All Bangla Newspaper & Bangladeshi Newspapers List

A list of All Bangla Newspapers, and Bangladeshi Newspapers contains sports news, political news, entertainment news, business news, national news, and international news. Here we gonna reporting all about Bangladesh Newspapers and their perspective official links.

Bangladesh is a developing country that is located in the northeastern part of south Asia. The country is known for Sundarbans, the Royal Bengal tiger, the longest sea beach Cox’s Bazar, and amazing natural sceneries.

Top Bangla Newspapers

Here are the top Bangladeshi Newspapers in the Bengali and English languages given below.

Prothom Alo

Prothom Alo is the most-read Bangla newspaper in Bangladesh newspapers. The daily paper has multiple sister concerns such as ABC Radio FM, and Kishor Alo. Biggan Chinta, Prothoma Prokashon,, and more.

Kaler Kantho

Kaler Kantho is one of the most popular newspapers among Bangla newspapers. The daily has also sister concerns such as Bangladesh Pratidin, News 24, Daily Sun, Radio Capital, and BanglaNews 24.


Jugantor is one of the leading daily papers in Bangla newspapers. The newspaper has sections like Protimoncho, Ghore Baire, Jugantor Dotcom, Tara Jhilmil, Suranjana, and more.


Daily Ittefaq is one of the oldest Bangla newspapers in Bangladesh. It was firstly published as a weekly newspaper and later converted to Daily. The newspaper has also an e-paper version.

Bangladesh Pratidin

Bangladesh Pratidin claims to be the most circulated Bengali newspaper in BD. The newspaper is an independent daily owned by East West Media Group.

Manab Zamin

Manab Zamin is one of the largest tabloid newspapers among Bangla newspapers. The paper’s website is one of the most visited Bengali news sites in the world.


Samakal is one of the widely known Bangla newspapers in BD for having prominent writers. The newspaper publishes popular magazines such as Kaler Kheya, Nandan, Shaili, Taka Ana Pai, and more.

Amader Shomoy

Amader Shomoy is another famous Bengali daily newspaper in Bangladesh. The paper has Shomoyer Dana, and IT Shomoy supplements.


Janakantha is one of the widest-circulated newspapers among Bangladeshi newspapers. The newspaper is formatted in broadsheet style and available in both print and online versions.


Inquilab is one of the most-read daily Bangla newspapers in Bangladesh published in the Bengali language and styled into a broadsheet format for readers.

All Bangla Newspapers List

There are many popular common daily newspapers are available in the country.

  • Bhorer Kagoj – Bhorer Kagoj is a top-listed daily newspaper published in the Bengali language that has also an online site.
  • Sangbad – Sangbad is the oldest newspaper among Bangladeshi newspapers published daily in the Bengali language.
  • Noya Diganta – Naya Diganta is a major daily newspaper in the Bengali language and also has weekly supplements named Therapy and Abokash.
  • Jai Jai Din – Jai Jai Din is a daily newspaper published in the Bengali language that is popular for its introduction of Valentine’s Day to the Bengali people.
  • Manobkantha  – Manbkantha is a daily newspaper in the Bengali language published from Gulshan, Dhaka for the Bengali people.
  • Ajkaler Khobor – Ajker Khobor is another popular newspaper that is published by the Deshbandhu Group in Bangladesh.
  • Ajker Patrika – Ajkaler Patrika is a daily newspaper providing the latest Bangla news happening in Bangladesh and all over the world.
  • Protidiner Sangbad – Proitidiner Sangbad is a national newspaper featuring sports news, business news, cultural news, and daily news to the Bengali people.
  • Bangladesher Khobor – Bangladesher Khobor is another daily newspaper printed in the Bengali language that gives insights into Bangladesh and the globe.
  • Bangladesh Jornal – Bangladesh Jornal is distributed daily from Dhaka with current news and issues happening around the world.
  • Amar Sangbad – Amar Sangbad is a local daily newspaper distributed in Dhaka in the Bengali language to the nation.
  • Vorer Pata – Vorer Pata covers daily news, business news, Bangla news today, international news, cultural news, BD news 24, and more updates.
  • Khola Kagoj – Khola Kagoj is a popular paper that contains daily updates on Bengali lives in Dhaka and surrounding areas.

Bangladeshi Newspapers List

Many daily, weekly, yearly, and periodically newspapers and magazines are published in this country.

