List Of Leading Bermuda Newspapers & Bermudian Online News

Leading Bermuda newspapers publishing news on Bermuda tourism, sports, business, entertainment, lifestyle, travel, real estate, history, etc.

Bermuda, a top-rated tourism country is highly known for the Bermuda triangle. The country is famous for its pink sand beach, cave, and museums. However, being a small country, Bermuda has only a few newspapers from Hamilton.

Leading Bermuda Newspapers

Bermudian people speak in the Bermudian English language, Hence the Bermuda newspapers are here in the English language.

Bermuda Sun

Bermuda Sun is a leading newspaper in Hamilton, Bermuda. The award-winning newspaper delivers different sections of news such as business, Bermuda Island, Bermuda tourism, lifestyle, economics, etc.

Royal Gazette

Royal Gazette is the only printed daily newspaper among Bermuda newspapers in Hamilton. It was founded in 1828 & owned by The Bermuda Press. Dexter Smith is the editor of the English-language newspaper.


Bernews is one of the most popular Bermuda newspapers. It is a Bermuda online newspaper from Hamilton that is only available on the web. The paper is founded by Patricia Burchall in 2010 and is the first Bermuda newspaper that has 24/7 coverage.

Worker’s Voice

Worker’s Voice is a bi-monthly newspaper available in PDF. Bermuda Industrial Union is the publisher of the paper since 1999 based in Hamilton.

Bermuda Broadcasting

Bermuda Broadcasting is a channel from BBC broadcasting. BBC is an international news site that also has a different country-based news section.

Bermuda Real

Bermuda Real is a widely known Bermuda online news media. It is founded by a famous journalist Ceola Wilson. The Bermudian newspaper publishes accurate speech with no holding back.


Bermudian is a monthly Bermudian magazine. It is a very popular magazine focusing on Bermudian culture, heritage, Bermuda tourism, photos, business, news & community. is a website that features Bermuda tourism, Bermuda weather, things to do in Bermuda, shopping, business, real estate, and more.

Bermuda newspapers are mainly focused on the Bermuda islands and tourism guidelines. In addition, the papers are adding other news & events happening around the world.

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