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The list of leading Bhutan newspapers publishing news on Bhutan tourism, culture, art, entertainment, education, health, technology, and current affairs.

Bhutan is a green, small landlocked country situated in South Asia. The country is known as a green, beautiful and peaceful country. The only country in the world which is focused on GNH (Gross National Happiness) rather than GDP (Gross Domestic Product). Hence, Bhutan’s mass communication like Bhutan newspapers & media took a lot of time to rise.

Leading Bhutan Newspapers

Bhutan does not own a large number of newspapers. Among them leading Bhutanese newspapers are given below.

  • KuenselKuensel is one of the most-read daily Bhutan newspapers. It is the national newspaper in Bhutan & 51% share is owned by Government. The paper is available in both Dzongkha and English languages.  Kuensel Corporation Ltd founded the paper in 1967.
  • The BhutaneseThe Bhutanese is a popular newspaper in Bhutan newspapers. It was founded by a famous journalist in Bhutan in 2012. It is a weekly newspaper published in the English language.
  • Daily BhutanDaily Bhutan is a well-known news site from Thimpu, Bhutan. It covers multiple categorized news on business, sports, culture, and international.
  • Bhutan TimesBhutan Times is the first-ever privately-owned weekly newspaper among Bhutan newspapers. The newspaper is published in the English language. The owner of the paper, Bhutan Media Service founded in 2006 and based in Thimpu.
  • Bhutan TodayBhutan Today is a bi-weekly newspaper in Thimpu, Bhutan. The newspaper was first published in 2008, and has also a sister newspaper called “Druk Yeodzer”.
  • Bhutanese Broadcasting Service Bhutanese Broadcasting Service is a very popular news site delivering news on business, health, technology, crime, politics, and more.

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Bhutanese News Sites Online

Bhutanese people speak the Dzongkha language, the official language of Bhutan. However, Bhutan people have become quite fluent in the English language because of the influence of foreign tourists.

  • APFA News – Association of Press Freedom Activists shortly known as APFA News, is an organization for working on freedom of speech in Bhutan. The familiar news site gives updates hourly & holds campaigns and activities for the Bhutan people.
  • Bhutan News Service – Bhutan News Service, is a non-profit news portal based in the USA. The aim of the platform is to keep connecting and updating the Bhutanese people. It provides numerous blogs and articles on the daily life of Bhutan and the world.
  • Bhutan News Network – Bhutan News Network provides political news, top news, cultural news, and youth news to Bhutanese.
  • Business Bhutan – Business Bhutan is a financial-based newspaper in Bhutan newspaper. It is a tabloid formatted weekly newspaper founded in 2009.
  • The Journalist – The Journalist, is a weekly newspaper published in Thimpu, Bhutan. The privately-owned newspaper was established in 2009.
  • Tourism Council Of Bhutan: News – Tourism Council of Bhutan is a government-owned Bhutan tourism news site. It works for the positive spreading and the improvement of Bhutan tourism.
  • Radio Valley, Bhutan – Radio Valley, is a common radio station in Thimpu, Bhutan. The goal of the channel is to entertain & educate the Bhutan people.
  • Kuzoo FM – Kuzoo Fm, is one of the largest radio stations in Thimpu, Bhutan. The channel is mainly youth-based and casts various programs such as current news, entertainment, arts, and Bhutan tourism to the Bhutanese.
  • BBC News: Bhutan – BBC News is an international broadcasting service that has numerous channels around the world. It has also a Bhutan-based channel for covering Bhutan-related news & events.

In spite of being, one of the least developed countries, Bhutan is mainly focused on people’s happiness which is absolutely great. But Bhutan also should give attention to the media system including Bhutan newspapers.

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