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The list of all Barbados newspapers delivering news on sports, culture, entertainment, Barbados travel, politics, education, etc.

Barbados, the smallest country in the world is famous for incredible Barbados travel spots. It is also a rich country among Caribbean Islands. Barbados is not highly developed in mass communication media like Barbados newspapers.

Top Barbados Newspapers

There are only a few numbers of Barbados newspapers in Barbados. Among them, the top is given below.

Nation News

Nation News is the most read daily newspaper among Barbados newspapers. It is a color-printed newspaper founded in 1973. It has also a youth magazine called “Attitude”.

Barbados Today

Barbados Today is a common newspaper in Barbados. The Barbados website provides local news, regional news, sports news, business news, political news. It has also Barbados Today online version.


Loop News, is another Barbados news site in Barbados. The Barbados website delivers breaking news, world news, entertainment, and lifestyle to the Barbados people.

Barbados Advocate

Barbados Advocate is one of the most familiar Barbados newspapers. The color-printed newspaper is also the most continuous in Bridgetown, Barbados.  It delivers Barbados news on crime, investigation journalism, business, sports, lifestyle, and more.

Bajan Reporter

Bajan Reporter is a well-known news site in Barbados. The news portal is not like other typical newspapers. It has content like art, gossip, book, culture, headline news, analyses, etc which makes totally different from the other dailies.

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Barbados News Sites Online

Barbados people speak in the Bagan language which is not so similar to understanding. But Barbados newspapers and other media are in the English language.

  • Barbados Gazette – Barbados Gazette provides the daily news to the Barbados people. It published regional news
  • Barbados Underground – Barbados Underground is a local news site where the newspaper is mainly focused on politics, campaigns, and other activism.
  • Caribbean Broadcasting Corporation – Caribbean Broadcasting Corporation is a Barbados Government-owned radio & television broadcaster. The national network casts various programs including news, weather news, trending news, and worldwide news.
  • Caribbean News Agency – Caribbean News Agency is a Barbados-origin news site where various sections of news are provided to the Barbados people including business news, current news, and more.
  • Sporting Barbados – Sporting Barbados is a very popular sport-focused magazine. The magazine is published since sports activism which spreads Barbados’ travel and cultural reputation.
  • Barbados property – Barbados property is published from Hiltop Publications Ltd covering Barbados travel & sports news, and events.
  • Business Barbados – Business Barbados is a business-focused newspaper in Barbados. The Barbados website features financial-related matters, blogs, analyses, and Barbados news archives.

Although Barbados newspapers and media are not so developed, it is highly influenced by other Caribbean countries.

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