List Of All Banks In Bangladesh With Detail (2021 Update)

The bank is a commercial organization for any country. The developed and developing country go fast based on their banking development. A bank is the main part of a business transaction. When a country rising with the economy, you can make sure that their payment gateway system is very good with banking function. Bangladesh is one of the most significant countries in the world. For its globalization with technology and business economy with bank-based. Already it called a developing country. This country is going fast to develop keep in turn with the developed country. In this post, I will share with you Bangladesh Banks List where you can get all kind of bank name as like the Central Bank of Bangladesh called Bangladesh Bank, commercial bank, fast security bank, private bank, local bank, business bank, the government bank, and etc.

bangladesh banks

So, let’s see the List Of All Bangladeshi Banks one by one. Sometimes a business purpose or person you wish to know that How Many Banks In Bangladesh, Top 10 Banks in Bangladesh, Top 20 Banks in Bangladesh, Top and Best Banks in Bangladesh, and many queries. This post is your answer! I arrange this post with some steps is bellow in detail.

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Lists of Banks in Bangladesh (BD Bank)

All banks are under the central bank of Bangladesh. Bangladeshi central bank called Bangladesh Bank. Bangladesh Central Bank founded on December 16, 1971. It is a member of the Asian clearing union. Bangladesh Bank Reserve 2.565 trillion BDT(UD$33 billion) 2018 update. BD currency called Taka. All Bangladesh Money reserve in this banks.

BD Taka Rate:

Bangladesh Taka Rate internationally highlighted appear here, updated in this year! Bangladesh money rate is not equal to internationally. That’s why for international banking transaction I try to cover up this matter here below.

$1 = ৳84.90 (Dollar to Bangladeshi Taka)

£1 = ৳118.11 (British Pound To Bangladeshi Taka)

Bangladesh State Owned Commercial Banks

Here you got the list of all Bangladeshi state-owned or government bank of Bangladesh. All of the banks are maintain the government rules for their transaction and provide all kind of national service. You can visit the government banks sites and use them any kind of you need. Even you make update online banking system.

  1. Janata Bank LTD
  2. Sonali Bank LTD
  3. Rupali Bank LTD
  4. BASIC Bank LTD
  5. Agrani Bank LTD
  6. Bangladesh Development Bank LTD

Head Office Address

  1. Head Office Janata Bank Limited
    110, Motijheel Commercial Area
    Dhaka-1000, Bangladesh
    Phone: +88 02-9560000, 9566020, 9560039
  2. Sonali Bank Limited
    44 Motijheel Commercial Area
    Dhaka-1000, Bangladesh
    Phone: (Business ITD) : 88 02 9561583
  3. Rupali Bank Ltd Head Office
    34 Dilkusha C/A, Dhaka-1000
    Sena Kalyan Bhaban (5th Floor)
    195 Motijheel C/A, Dhaka-1000
    Tel: 02-9568190, 9564830, 9590548
  5. Agrani Bank Limited Head Office
    9/D Dilkusha Commercial Area
    Phone: 9566160-69,9566074-75
  6. Bangladesh Development Bank Limited Head Office
    8, Rajuk Avenue, Dhaka
    Dhaka – 1000, Bangladesh
    Phone: 02-9555151-59, 029560014-15
    Swift: BDDBBDDH

These are the national bank of Bangladesh. Bangladesh government is the owner of these banks.

Top Private Banks In Bangladesh(Commercial)

Here are the all private bank in Bangladesh which leads their transaction commercial ways. The private banks owned by the private group of company or company. As like Jamuna Bank is the wealth of Jamuna Group.

  1. BRAC Bank LTD
  2. Dhaka Bank LTD
  3. Dutch Bangla Bank LTD(DBBL)
  4. AB Bank LTD
  5. Bangladesh Commerce Bank LTD
  6. Bank Asia LTD
  7. Meghna Bank LTD
  8. Mercantile Bank LTD
  9. Midland Bank LTD
  10. Modhumoti Bank LTD
  11. Mutual Trust Bank LTD
  12. Eastern Bank LTD
  13. IFIC Bank LTD
  14. Jamuna Bank LTD
  15. Prime Bank LTD
  16. Pubali Bank LTD
  17. Simanto Bank LTD
  18. National Bank LTD
  19. NCC Bank LTD
  20. NRB Bank LTD
  21. NRB Commercial Bank LTD
  22. NRB Global Bank LTD
  23. One Bank LTD
  24. Southeast Bank LTD
  25. Standard Bank LTD
  26. The City Bank LTD
  27. The Farmers Bank LTD
  28. United Commercial Bank LTD
  29. Uttara Bank LTD
  30. The Premier Bank LTD
  31. Trust Bank LTD
  32. South Bangla Agriculture and Commerce Bank LTD

These banks are sub-organization of any kind of company or private sector. All the banks maintained by the central bank of BD “Bangladesh Bank”.

Private Islamic Banks in Bangladesh (Commercial)

Additionally, most of the Islamic banks in Bangladesh are private indeed. Even the private banks’ transactions are so convenient compared with the governmental processes. As an Islamic religion country, Bangladeshi people wanna reserve money with the law of Islam. Islamic banks conducted with the law of Islam. This is the prominent reason to grow new accounts in Islamic Banks Database. If you wish to open a bank account in Islami Bank then the list waiting for you to visit.

