bangla tv channel

Bangla TV channels are a collection of television stations that broadcast in the Bengali language. They cater to viewers who speak the Bengali language, which is the official language of Bangladesh and the Indian states of West Bengal, Tripura, and Assam. These channels are widely popular among Bengali-speaking communities across the world, including Bangladesh, India, and other countries with large Bengali diasporas.

The history of Bangla TV channels dates back to the 1960s when the first television station in the region, Bangladesh Television (BTV), was launched. BTV remains the oldest and the most significant Bangla TV channel in Bangladesh. Over time, the number of Bangla TV channels has increased, and today, there are over 40 Bangla TV channels available, broadcasting a wide variety of programs, including news, dramas, movies, sports, music, and religious content.

In Bangladesh, some of the most popular Bangla TV channels include BTV, Gazi TV, Channel i, ATN Bangla, Ekushey TV, and Banglavision. These channels offer a diverse range of programs, including news bulletins, current affairs shows, dramas, reality shows, and game shows. They are also known for broadcasting live coverage of major national and international events, such as cricket matches, political rallies, and cultural festivals.

Outside of Bangladesh, Bangla TV channels are also popular among Bengali-speaking communities in India, the United Kingdom, the United States, and other parts of the world. In India, channels like Star Jalsha, Zee Bangla, and Colors Bangla are popular, while in the UK, channels like ATN Bangla UK and NTV Europe cater to Bengali-speaking audiences. These channels provide a valuable connection to the Bengali language and culture for the diaspora, and offer a platform for the expression of Bengali identity and traditions.

Bangla TV channels have become an integral part of the Bengali language and culture, serving as a vital source of entertainment, information, and connection for millions of Bengali-speaking people around the world.

Bangladeshi TV Channels and Bangla Televisions (Live TV)

Bangladesh Television is the national television of Bangladesh. It is the most popular TV Channel in Bangladesh. It was founded on 8th September 1976 and it’s one of the oldest TV channels in Asia. The channel started its broadcast with a single channel and now has 23 channels.

Bangladesh Television is also known for its wide variety of programs that are popular with both Bangladeshi and international audiences. Some of them are BTV Superstar, Ekti Nadir Naam, BTV Comedy Show, BTV Sports Show, etc.

Bangladesh is a country with a rich culture and diverse traditions. The Bangladeshi media has been through a lot of changes over the years and has evolved to be an integral part of society.

The Bangladeshi media is one of the most vibrant in South Asia, with many local TV channels, newspapers, magazines, and online publications. Most people in Bangladesh watch TV channels by using their mobile phones or tablets now this time online.

Bangla TV Channel Live

Bangladesh live tv online is the best place for Bangladesh sports enthusiasts to watch their favorite players, teams, and games.

Bangladesh live tv online provides a platform for people to watch their favorite sports and players in real-time. It also provides all the latest news about Bangladesh and international news.

The main reason for this popularity among people is that people can watch their favorite sports and news from anywhere in Bangladesh or outside of Bangladesh.

All Bangladeshi TV Channel List

All Bangladeshi TV Channel List is a comprehensive list of all the Bangladeshi TV Channels. It also provides a brief description of each channel and its live streaming.

Bangladeshi TV Channels are one of the most popular in the world. They provide different types of content such as sports, entertainment, news, and so on. They provide original content that is based on what their users want to read about.

Here I am just going to share with you all kinds of Bangla TV channels and Bangla Live TV for the watch then online media. All Bangladesh TV Live Online.

atn bangla ATN News (Live With Bangla) 

ATN News TV Channel Broadcast 24 Hours Live News. Also, this Channel is popular for Bangladesh news live.

ntv banglaNTV Bangla

Ntv is Another Most Popular TV Channel In Bangladesh that Is Live Day-Night. ~Watch Ntv Live Here~

ekusheytv banglaETV

Ekushey TV Is One Of The Famous Channel On Bangla TV. ~Etv Live Here~

atn news banglaATN Bangla

ATN Bangla Is The Largest Satellite TV In Bangladesh.

somoy news Somoy TV

Somoy Television Is The Another Update News Publishable Channel In Bangladesh. ~ Somoy TV LIVE Here~

channel iChannel I

Channel i is The most Popular Channel In Bangladesh & Europe. This channel is the second viewable tv channel in Bangladesh. It is famous for telefilm movies and dramas! ~Channel I Live~

Bangla VisionBangla Vision

Bangla Vision is a Huge Viewable Channel In Bangladesh Also Has an International channel port. ~Watch Bangla Vision Live Now~

independent tvIndependent

Independent One Of The Top-Listed TV In Bangali. Thichannelel is famous for news and crime portal updates.


