List of Latest New York Magazines In 2023 (Updated Version)

In this modern life, everyone wants to update in their life. Before people were not more interested to read the magazine. But day by day the reading of the magazine growing hugely, today I will share with all you people the Latest New York Magazines for knowing their culture and news. All countries publish their own magazine. Some magazine not only publishes their own countries besides many more countries of the world. But we can easily read all types of magazines online. New York magazine is very well-known in all countries.

New York Magazines

American all state publish their own magazine separately. American largest state is New York City. New York prints varieties of topics of magazines that include culture, life, politics, style of daily life, the individual emphasis of New York City. The New York Times magazine and the hustlers at scores are very popular in any magazine. NYMag is short from New York Magazine.

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Top 10 New York Magazines

New York, all magazines are very popular all over the world. Here I will write the details of New York Magazine which is very helpful for the readers of magazine lover.

1. The New York Times Magazine:

The New Times Magazine is a weekly magazine that is published in the Sunday edition of The New York Times. The magazine print different articles which are longer than regular newspaper. Besides, it has added many exceptional contributors. It covers essays, columns, related things to fashion & style, photography, and more topics from The New York Times.

2. Brooklyn Magazine:

Brooklyn Magazine is an American quarterly online magazine. The magazine launched its website in December 2020. It is most popular in New York to cover the lens of culture, commerce, leisure, community, leisure, and arts. The website showing high-end culture & the lifestyle of Brooklyn people, fashion, a guide to life, and arts.

3. Daily Intelligencer (Magazine):

Daily Intelligencer is a magazine that includes New York Blogs, New York News Websites. This magazine has many more followers on social media. It features culture, food, fashion, news, a daily lifestyle that drives from New York.

4. The New Yorker Magazine:

The New Yorker is a weekly magazine in America. Annually the magazine was published 47 times, started to publish as a weekly in 1925. This magazine has a huge audience to read internationally and outside of New York. It is very popular for its pictorial and often topical articles including news. The magazine commentaries on strange Americana and popular culture. It also covers fiction, cartoons, criticism, journalism, poetry, culture, rigorous fact copy editing, essays, and many more things.

5. Grub Street (Food and Restaurant Magazine):

Grub Street Magazine debuted in September 2006. Mainly it is a food blog review by New York Magazine. Normally the magazine publishes around 19 posts per month. It features restaurant opening news, chef interviews, restaurant reviews, food trend coverage, best dinner in town, and the effect of science in life. Also, they added the restaurant reviews blog, food blogs, New York food blogs, and restaurant blogs.

6. New York Family Magazine:

New York Family Magazine is mainly for parents. An important guideline for parents is how different things to do with their kid. It publishes concerns, interests, needs, thinking of New York parents. Besides, it includes parenting classes, education, lifestyle, travel, pregnancy guideline, and many important topics for parents.  This is a perfect instructed magazine for parents in raising children properly.

7. Resource Magazine:

Resource Magazine is a quarterly publication magazine. It was established in October 2007. The founder of this magazine is Alexandra Niki and Aurelie Jezequel. Many free copies of these magazines are available in New York City, San Francisco, Miami, Los Angeles, and Chicago. Also available in Canada and the United State on the newsstand. The magazine is assigned the subculture of the photo industry. Photographs, different topics of articles, business, interviews, illustrious are the main covering of this magazine.

8. Travel Leisure Magazine:

Travel Leisure Magazine is a well-known travel magazine in New York City. It published 12 times and 29 posts per year. It is owned by Meredith Corporation. According to the media kit, it has almost 4.8 million readers. This magazine is the best guide for travel. The magazine publishes travel tips & tricks, best hotels review, best restaurant lists, best places for a tour, and many more prime guidelines for travel.

9. W Magazine (Fashion, Celebrities, Parties & Art):

W Magazine is a famous fashion magazine in America. The older businessman and rich people daily search this magazine online for reading. They like this one compared with others. The magazine team focuses the people’s interest on their publication release.

New York City Magazines

These are the most known magazine book in NY City. You can read most of them in online media. There are also page books of magazines.