  • Daily Star – Daily Star is the largest Bangladeshi newspaper printed in the English language. The daily newspaper has popular supplements such as The Star, Forum, Star Insight, and more.
  • Independent – Independent is an English-language newspaper published in Bangladesh. The printed version of the daily has been ceased recently, however, the news site is still online.
  • Dhaka Tribune – Dhaka Tribune is one of the widest-circulated newspapers among Bangladeshi newspapers. The newspaper is actively contributing as a media partner in several human rights, campaigns, and activities.
  • New Age – News Age is one of the most outspoken Bangladeshi newspapers. The daily paper is formed in broadsheet style since  2003.
  • Daily Sun – Daily Sun is an English-language daily newspaper in Bangladesh that is also a sister concern of the Bashundhara Group including Bangladesh Pratidin, and Kaler Kantha.
  • Financial Express – Financial Express is the first economical daily newspaper in Bangladesh printed daily with business, and finance updates.
  • Observer – Another popular English daily newspaper is Observer, formatted in a broadsheet style and founded in 2011.
  • Bangladesh Today – Bangladesh Today is a familiar English-language newspaper distributed in Bangladesh since 2002.
  • Asian Age – Asian Age is a national daily newspaper in the English language that is available for readers in print & online.
  • New Nation – News Nation is also a national newspaper published daily in Bangladesh that is formatted in broadsheet style.
  • Prothom Alo English – Prothom Alo is a famous Bengali newspaper that is also published in the English language for readers’ demand.
  • Energy Bangla – Energy Bangla is an English-language newspaper that is published in Dhaka and surrounding areas.
  • Good Morning – Good Morning is another national daily newspaper serving day-to-day news and updates to the Bengali people.
  • Bangladesh Post – Bangladesh Post is a local newspaper distributed daily to the common people living in Bangladesh.

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Regional Bengali Newspapers

Bangladesh has numerous local and regional newspapers serving the Bengali people.

  • Amader Barisal  – Amader Barisal is a Barisal regional newspaper printing Barisal daily news, country news, and other state news.
  • Barisal Times 24  – Barisal Times 24 covers 24/7 news and updates of the Barisal region informing current news of the district.
  • Barisal Today  – Barisal Today is another Barisal regional newspaper featuring business news, national news, Bangla news today, and local news to the Barisal people.
  • Uttar Bangla  – Uttar Bangla is a newspaper that covers Uttar Bango and surrounding areas’ news, international and country news.
  • Surjalok News  – Surjalok News is an online news portal of Jhalokathi providing the latest news of Jhalokathi and Bangladesh.
  • Deshkal  – Deshkal is a national newspaper based in Dhaka publishing daily news, BD news live, country news, political news, etc.
  • Bonik Barta (Dhaka) – Bonik Barta is a regular newspaper based in Dhaka that is quite popular among Bangladesh people.
  • Swadesh Sangbad  – Swadesh Sangbad is a Mymensingh-based national newspaper publishing local news, international news, and daily news of Bangladesh.
  • Bhola News  – Bhola News is a Bhola-based newspaper providing 24/7 updates on Bhola and surrounding areas to Bengali.

Bangladeshi News Agencies

  • United News of Bangladesh  – United News of Bangladesh is a privately owned news agency that is founded in 1988 publishing not only Bangladeshi news but also worldwide.
  • Eastern News Agency – Eastern News Agency is a national news agency founded in 1971 featuring economy, health, entertainment, Bengali news, and also world news.
  • News Network of Bangladesh – News Network of Bangladesh is a common news site in Bangladesh that speaks on human rights, democracy, and the right information for the people.

Bengali News Sites

Apart from newspapers, there are many news sites and news portals of BD so that people can get news from anywhere in the world.

