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Here is the list of Azerbaijan newspapers delivering local, international, cultural, sports, entertainment, tourism, and education news.

Azerbaijan is one of the fastest economically developing countries in the world. Especially rich in natural resources and in the literary section, Azerbaijan is now called the land of the future. But, the interesting fact is Azerbaijan’s mass media section like Azerbaijan newspapers and journalism is still under the national authority, fully not independent.

Leading Azerbaijan Newspapers & News Sites

Azer News

Azer News is a weekly newspaper published in the English language. The daily published content on Azerbaijani regional news and international news.

Azer tag

Azer tag, another wide known Azerbaijani newspaper published in the English language. It features on politics, economy, region, society, culture.


Azerbaycan is the state-owned & official newspaper in Azerbaijan newspapers. It was founded around 104 years ago.

Azadliq qezeti

Azadliq is one of the most popular newspapers in Azerbaijan newspapers. The daily paper is a political newspaper published in broadsheet style.


Football+ is a football sport biased newspaper among Azerbaijan newspapers. The daily newspaper has been continued its work despite being loss happened in 2010.

Bizim Yol

Bizim Yol is a daily newspaper in Azerbaijan. It was established in 2000 & formatted into broadsheet style.

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Azerbaijani Language Newspapers List

  • 525ci Gazet – 525ci Gazet is a daily Azerbaijani language newspaper in Azerbaijan.
  • Sherg – Sherg, another daily Azerbaijani language newspaper in Azerbaijan. It was published in 1990 formatted into broadsheet style.
  • Xalq Qazeti – Xalq Qazeti is one of the most read Azerbaijani language newspapers. The daily is also printed in Russian & English languages.
  • Yeni Musavat – Yeni Musavat is a daily newspaper published in the Azerbaijani language. It follows a political party named the National Council of Democratic Forces.
  • – is an Azerbaijani language newspaper covering different sections of categorized news & various social platforms.
  •  Big.AZ – Big.Az is another Azerbaijani language newspaper that delivers news on arts, music, entertainment, culture, Azerbaijan tourism.
  • – is a daily newspaper that is also available in the English language.
  • – reports on politics, economy, health, and more in the Azerbaijani language.
  •  – is a common daily newspaper in Azerbaijan also available in the English language.
  • Iqtisadiyyat  – Iqtisadiyyat is one of the most common Azerbaijan newspapers founded in 1999.
  • Baki Xeber – Baku Xeber is a daily newspaper from Baku city & the founder of this is Aydin Guliyev.
  • Araz Azerbaijan Newspaper  – Araz Azerbaijan Newspaper is a community newspaper based in the UK.
  • Serq Qapisi – Serq Qapisi provides daily news and affairs happening in Azerbaijan and the world.
  • Tezadler – Tezadler has various social platforms to stay connected with the readers.
  • Iki Sahil  – Iki Sahil is another daily newspaper published in the Azerbaijani language.

Russian Language Azerbaijan Newspapers

The official language of Azerbaijan people in Azerbaijan. In spite of that here in Azerbaijan some Russian-language newspapers are popular.

  • Zerkalo – Zerkalo is a daily newspaper published in the Russian language in Azerbaijan.
  • Haqqin. az – is a local Russian language news portal & also a Non-governmental human rights organization.
  • Bakinskiy Rabochiy – Bakinskiy Rabochiy is a daily Russian language newspaper published in Azerbaijan.
  • – is a Russian language newspaper in Azerbaijan focused on business, economical news, Azerbaijan tourism news.
  • –, a Russian language news site that provides rural and international news happening around the world.
  • – is a leading daily newspaper published in the Russian language.
  • – is a Russian-language newspaper that offers interesting news on sport, culture, Azerbaijan tourism, and current events.

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Azerbaijan Online News

  • –, another popular Azerbaijan online news portal published in the Russian language.
  • Trend – Trend is an Azerbaijan online news agency that offers bulletin news, breaking news, and trending news.
  • – is an Azerbaijan online news site that has pages on education, parliament, economy, culture etc.
  • – is a local Azerbaijan online news portal featuring news happening every day in Azerbaijan.
  • – Medianews,az is another daily Azerbaijan online news agency.
  • – is a well-known online news portal providing important news and information to the people.
  • Sia – Sia is an Azerbaijan online news site that also delivers Azerbaijan tourism news and guidelines.
  • Aktual – Aktual, a general news portal covers current news in the country and world.
  • Hurriyyet – Hurriyyet is an online information agency focused on crime, research, business news.
  • Kaspi – Kaspi has a youth newspaper section, economy, interview, and several sections of news.
  • – is an independent news site that gives the latest news, breaking news, Azerbaijan tourism, and more.
  • Olaylar – Olaylar covers different criminal news, focuses on the problem and issues that are going on in the country.
  • Uch Noqta  – Uch Noqta is a local news site also active on social media platforms.
  • Xalq Cebhesi  – Xalq Cebhesi has columns named most read, last-minute, a news feed, etc.
  • Yeni Azerbaycan – Yeni Azerbaycan tries to publish analytical, exceptional news which is accurate also.

Apart from these, Azerbaijan newspapers are vast in numbers which are maximum in the Azerbaijan language including other languages too.