List Of All Afghanistan Afghani Newspapers In 2024

Afghanistan which is now the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan is a country full of richness in the agriculture and cultural section. It’s a less developing country because of political instability, rough transportation system. Anyway, it is trying to be improved day by day.

Afghanistan Newspapers are a great and common way of communication among people. So, here you can read all Afghanistan Newspapers in a post with their different category.

There are not very many Afghani newspapers like other developed countries. And most of the newspapers are from Kabul city among all 34 provinces in Afghanistan. It has a great lack of availability of modern communication sources for the poor economic situation.

About Afghanistan Newspapers

Afghanistan has a diverse range of newspapers and media outlets that have played an essential role in providing information and news to the public, particularly during the country’s turbulent times. While Afghanistan has experienced several periods of censorship and restrictions on media freedom, the country’s media landscape has evolved significantly since the fall of the Taliban regime in 2001.

Some of the most prominent newspapers in Afghanistan include “Daily Afghanistan,” “The Kabul Times,” “The Daily Outlook Afghanistan,” and “The Daily Mandegar.” These newspapers cover a range of topics, including politics, business, sports, entertainment, and local news. They also provide critical analysis and commentary on current events in Afghanistan and the wider region.

Many of these newspapers are published in both English and the local languages, including Pashto and Dari, to cater to a broader audience. The newspapers’ content reflects the country’s diverse political and social landscape, with some newspapers taking a more liberal and progressive stance, while others are more conservative and traditional.

The rise of digital media has also had a significant impact on Afghanistan’s media landscape. Many newspapers have developed an online presence and have started publishing their content online, making it more accessible to a wider audience. Social media platforms, such as Twitter and Facebook, have also become essential tools for journalists and media outlets to share news and information with the public.

However, despite the progress made in recent years, Afghanistan’s media industry still faces significant challenges. The country remains one of the most dangerous places in the world for journalists, with many reporters facing threats, harassment, and violence. The government has also been accused of censorship and restricting media freedom, particularly during times of political unrest.

Afghanistan’s newspapers play a crucial role in providing information and news to the public, particularly in a country where media freedom has historically been restricted. While the industry still faces significant challenges, the rise of digital media and the emergence of a more diverse media landscape are positive developments that provide hope for the future of journalism in Afghanistan.

Afghanistan Newspapers

 Afghanistan Newspapers

Even though mass communication rising was noticeable over years, but now with the ruler of the Taliban, there is a high doubt of decreasing media channels.

In Afghanistan, there exist various newspapers with around 500 registered publications. Among those popular Afghani newspapers are:

Afghanistan Times Daily:  An Independent, English Afghani newspaper that was established in 2005. It publishes issues like local, cultural, political, social into only 12 pages. Both print & online versions are available of this daily. Struggling from financial support for publishing, the daily has now reached the top leading list in the country.

Outlook Afghanistan:  The daily Outlook Afghanistan is the first-ever English language Afghanistan newspaper. It is now the most circulated newspaper which has almost 10000 circulations.

Formatted into broadsheet style, Afghanistan Group of newspapers is the publisher of the daily. The newspaper also read internationally such as Pakistan & Dubai the NGOs, embassies, public places, education institutions.

The Kabul Times: The Kabul Times was founded in 1962, previously owned by the government of Afghanistan. The Afghanistan newspaper has both print and online versions published in the English language. Also has a conflict views towards western culture. It stopped publishing in the US-led invasion then in 2002, it restarted.

Daily Afghanistan: Daily Afghanistan is published by the Afghanistan Groups of newspaper, a media group, which also published Daily Outlook of Afghanistan. Founded in 2006, Dr. Hussain Yasa is the main editor of the daily. The newspaper was published in the Dari language.

Kabul Weekly: Kabul weekly is one of the most popular also called the main newspaper to the people of the country both local and foreigners. The Afghan newspaper was first published in 1991 in 3 languages as a weekly publication.

The only newspaper along with Daily outlook Afghanistan that follows journalism ethics properly. It is an independent Afghanistan newspaper that reaches almost all the provinces of Afghanistan.

Khaama Press: Khaama press is one of the most famous news sites in Afghanistan. Despite having no printed version, Khama press is a top-ranked online news site. It was founded by Khushnood Nabizada, a popular Afghan journalist who lives in the USA.

He established the news agency for writing about his nation that is struggling for several years, wanted to share the people’s pain, success, failure, etc. Khama press has gained fame not only in Afghanistan but also globally.

It is a social platform like Facebook, Twitter that has around 1.6 million likes & 365k followers respectively. The website has nearly 50000 visitors on regular basis.

