Top Bahamas Newspapers List – Bahamian Latest News

Here we provide you the list of Bahamas newspapers delivering news on rural, culture, entertainment, sports, politics, tourism, lifestyle, etc.

The Bahamas, a highly developed country is a tourist destination for world travelers. It is a small country with a small population that has a few numbers of Bahamas newspapers.

Leading Bahamas Newspapers

Although, The Bahamas don’t have many newspapers here are some of Bahama’s leading newspapers given below.

Nassau Guardian

The Nassau Guardian is the leading & largest Bahamas newspaper. The daily was founded in 1844 almost 177 years ago in Nassau Bahamas. It covers Bahamas travel news, Bahamas islands updates, business news, and more.


Tribune is one of the most popular newspapers in Nassau. The daily publishes classified news on sports, lifestyle, weather, and weekends to the Bahamian. It is also available in a pdf version.

Bahamas Press

Bahamas Press is one of the most popular sources of Bahamas newspapers. With the motto of “We report, you decide”, the paper delivers local news, videos of international news, and the Bahamas breaking news

Bahamas Weekly

Bahamas Weekly is a weekly newspaper in the Bahamas newspapers. The newspapers report on different categorized news such as politics, crime, headlines, community news, and Bahamas resort updates.

Eyewitness News

Eyewitness News is a common news media to the Bahamas natives. It figures trending news & has multiple social media platforms so that people can join ambitiously.

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Bahamian Newspapers List

Bahamian people majorly speak the English language. Thus all the newspapers & news sites in the Bahamas are in the English language.

  • Official Gazette The Bahamas –  Official Gazette The Bahamas is the official gazette of the government of the Bahamas. It is a weekly gazette published weekly in Nassau, Bahamas.
  • Freeport News Freeport News is one of the leading newspapers published in Freeport, Grand Bahama Island.
  • Bahamas Uncensored – Bahama Uncensored, is another general newspaper in Bahamas newspapers. It was established in 1998. The paper provides columns on editorial, Caribbean news, arts, culture, politics, and business.
  • Abaconian – Abaconian, is another daily newspaper printed in Marsh Harbour, Abaco. The daily provides local news, regional news, and Bahamas vacation news.
  • Punch – Punch is one of the best-selling newspapers in the Bahamas. It publishes regional news & updates to the Bahamian.
  • Abaco Life  –  Abaco life is full color, a glossy magazine founded in 1979 covering Bahamas island, Bahamas beach, and travel content.
  • Eleutheran – Eleutheran provides news on business, weather, current affairs, and more. Published by SMG media, it has also a magazine called “Island Magazine” featuring topics on Bahamas beach, Bahamas holidays, and lifestyle.

Bahamas Online News

Along with the printed newspaper, Bahamas online news is also available to provide updates 24/7.

  • Bahamas LocalBahamas Local is a local Bahamas online news site. It has ongoing news sections, Bahamas all-inclusive resorts news, and also other newspaper sections.
  • Bahama Journal – Bahamas Journal is a popular Bahamas online news portal published in Nassau. The news portal has an archive section, and social media platform and covers crime, the latest news & more.
  • Bahamas B2B.Com –  Bahamas B2b.Com, a Bahamas online news feature on society, blog, Bahamas travel, Bahamas food & cuisine to the Bahamian.
  • Bahamas National – Bahamas National is a national news media available to the Bahamian people.
  • Bahamas News Ma Bey Bahamas News Ma Bey, is another common news site published in Nassau, Bahamas.
  • Bahamas Spectator – Bahamas Spectator offers local, entertainment news, Caribbean news, world news, business news, and trending news.
  • Bahamas Chronicle – Bahamas Chronicles covers the latest news of the Bahamas, Caribbean news, and International happening around the world.
  • ZNS – ZNS is a widely known news media in the Bahamas. It has services of radio, tv channels casting various programs to the Bahamian native.

Finally, As the Bahamas is a tourism-oriented country, most of the Bahamas newspapers are mainly focused on Bahamas island, and travel updates.

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