List of All Aruba Newspapers & Aruban News Sites Online

Aruba is an island country that is also a part of the Netherlands. An absolute desired country for tourists around the globe. Being a small country, Aruba owns a few number Aruba newspapers, online news sites, and radio stations as mass media communication.

Aruba has newspapers in Papiamento, Dutch, and Spanish languages because of the diversified languages spoken by Aruba natives.

Papiamento Language Aruba Newspapers

Most Aruba people speak in the Papiamento language. Top Papiamento language Aruba newspapers are:

Aruba Today – Aruba Today

Aruba Today –  Aruba Today newspaper is the only English language newspaper in Aruba. It has several columns on tourism, business, local news, etc.

Amigoe Nieuws

Amigoe – Amigoe is one of the most reading Aruba newspapers. The Dutch language newspaper was published in Oranjestad, Aruba. It provides news on local, sports, business, culture, etc.

EL MUNDO - Diario online líder de información en español

Diario Online – The Papiamento language daily, Diario Online is a family-owned Aruban newspaper. It is also published in Oranjestad, Aruba.

Prome den Noticia -

24 Ora – 24 Ora is one of the popular Aruba newspapers, published in the Papiamento and Spanish languages.  It covers political, local, sports, events happening in Aruba and around the world.

Bon Dia Aruba | Noticia di Aruba

Bon Dia – Bon Dia is another Papiamento language newspaper in Aruba, covering regional, tourism, and international news. It is also available in the Spanish language.

AWE Mainta

AWE Mainta – AWE Mainta is a daily Aruban newspaper published in the Papiamento language.

EA News Aruba

EA News – EA News is another Papiamento language Aruba news site. It covers mainly positive news including the success of Aruba, Aruba tourism, and rural.

Noticia 48

Noticia 48 – Noticia 48, a Papiamento language Aruba news site gives news flash, bulletin news, and updated news.

Solo Di Pueblo | News Website

Solo di Pueblo – Solo di pueblo, a daily Papiamento language newspaper that features contents like local, health news, and opinion sections.

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Aruba Online News List

Along with Aruba newspapers, Aruba also has several online news sources by which Aruba people can easily engage with people around the world.

  • Noticia Cla – Noticia Cla, another local Aruba online news site. The Aruban newspaper contains different sections of news including a live version.
  • Awe 24 – Awe 24 is an Aruban news site publishing current news and political news.
  • 1Noticia  – 1Noticia is a popular Aruban news site among Aruba natives.
  • Mas Noticia – Mas Noticia is an Aruba online news site that offers the latest news and trending news around Aruba.
  • Aruba Native Aruba Native is a common news site among Aruba people. It contains various educative, historian, economical, sports news
  • – is a famous and official travel site of the Aruba Tourism Authority giving different kinds of tourism updates and guidelines.
  • Aruba Press and Media – Aruba Press and Media is an Aruba online press that gives destination information, images, press releases, and ideas.
  • Noticia Impacto – Noticia Impacto is a daily Spanish language Aruba online newspaper also available in English broadcast.
  • Notisia 365 – Notisia 365, a wide known Spanish language Aruba news site offers the latest, entertainment and international news.

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Aruba Radio Stations

There are only a few Aruba radio stations that exist. Among them, some are popular, such as:

  • Cool FM 98.9– Cool FM 98.9, an Aruba online radio channel. It airs on the Papiamento language based on Oranjestad.
  • Hits 100FM – Hit Fm is a popular Aruba online radio channel among Aruba people for casting different types of enjoyable programs, shows.
  • Power FM – Power FM, another local Aruba online radio station based from Oranjestad. The channel is available in the  Papiamento language to the Aruba people.

Although Aruba is enough developed country, it lacks media communications like Aruba newspapers and other sources.