  • – is an online news site in Bangladesh covering Bengali news 24/7.
  • – is a news portal among Bangla newspapers that serves Bengali people daily.
  • – covers Bengali news on health, education, business, culture, and lifestyle.
  • Risingbd – Risingbd is a leading news media in Bangladesh that delivers BD news live, Asian news, and more.
  • – is a Bengali new portal containing Bangladeshi regular news.
  • MTnews24 – MTnews24 features Bengali news today, and BD news live in the English language.
  • Dainik Shikkha – Dainik Shikkha is mostly an educational news service in the Bengali language.
  • Go News 24 – Go News 24 features political news, sports news, business news, and national news.
  • Sara Bangla – Sara Bangla covers regional news, local news, and community updates daily.
  • Odhikar – Odhikar is a Bengali news portal serving the Bengali people with the latest news.
  • Bangla Telegraph – Bangla Telegraph is an online newspaper reporting on Bengali news 24.
  • BD Morning – BD Morning is a daily newspaper among Bangla newspapers in the Bengali language.
  • Bangladesh Times – Bangladesh Times is an English-language newspaper among Bangla newspapers.
  • – provides country news, daily Bangladesh news, Asian news, and international news.
  • – is a Bangladeshi news site that contains social news, and BD news 24.
  • – is a news portal among Bangla newspapers that serves Bengali people.
  • Jagaran – Jagaran delivers relevant information, political articles, trending topics, and discussions.
  • Amar Desh 24 – Amar Desh 24 is a national news media among Bangla newspapers serving Bangladeshi news 24.
  • – is a Bengali news portal among Bangla newspapers.
  • Ajker Bazaar – Ajker Bazaar provides commercial news and daily life updates of the Bengali people.
  • BD Times 365 – BD Times 365 is a 24/7 news media serving national news, Asian news, and international news.
  • Gonokantho – Gonokantho is a major newspaper in the Bengali language among Bangla newspapers.
  • – mainly reports on political news, & international news.
  • Dhaka News 24 – Dhaka News 24 is a news site that provides regional news based in Dhaka.
  • Amader Protidin  – Amader Protidin is a very popular Bengali-language newspaper among Bangla newspapers.
  • Natun Barta  – Natun Barta is a national newspaper among all Bangladeshi newspapers.
  • BD Law news – BD Law news is a major newspaper that mainly publishes law news, legal notices, and guidelines.
  • – delivers BD news live, BD news 24, and Asian news.
  • Dhaka Protidin – Dhaka Protidin publishes daily Dhaka updates for Dhaka communities in BD.
  • – is a prime and daily news source for Bengali people.
  • – reports on BD news live, Asian news, and Bangladeshi news.
  • Alokito Protidin – Alokito Protidin is a well-known Bangladeshi newspaper that is also available online.
  • – features different news, facts, and updates on Bangladesh.
  • Barta Bangla – Barta Bangla is another Bengali news media casting national news, and international news.
  • Notun Khobor – Notun Khobor is a common Bengali newspaper among Bangladeshi newspapers.
  • Dhakar Dak – Dhakar Dak is a local newspaper that provides Dhaka news daily to the nation.
  • Sheer Shangbad – Sheer Shangbad is a general newspaper available online for readers globally.
  • – is a sports news site publishing different sports news.
  • – reports on health, technology, sports, and world news.
  • – provides sports news mainly cricket news and league news.
  • – serves the latest news and breaking news of BD.
  • – reports on criminal news, investigative news, and law news.
  • Khoborprotidin – is a news site available in the Bengali and English languages.
  • – distributes current news, affairs, and trending news of BD.
  • – is an international news broadcaster publishing Bengali news regularly.
  • Bangla Darpan – Bangla Darpan is a Bengali daily newspaper that features Bangladeshi local news.
  • – serves Bengali people 24/7 with trending news.
  • Bangla Tribune – Bangla Tribune is a very well-known news site among Bangladeshi news sites.
  • – is one of the admired news media serving the Bengali people.
  • Dhaka Times – Dhaka Times serves the Bengali people with the latest news of Dhaka and BD.
  • Bangla Insider – Bangla Insider is a local newspaper that presents the rural affairs of Bangladesh.
  • Daily Bangladesh – Daily Bangladesh is a daily newspaper in the Bangla newspapers list.
  • ArthoSuchak – ArthoSuchak is a financial newspaper that delivers business news and commercial news.
  • – gives coverage 24/7 of Bangladesh, Asian news, and international news.
  • Desh Rupantor – Desh Rupantor is an important daily newspaper circulating in the country.
  • Share Bazar News – Share Bazar News features stock updates, share news, and investment news.
  • Desh Sangbad – Desh Sangbad features news on society, youth, sports, business, and BD.
  • Banglar Khobor 24 – Banglar Khobor 24 broadcasts country news, city news, cultural news and events.
  • Somoyer Konthosor – Somoyer Konthosor is a Bengali-language news media providing current news and affairs 24/7.
  • Purboposhchimbd – Purboposhchimbd contains the breaking news of the whole of Bangladesh daily.
  • – is an online news site among the Bangla newspapers list.
  • – is an online news portal casting domestic news, entertainment news, and community updates.
  • – features daily BD news, BD news today, and Asian news.
  • Dhaka Today – Dhaka Today is another news media based in Dhaka serving the Bangladeshis.
  • Uttaradhikar 71 News – Uttaradhikar 71 News is a vital news source among Bangladeshi newspapers online.
  • – is a Bangladeshi newspaper online in the Bengali language.
  • – covers national news, BD news today, Asian news, & BD news 24.
  • Hawker – Hawker is a local newspaper that contains business news, youth news, political news, and events.
  • BD Today 24 – BD Today 24 is an online newspaper that is available for global readers.
  • Bangladesh Business News – Bangladesh Business News is a prominent business newspaper in the English language.
  • – features share news, stock updates, and commercial news.
  • Sorejomin Barta – Sorejomin Barta is an online news portal delivering the current news of the country.
  • Prothom Khobor – Prothom Khobor is a Bengali-language news media providing Bangladeshi news daily.
  • – is an online newspaper that provides city news, country news, and BD news 24.
  • Uttaran Barta – Uttaran Barta is a news media that casts national news, country news, and world news.
  • Share Biz – Share Biz is an economical newspaper that reports on share news and stock updates.
  • – contains crime news and investigative news in Bangladesh.

Moreover, Bangladesh Newspapers and news media represent Bangladeshi images with positive views.

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