Best Public Hospitals In Kolkata (West Bengal)

A list of hospitals in Kolkata includes all the private, public, general and national health centres.

Kolkata is one of the popular countries that offer better medical services and treatment. In South Asia, Kolkata is very much preferable cause its low cost and easy transport system.

Here you will get all the clinic centres and hospitals of Kolkata mentioned with brief descriptions.

Leading Hospitals In Kolkata

There are many national, private and public hospitals in Kolkata which has better treatment facilities, better equipment, and caring services.

AMRI Hospitals

AMRI Hospitals is a private hospital that was established in Kolkata in 1996. The hospital has features such as:

  • has achieved different national and international awards.
  • has a health centre for Bangladeshi patients.
  • has medical services like blood Bank & medicine, cardiac sciences, dentistry, dermatology, dietetics and nutrition, emergency critical care & trauma management, and others.

Contact :

Phone: (033) 6680 0000

Antara (hospital)

Antara is a mental health-based clinical system that is founded in 1971 in Kolkata, India. It has:

  • Department of medical services such as psychiatry, clinical psychology, psychiatric social work, hospital administration, community mental health unit, etc.
  • Also has clinical services like outpatient psychiatric services, in-Patient psychiatric services, inpatient treatment for substance abuse, child guidance services, psychological therapy, and rehabilitation.

Contact :

Phone: (+91) 033 2437 8484 / 0593 / 0439

E-mail: [email protected]

Belle Vue Clinic, Kolkata

With the motto of Service with a smile, Belle Vue Clinic, Kolkata is one of the oldest hospitals in Kolkata started in 1967. The hospital has clinical services such as:

  • Medical caring departments like cardiology, radiology, cardiac surgery, operation theatres, neurology, cardiology surgical, blood bank, etc.

Contact :

Phone: +91 91630 58000

Chittaranjan National Cancer Institute

Chittaranjan National Cancer Institute is one of the regional cancer care institutes in Kolkata that is founded in 1950.

  •  has the newest facilities for nuclear medicine, ct scanner, radionuclide therapy unit, endoscopy suite, and modern brachytherapy units.
  • Specialized in cancer treatment and services with 650 beds.

Contact :

Phone: 2475-9313/2475-8057

E-mail: [email protected], [email protected]

Desun Hospital & Heart Institute

Desun Hospital & Heart Institute is a national hospital among the leading hospitals in Kolkata that is founded in 2008.

  • Has several treatment departments such as a cardiac sciences department, dentistry department, dermatology department, ENT department, Endocrinology & Diabetology department, and more.

Contact :

Phone: 90 5171 5171

Institute of Child Health, Kolkata

Institute of Child Health, Kolkata is the first public hospital that specialized in paediatrics and is also a training centre.

  • Has paediatrics postgraduate offers for students

Contact :

Phone: 033 – 22905686

E-mail: [email protected]

IPGMER and SSKM Hospital

With the motto of Thirst for knowledge and heartfelt aiming, IPGMER and SSKM Hospital is a public hospital among Kolkata hospitals that started in 1707.

  • Offers clinical training for medical students
  • Bangur Institute of Neurosciences is attached to the hospital.

Contact :

Phone: +91-9163162204

KPC Medical College and Hospital

KPC Medical College and Hospital is the first private college in West Bengal that is located in Jadavpur, Kolkata.

  • Has medical courses for students like MBBS, BPT, BMLT, and BCCT.
  • The students are involved in different welfare associations, fests, and cultural activities.

Contact :

Phone: (033) 6621-1700/4044-9700/4044-9941

E-mail: [email protected]

Medica Hospitals

Medica Hospitals is a private hospital among Kolkata hospitals that is founded in 2008 in Eastern India.

  • It promotes cleanliness, high standards of hygiene, sanitation and infection control.
  • Won government award, Kayakalp Awards for high standard quality of care.

Contact :

Phone: +91 33 66520000
Email: [email protected]

Medical College and Hospital, Kolkata

Medical College and Hospital, Kolkata is a public hospital that is considered one of the oldest hospitals in Asia and was established in 1835.

  • Has medical training service, MBA for students
  • Started teaching earlier of Western medicine services

Contact :

Phone: (033) 2255-1621

Nil Ratan Sircar Medical College and Hospital

Nil Ratan Sircar Medical College and Hospital is a public medical hospital that is situated in Sealdah, Kolkata.

  • Has clinical departments of pre-clinical, para-clinical, clinical, and subspecialty for patients.
  • Has a huge central library which is a part of the British Council Library, Kolkata.

Contact :

E-mail: [email protected]

Saroj Gupta Cancer Centre and Research Institute

Saroj Gupta Cancer Centre and Research Institute is a full cancer treatment dedicated hospital among Kolkata hospitals that is located in Thakurpukur and opened in 1973.

  • The hospital is a non-profit organization.
  • It is specialized in surgical oncology, radiotherapy, radiology, pain & palliative care, supportive therapy, microbiology, etc.

Contact :

Phone: +91 33 6123 4343
E-mail: [email protected]

Hence, we can say Kolkata hospitals are very known to the world for their better treatment quality and budget-friendly services.

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