Rtv Main View Is Here. This channel’s main central is 102 Kazi Nazrul Islam Avenue, Karwan Bazar, Dhaka – 1215.

Boishakhi TV

Boishakhi is a Bangla TV Channel In Bangladesh. Famous for new drama and Eid Programs and Eid Natok.

mohona tv bangla

Mohona TV

Mohona is one Of The Largest TV Channel In Bangladesh For News All All Others Updates.

Channel9 Bangla TV

Channel 9

Channel 9 Is a Private TV Channel In Bangladesh. They cover up news, entertainment, updated, live programs.

BTV Bangladesh Television

(BTV) Bangladesh Television

BTV Is The National Television Of Bangladesh. This Channel Broadcast from Dhaka & Chittagong. This Bangla Channel Broadcast For Nationally and Internationally. One Called is BTB Word and Another Is BTV.

Maasranga Television

Maasranga Television(TV)

Maasranga Television channel Broadcast Entertainment Like Drama, Movie, and Others Online Media As Well. Specially ICC Cricket World Cup live Broadcast on Masranga Television. You can also watch here others match of cricket live online when the sports comes to. Massranga TV opens a channel on youtube for online visitors to watch sports live.

channel24 live tv


Channel24 Bangla tv is one of the popular tv channels in Bangladesh for Bangladeshi people even this channel is also popular abroad for live news and recent updates.

ATN Islamic TV

ATN Islamic TV

ATN Islamic TV is a common tv channel for Bengali Muslims. This channel provides you with all kinds of Islamic Views.  You can watch this channel live. ~Watch ATN Islamic TV Live Here~

Desh TV

Desh TV

Desh TV is a Bangladeshi TV Channel and publishes news updates, drama, movies, magazine programs, tarokalap, and so more relevant programs.



My TV is a private Bangladeshi TV Channel. It’s head office beside hatirjheel project.



SATV is one of the greatest and popular channels in Bangladesh. Sometimes this channel arranges live programs on YouTube!

dipto tv


Deepto Tv arranges extra different programs always. Their most popular programs are now called DeepToKrishi.

More Bangla TV Channels Of Bangladesh

Ananda TV

Ananda TV

Ananda TV is a new Bangla tv channel in Bangladesh. This channel lunch before some years.

asian tv

Asian TV

Asian TV is another Bangla Channel and you can watch is 24 hours from your cable operators.

bangla tv

Bangla TV

Bangla TV is a real Bangladeshi TV you can understand by understanding its name, Called Bangla TV!

bd my cinema

BD My Cinema

BD My Cinema is famous for Bangla movie especially!

channel i europe

Channel I Europe 

Channel I Europe is for the Bangladeshi or Bengali people who live in the European area. This channel is a copy of Channel I. If you are live outside of Asia then this channel can provide you Bangladeshi channel I live.

bijoy tv live

Bijoy TV Bangladesh

Bijoy TV is called “Shadinotar TV” in Bangladesh!

btv world live

BTV World Live

BTV World – This channel provides you live Bangladesh television programs from anywhere in the world via online website media. You can enjoy all programs from online media through this BTV World Live link!

channel s uk

Channel S UK

Channel S UK is one of the popular channels to united kingdom people as a Bangla channel. This channel special for UK Bengali people.

dbc news live

DBC News Live 

DBC News is a Bangladeshi Channel live from Dhaka. This channel is especially popular for Updates News.

deshebidese tv bd live

Deshe Bideshe TV Live

Deshe Bideshe TV is live for 24 hours in any country in the world. You can watch this tv channel live from the link I already highlighted.

digibangla 24 channel

Digi Bangla TV Live

Digi Bangla TV is a live 24 hours tv from Bangladesh. You can watch this Bangla Channel live 24 hours. This channel provides different kinds of Bangla cultural programs, dramas, movies, and others.

ekattor tv live

Ekattor TV Live

Ekattor TV provides you International, Bangladesh, International-Economy, Lifestyle, Special News, Sports, Entertainment, Technology, Campus, Abuse, Agriculture News, Media News, Religion Talk, Jobs News, and Different News!

