Khulna Newspapers and News Sites Online (Bangla News)

Khulna Newspapers expressed based on it’s surrounded area. In this post, I will share with you Khulna Online Newspapers. Most of them are online newspapers and written by Bangla phonetic.

Khulna is one of the beautiful division of Bangladesh and it beside the river and ocean. It has ten popular districts. All of them are print daily newspaper regularly. Now I’m sharing all kind of newspapers link of them.

Most of the people are living outside of Bangladesh they want to read divisional newspaper like Khulna. The journalist from Bangladesh and abroad willingly find this keyword to make some unique and definite news.

Khulna Newspapers

About Khulna Newspapers

Khulna is a major city in southwestern Bangladesh, located in the Khulna Division. The city is known for its rich history, cultural heritage, and its vibrant media industry. Khulna has several newspapers that cater to the information and news needs of the local residents. Here’s a brief overview of Khulna newspapers:

  1. The Daily Janakantha: The Daily Janakantha is a popular Bengali daily newspaper published from Dhaka, Bangladesh. It has a regional edition that covers news and events from Khulna and the surrounding areas.
  2. The Daily Jugantor: The Daily Jugantor is another leading Bengali daily newspaper published from Dhaka. It has a strong presence in Khulna and is widely read by local residents.
  3. The Daily Ittefaq: The Daily Ittefaq is a popular Bengali daily newspaper with a long history of journalistic excellence. It has a regional edition that covers news from Khulna and the southwestern region of Bangladesh.
  4. The Daily Prothom Alo: The Daily Prothom Alo is one of the most widely read Bengali newspapers in Bangladesh. It has a regional edition that covers news and events from Khulna and the surrounding areas.
  5. The Daily Samakal: The Daily Samakal is a popular Bengali daily newspaper with a strong readership in Khulna. It covers a wide range of news and events from the city and the surrounding areas.
  6. The Daily Bhorer Kagoj: The Daily Bhorer Kagoj is a popular Bengali daily newspaper that has a strong presence in Khulna. It covers news and events from the city and the surrounding areas.

In addition to these Bengali newspapers, there are also several English language newspapers that cater to the English-speaking population in Khulna. These include The Daily Star, The Independent, and The New Age. Overall, the media industry in Khulna is vibrant and diverse, and there is no shortage of news and information sources for local residents.

List Of Khulna Newspapers(Khulna News)

Purbanchal Newspaper

Dialy Purbanchal

Purbanchal is a popular daily printed newspaper in Khulna. It’s printed from Dhaka Purana Polton. It’s the most widely circulated newspaper in the southwest. Also, it has an online app reading newspaper from an android device.

Khulnanchal Newspaper

Khunlanchal Newspaper

Khunlanchal is a daily newspaper in Khulna District. It has an office in zero points of Khulna Sodor. A popular name in the people of Khulna district.

Khulna News

Khulna News

Khulna News is the first online news portal of Khulna. It’s published recent and daily news of khula Bagerhat. International and national news are released also.

Gramer Kagoj

Daily Gramer Kagoj

The daily Gramer Kagoj(গ্রামের কাগজ) is a  most popular and daily newspaper in Bangladesh circulated from Jessore. It has a popular Bangla online news portal they provide the latest news about various categories for 24 7 days. It was the weekly newspaper first. In 2001 it converted daily printed newspaper.

Patradoot News


Patradoot is a news site from Satkhira. It circulated news based on sports, news, national, international, and specially Satkhira news.

Satkhira News

Satkhira News

Another newspaper in Shatkhira. This is an online newspaper site of Satkhira. Also has an android app in google play store for reading Satkhira News online.

Meherpur Newspaper

Meherpur News

Meherpur is a Bangla leading online newspaper from Meherpur Mujibnagor. The main office of Meherpur News is Hotel Bazar Meherpur.

Magura News Onlne

Magura News

Most popular online newspaper in Magura. This is only one news site in Magura people are known. Cover news from Magura district and city.

Khulna Newspapers Online

Here you read some online newspaper of Khulna Division.

These are the most readable and popular newspapers and news sites.

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Q: What are Khulna newspapers?

A: Khulna newspapers are newspapers that are published and distributed in the Khulna division of Bangladesh.

Q: How many newspapers are published in Khulna?

A: There are several newspapers published in Khulna, including daily newspapers, weekly newspapers, and monthly newspapers.

Q: What are some popular daily khulna?

A: Some popular Khulna newspapers include The Daily Purbanchal, The Daily Probaha, The Daily Shomoyer Alo, The Daily Gono Kantha, and The Daily Dinkal.

Q: Where can I buy khulna times?

A: Khulna newspapers are available at local newsstands, bookstores, and other retail outlets in the Khulna division. They may also be available online.

Q: Are khulna news today available in English?

A: Some Khulna newspapers are published in English, while others are published in Bengali.

Q: Can I read Khulna newspapers online?

A: Yes, many Khulna newspapers have online versions that can be accessed from anywhere with an internet connection.

Q: How can I stay updated with khulna gazette?

A: You can stay updated with Khulna news by reading local newspapers, following local news websites, or tuning into local TV or radio news programs.