Bakhtar News Agency (BNA): Bakhtar news agency is controlled by the government of Afghanistan. It is an official news agency from Kabul. Founded in 1939, it is published in 3 languages like English, Pashto & Dari with pro-government political alignment.

Tatobay: Tatobay is a weekly based Afghan newspaper published in the Pashto language. The 12 pages full-color newspaper was printed in broadsheet format style. Its contents are on environment, culture, society, business, tech, sports issues, etc. The daily is trying to reach all the provinces of the country.

Afghan Islamic Press: In 1982, an Afghan news agency called Afghan Islamic Press was established. Muhammad Yaqub Sharafat was the founder of the news agency. It is known for political issues created during the Soviet Union occupation.

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Afghani Radio Channels

Radio channels are much popular in Afghan. Almost every house owns a radio because it is being a common source also cheaper than television. The Afghani Radio channels are mainly in Pashto & Dari languages.

Most tuned Afghani radio channels are:

  • Radio Kabul, the first & foremost radio station in the country. At present, it is renamed Radio Afghanistan. The Afghan radio channel is owned by Radio Television Afghanistan.
  • Radio Azadi, previously known as Radio Free Afghanistan is owned by the USA. It covers various programs such as cultural, political, informational in 12 hours broadcasting.
  • Kabul Rock is a rock station that plays kinds of music like rock and metal.
  • BBC World Service, an international broadcaster which is managed by BBC. The channel is broadcasting globally in around 40 languages. It also plays into Pashto and Dari languages.
  • Voice of America, also an international broadcaster runs by US fund. It has a wide audience for numerous shows and content.
  • Spogmai FM was founded in 2008. The Afghan radio channel produces several programs like other radio stations.

 Afghanistan News Sites

With daily newspapers, the country has also some widely known Afghanistan news sites. From which people living in Afghanistan & abroad can get news online at any time from anywhere.

The Afghanistan news sites or online newspapers feature the current news, regional news, events happening in Afghanistan, and international updates of the world.

 Afghanistan TV Channels

Afghanistan now owns nearly 203 television channels with local and international channels. Top viewing TV channels in Afghanistan are:

  • RTA TV is the national Afghanistan TV channel.
  • ARIA TV is a known channel for children and teenagers which offers shows like political news, Bollywood shows, and different reality shows.
  • TOLO TV is privately owned by the MOBY group which is the most-watched channel in the country.
  • Lemar TV, a sister Afghanistan TV channel of TOLO TV is in the Pashto language.
  • Shamshad TV, privately owned by an Afghan group is also in the Pashto language.
  • Baano TV, established in 2007 and is the first Afghanistan TV channel dedicated to women.
  • ANAAR TV was the first technology dedicated channel which later became Afghanistan’s entertainment channel in English.
  • Sharq TV, owned by Shariq TV is a Pashto language TV channel.

Global TV Channels:

The country has some global channels as satellite, cable television channels that are widely spreading.

In spite of being so poor at mass media or communication because of violence, political reasons. Still, the Afghanistan newspapers, TV channels, radio channels, news sites are trying their best to cover the country’s update.


Q: What are some popular Afghanistan times daily e-paper?

A: Some of the most popular newspapers in Afghanistan include:

  1. Afghan Times
  2. Daily Outlook Afghanistan
  3. Afghanistan Times
  4. Etilaat Roz
  5. Hasht-e Sobh
  6. Arman-e Melli
  7. Hewad Daily

Q: Are there any government-owned Afghanistan times daily ?

A: Yes, there are several government-owned newspapers in Afghanistan. These include:

  1. Anis
  2. Eslah
  3. Khalq-e Mawj
  4. Sada-e Azadi
  5. Jumhuriat
  6. Anba-e-Jahan
  7. Rah-e Nejat

Q: Are there any English-language newspapers in Afghan newspapers and news sites?

A: Yes, there are several English-language newspapers in Afghanistan. These include:

  1. The Kabul Times
  2. Afghanistan Times
  3. Daily Outlook Afghanistan
  4. The Daily Afghanistan

Q: What is the circulation of daily Afghanistan?

A: The circulation of newspapers in Afghanistan is relatively low, due to a combination of factors such as low literacy rates, limited access to the internet, and security concerns. According to some estimates, the total daily circulation of all newspapers in Afghanistan is around 50,000.

Q: Is press freedom protected in Afghanistan?

A: Press freedom in Afghanistan has improved significantly since the fall of the Taliban regime in 2001. However, journalists still face many challenges, including threats and violence from militant groups, government censorship, and limited access to information. According to Reporters Without Borders, Afghanistan ranked 122nd out of 180 countries in the 2021 World Press Freedom Index.