Funfest Tv

FunFest TV Live

FunFest TV is not live online with its own website!

gan bangla tv live

Gaan Bangla Tv Live

Gaan Bangla TV is famous for all kinds of Bangla songs batiyali songs, vaoyaiya songs, folk songs, adhunik songs, and more.

ion tv uk


iOn is a Bangla tv for UK Bangladeshi people! You can watch this channel via online.

jamuna television

Jamuna Television Live 

Jamuna TV is a Bangladeshi national tv channel. This channel is a part of Jamuna Group.

jonmobhumi tv live

Jonmobhumi TV Live

Jonmobhumi tv is a Bangla tv channel and this channel always talks about Bangladesh. You can watch this channel live on the link.


Live2Web TV

Live2Web is a new Bangla channel in Bangladesh. This channel is also available online.

milenium tv channel

Millennium TV Live

Millennium is another new Bangla tv channel Broadcast Bangla news, movie, drama, talk show, etc.

movie bangla tv channel

Movie Bangla Channel Live

Movie Bangla TV is most popular in Bangladesh. This channel is famous for new and classic movie broadcasting.

nandan tv

Nandan TV Live

Nandan TV is famous for Bangla drama, news updates, Bangla movies, new programs, cultural programs, and etc. You can watch this channel online.

News24 TV Live

News24 Live TV

News24 – This channel provides you with 24 hours of Bangladeshi news updates. You can live read and watch this channel via online and website.

nakshi ty live

Nokshi TV

Nokshi TV is an uncommon tv channel from Bangladesh. You can watch this channel online.

nrb tv channel

NRB tv Live

NRB channel broadcast from Canada. This is a 24 hours updated tv channel you can watch it online media and website.

panvision tv channel

Pan Vision TV Live

Pan Vision Tv Channel is a new but extraordinary Bangla tv channel in Bangladesh. This channel broadcast some programs like others famous Bangla tv channel.

qtv bangla channel

QTV Bangla Channel

QTV or Quality Bangla Tv is another national tv in Bangladesh. You can watch this channel via online.

rang tv bangla

Rang TV Bangla Live

Rang TV is one of the colorful tv channels in Bangladesh you can watch this channel live online. This channel broadcast the latest updates, news, programs, movies, telefilms, dramas, songs programs, and colorful programs.

rtv music

Rtv Music Live

Rtv Music is a music tv channel in Bangladesh. This channel provides you latest and classical Bangla song live.

songsod tv channel

SangShad TV Live

SangShad is a parliamentarian government tv channel in Bangladesh. You can watch live parliament programs here.

tbn 24 channel bangla

TBN24 Live Channel 

TBN – This channel is a news-based Bangla channel. You can watch here all kinds of Bangla news updates.

times tv

Times Television Live

Times Television – Another news-based channel with Bangla for all times news updates. You can watch this channel via online media.

tv one uk

TV One UK Live

TV One UK is the special channel of the United Kingdom. This is a Bangla channel for UK Bangladeshi people.

varendra tv live

Varendra TV Live

Varendra TV broadcast from the district of Rajshahi Bangladesh. This is the first web community tv in Bangladesh.

gazi tv live

Gazi TV Live

Gazi TV Live here and you can watch here GTV live cricket, Gazi tv news, Gazi tv live cricket, Gtv, and Gazi tv both of them are one channel but known as a different name with Bangla Live Tv. G TV Live is more popular for sports. ICC Cricket World Cup All Match broadcast live on G TV. Its called sports tv also.

