List Of Albanian Newspapers & Albanian News Online

Albania is a small mountainous country with only 28 million people. It’s a low-income country that is progressing day by day. Being a developing country, Albanian newspapers has become one of the most mass media communication among the people.

Albanian newspapers provide all current news, events, updates happening around the world.  They publish international news, local & regional news, about lifestyle, culture topics, issues, and numerous things.

Albanian Newspapers And News List

Albania has nearly 98 newspapers around the country. In the midst of them mostly are in the Albanian language. Top Albanian newspapers in the language are:

  • Ekonomia: Ekonomia is a tabloid formatted newspaper founded almost 23 years ago in 1998. Its headquarter is in Tirana and the publisher of the paper is the Albanian Economic Development Agency. The Albania daily news is printed six times a week while the last page is covered in English.
  • Gazeta Shqiptare: Gazeta Shqiptare is the oldest newspaper in Albania, started in 1927. It is an Albanian daily newspaper formatted into Berliner style. Owned by the Hysenbelliu Group, it follows independent political alignment.
  • Gazeta 55: Gazeta 55 is a daily Albanian newspaper origin from Albania. It is also a tabloid newspaper owned by an Albanian businessman. The paper was published into three categories such as news, opinion, features. It is also available in an online version, PDF
  • Gazeta Sot: Gazeta Sot is one of the popular newspapers in Albanian newspapers. It is widely known as global mass media. The Albanian daily news is also formatted into Berliner style.
  • Koha Jone: Koha Jone is one of the most-read newspapers in Albania. The daily placed the most circulated newspaper in Albania. It publishes in broadside format style and follows liberal concepts.
  • Metropol: Another daily is Metropol which is established in 2004 in Albania. The daily is also in tabloid format style. Metropol editor’s name is Brahim Shima.
  • Panorama: Right now Panorama is the best-selling newspaper in Albania. The Albanian newspaper publisher is Panorama Group. It is famous for getting the latest news at any time. Panorama has also a website that is the most visited portal in the country.
  • Rilindja Demokratike: Rilindja Demokratike is the most famous newspaper in the country that holds the most publishing news ever. It is also popular for being the first free newspaper. Even if it was founded almost 30 years ago still now it is broadly respected by the general people as before.
  • Shekulli: Shekulli is also an Albanian daily newspaper that is formatted into Berliner style. It was founded in 1997 and owned by UNIPRESS sh. p.k.
  • Shqip: Gazeta Shqip is an Albanian newspaper owned by Top media group. Earlier it has a print version then in 2016, it started into the online version. It is one of the most viewed websites in Albania.
  • Tema: Tema is a very popular newspaper in Albania which also claims to be politically unaffiliated. It is familiar to people for providing truth against political figures and corruption. Tema’s website has the most visitors in Albania. It has also an English edition for international readers.
  • Gazeta sports ekspres: Sports ekspres is a sports newspaper that is very common to the public. It was first a sports supplement of Koha Jone. However, it became a daily publication in 2001.

Albanian Online Newspapers

Albanian online newspapers provide news via online media for staying always connected with readers. So that they can receive news from anywhere with internet access.

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Albanian Newspapers In Other Languages

Though newspapers in the Albanian language are widely read in the country. But there have Albanian newspapers in other languages too for different types of readers.

English Language Newspapers:

  • Tirana times is the first-ever weekly English Albania newspaper. It follows independent learning and has a partnership with the Albanian Institute for International Studies.
  • Albania Today is also an English Albania newspaper that was established in 1996.

Greek Language Newspapers:

  • Laiko Vima is the first Greek language in Albania, founded in 1945. The bi-weekly private newspaper is owned by local greeks which also serves local greeks.

Popular Albanian Magazines

Here exist many weekly, bi-weekly, monthly Albanian popular magazines in the country. The well-known magazines in Albania are:

  • Drita, An Albanian literary magazine published for 127 years.
  • Gjuha Jone publishes on the standard and Albanian literature.
  • Klan is a political and finance magazine printed weekly.
  • Mehr licht is a literary & cultural magazine.
  • Studime Filologjike, a scientific magazine that publishes about linguistic studies, old texts, Albanian literature.

 Albanian News channels

There are few news channels in Albania which serve 24-hour news shows, broadcasting recent news happening around the world.  Out of them are some international channels also available.

Albania Radio Stations

The number of radio stations in Albania with national and local can be counted easily. These radio stations play various kinds of programs such as music, news, international affairs, sports which are much enjoyable to the listener.

In addition, we can say, as Albania is trying to develop in economy their most important mass media like Albanian Newspapers are growing in number also.