  1. Shahjalal Islami Bank LTD
  2. Export-Import Bank of Bangladesh LTD
  3. Islami Bank Bangladesh LTD
  4. Al-Arafah Islami Bank LTD
  5. First Security Islami Bank LTD
  6. ICB Islamic Bank LTD
  7. Union Bank LTD
  8. Social Islami Bank LTD

Best Foreign Commercial Banks In Bangladesh

  1. Bank Al-Falah Islamic Bank
  2. HSBC (The Hong Kong and Shanghai Banking Corporation Ltd)
  3. National Bank of Pakistan
  4. Citibank NA
  5. Standard Chartered Bank
  6. State Bank of India
  7. Woori Bank
  8. Commercial Bank of Ceylon
  9. Habib Bank LTD

Specialized Banks Of Bangladesh

  1. Probashi Kallyan Bank
  2. Bangladesh Development Bank LTD
  3. Bangladesh Krishi Bank
  4. Palli Sanchay Bank
  5. Grameen Bank
  6. Progoti Co-operative Land Development Bank LTD
  7. Ansar-VDP Unnayan Bank
  8. Bangladesh Samabaya Bank Ltd
  9. The Dhaka Mercantile Co-operative Bank Ltd
  10. Rajshahi Krishi Unnayan Bank
  11. Karmasangsthan Bank

These banks are specialized banks of Bangladesh. They are famous for any kind of business bank loan.

NPSB Member Banks Of Bangladesh

  1. Mutual Trust Bank LTD
  2. National Bank LTD
  3. NRB Bank LTD
  4. NRB Commercial Bank Ltd
  5. NRB Global Bank LTD
  6. One Bank LTD
  7. Prime Bank LTD
  8. Pubali Bank LTD
  9. Islami Bank Bangladesh LTD
  10. Jamuna Bank LTD
  11. Standard Bank LTD
  12. Standard Chartered Bank LTD
  13. The City Bank LTD
  14. SBAC Bank LTD
  15. Shahjalal Islami Bank LTD
  16. Social Islami Bank LTD
  17. Sonali Bank LTD
  18. Southeast Bank LTD
  19. AB Bank LTD
  20. Al-Arafah Islami Bank LTD
  21. Bangladesh Krishibank LTD
  22. Bank Asia LTD
  23. Meghna Bank Limited
  24. Mercantile Bank LTD
  25. Midland Bank LTD
  26. Modhumoti Bank LTD
  27. BASIC Bank LTD
  28. Trust Bank LTD
  29. Union Bank LTD
  30. United Commercial Bank LTD
  31. Uttara Bank LTD
  32. Agrani Bank LTD
  33. BRAC Bank LTD
  34. Dutch-Bangla Bank LTD
  35. Eastern Bank LTD
  36. EXIM Bank LTD
  37. First Security Islami Bank LTD
  38. ICB Islamic Bank LTD
  39. IFIC Bank LTD
  40. Habib Bank LTD

All of the banks are the member of NPSB. They achieve a good position in the list of Bangladesh Banks. You can use them for baking system service. The government banks Sonali bank taka rate also depends on Bangladesh Bank currency.

Non-Banking Financial Institutions In Bangladesh(Bangladesh Banks)

  1. Investment Corporation of Bangladesh (ICB)
  2. Uttara Finance and Investments LTD
  3. United Leasing Company LTD
  4. Union Capital LTD
  5. The UAE-Bangladesh Investment Company LTD
  6. Saudi-Bangladesh Industrial & Agricultural Investment Company LTD (SABINCO)
  7. Reliance Finance LTD
  8. Prime Finance & Investment LTD
  9. Premier Leasing & Finance LTD
  10. Phoenix Finance and Investments LTD
  11. People’s Leasing and Financial Services LTD
  12. National Housing Finance and Investments LTD
  13. National Finance LTD
  14. MIDAS Financing LTD
  15. Islamic Finance and Investment LTD
  16. LankaBangla Finance LTD
  17. Infrastructure Development Company LTD (IDCOL)
  18. Industrial Promotion and Development Company of Bangladesh LTD (IPDC)
  19. Industrial and Infrastructure Development Finance Company (IIDFC) LTD
  20. IDLC Finance LTD
  21. International Leasing and Financial Services LTD
  22. FAS Finance & Investment LTD
  23. Fareast Finance & Investment LTD
  24. Delta Brac Housing Finance Corporation LTD (DBH)
  25. Bay Leasing & Investment LTD
  26. CAPM Venture Capital and Finance LTD
  27. Meridian Finance and Investment LTD
  28. Realistic Finance Bank LTD
  29. SUMON Bank
  30. Hajj Finance Company LTD
  31. Agrani SME Finance Company LTD
  32. First Lease Finance & Investment LTD
  33. GSP Finance Company (Bangladesh) LTD (GSPB)
  34. Bangladesh Industrial Finance Company LTD (BIFC)
  35. Bangladesh Finance & Investment Company LTD

This is the complete list of Bangladesh Banks and All Bank Address in Bangladesh. Here you can find all kinds of Banks In Bangladesh. The list we arrange with All Bangladesh Banks List from Wikipedia and manual survey. This post is a complete library of Bangladesh Banks.