Islamic Bangla TV Channel

Islamic Bangla TV Channels are broadcasting in Bangladesh. They mostly broadcast religious programs, Islamic education, and Islamic news. The channels are owned by the government of Bangladesh, which is also the largest shareholder of the company.

aldawah tv

Aldawah TV Live

Aldawah TV is an Islamic Bangla Tv Channel from Bangladesh. This channel is always live on their website!

iqra bangla tv


IQRA Bangla Islamic TV is live 24 hours for Muslim and Non-Muslim people. This channel provides you with all kinds of Peace like Islamic programs. This channel is also available for the Hindi Language.

Indian Bangla All TV Channel Live

The Indian Bangla TV Channel is a live streaming service operated by the Bangladeshi company, Bangladeshi Bangla TV. The channel provides viewers with news, current affairs, and entertainment from Bangladesh and India.

The Indian Bangla All TV Channel Live is now available on a number of platforms including Roku, Apple TV, Amazon Fire Stick, and Android Boxes. The channel has over 300 hours of programming in the Bengali language.

All of the channels are owned by an individual person or company without one or two channels. Maximum Bangladeshi TV Channels are private. All of the channels transmit from Dhaka city Bangladesh as well as Europe, North America, Australia, and the Middle East. Bangladesh Television (BTV) and Bangladesh Sangshad Television broadcasted from Television Bhavan Rampura Bangladesh.

If you looking for an Indian live Bangla channel then Download & Install HotStar Apk on your android phone.

Frequently Asked Question (FAQs):

How To Watch Bangla Live TV Channel?

Bangla TV is a popular live tv channel in Bangladesh. With an increasing number of Bangladeshi immigrants in the UK, it is not surprising to find that more and more people are looking for ways to watch Bangla live tv channels.

The first step for people who want to watch the live Bangla tv channel is to find a website that streams the channel. Some popular websites include the Bangladesh tv channel live. However, there are many other sites that stream the same content as these our website, so it’s best to do some research before settling on one specific site.

  • Here are some tips to watch the live Bangla tv channel online:
  • Install the app on your phone
  • Download and install the app on your computer
  • Use a browser extension to watch live tv channels

What It The Best Way To Enjoy Bangla TV Live?

The popularity of Bangla has led to a boom in digital media, which has led to an increase in demand for online streaming content. With that, online streaming service providers have sprung up, offering a variety of live channels. But if you want to watch live Bangla tv on your computer or mobile device, you will need a subscription with a service provider like Hotstar or Airtel TV.

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Final Thought:

Bangla tv channel list is the perfect place to find all your favorite Bangla tv channels. The site is dedicated to providing you with a list of all the best Bangla tv channels.

This post has been designed with a focus on providing you with a list of all the best Bangla tv channels so that you can watch your favorite programs and movies on demand.


Q: What is Bangla TV Channel?

A: Bangla TV Channel is a television network that broadcasts entertainment, news, and current affairs programs in the Bengali language. It caters primarily to Bengali-speaking audiences in Bangladesh and West Bengal, India.

Q: How many Bangla TV channels are there?

A: There are several Bangla TV channels that cater to different genres and interests of viewers. Some of the popular ones include Gazi TV, ATN Bangla, Channel i, NTV, Maasranga TV, and Banglavision.

Q: What types of programs are broadcasted on bangla channel?

A: Bangla TV channels broadcast a wide range of programs, including news, drama, comedy, music, movies, sports, game shows, and religious programs. Many channels also feature talk shows, cooking shows, and lifestyle programs.

Q: Where can I watch colors bangla?

A: Bangla TV channels can be watched on satellite, cable, or digital television services. Some channels also have their own online streaming platforms or apps that viewers can access through their mobile phones or other devices.

Q: Can I watch Bengali news live outside of Bangladesh or India?

A: Yes, many Bangla TV channels have international broadcasts and can be watched in other countries through satellite or digital television services. Some channels also have their own online streaming platforms that can be accessed from anywhere in the world.

Q: What is the language used in zee bangla live?

A: The primary language used in Bangla TV channels is Bengali, which is the official language of Bangladesh and one of the 22 scheduled languages of India. Some channels may also feature programs in other languages, such as English or Hindi.

Q: Can I suggest a program idea or submit a program to atn news live?

A: Some Bangla TV channels may have specific guidelines for submitting program ideas or proposals. You can check their website or contact them directly to find out more information about their submission process.