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Within eight divisions in Bangladesh, Sylhet is one of them. Sylhet is one of the most peaceful and main cities in Bangladesh. It is called the London City of Bangladesh for the luxury life and more duplex house compared to other places!

The four districts of Sylhet are Habiganj, Moulvibazar, Sunamganj, and The great Sylhet. Every district has its own Newspapers with Bangla and English versions. All of them are called BD newspaper, Sylhet newspaper, Sylhet Online News, or Online Newspapers In Sylhet. If I want to make a sentence with some words of Sylhet Newspapers then I can be called it Bangladesh Newspapers Of Sylhet.

So, let’s move to visit All Sylhet Newspapers in the post body.

Sylhet Newspapers

Sylhet, a city located in the northeastern part of Bangladesh, has a rich history of newspapers. The newspapers of Sylhet have been a vital source of information for the people living in the region for many years. These newspapers provide valuable insights into local news, politics, culture, and the overall lifestyle of Sylhet.

Sylhet’s newspapers are a reflection of the city’s diverse cultural heritage. The newspapers are published in both English and Bengali, and they cover a wide range of topics, from local news to national and international news. The newspapers also publish editorials, opinions, and feature stories that showcase the city’s unique cultural identity.

One of the most popular newspapers in Sylhet is the Sylheter Dak. The newspaper was established in 1927 and is one of the oldest newspapers in the region. Sylheter Dak has been instrumental in providing news and information to the people of Sylhet and the surrounding areas. The newspaper covers a wide range of topics, including politics, business, sports, and entertainment.

Another popular newspaper in Sylhet is the Daily Surma. The newspaper was established in 1995 and has since become a leading source of news and information in the region. Daily Surma covers a wide range of topics, including local news, national news, and international news. The newspaper also has a dedicated sports section that covers local and international sports events.

Sylhet’s newspapers also cover cultural events and festivals that are unique to the region. For example, the Sylheti language and culture are celebrated through the newspapers during the annual Bishwa Ijtema, a religious gathering held in the city. The newspapers also cover the traditional Pohela Boishakh, the Bengali New Year, which is celebrated with great enthusiasm in Sylhet.

Sylhet’s newspapers have played a vital role in providing news and information to the people of the region for many years. These newspapers are a reflection of the city’s unique cultural identity and provide valuable insights into the local news, politics, and lifestyle. With its rich history and diverse coverage, Sylhet’s newspapers continue to be an important part of the city’s cultural heritage.

Daily Sylhet Newspapers and News Sites

Different print media and online news portal serve their news from Sylhet city or from the other District in Sylhet. Here now read The Daily Newspapers and News Sites in Sylhet.

daily sylheter dak

Daily Sylheter Dak Newspaper

Sylheter Dak is a daily newspaper in Sylhet. These newspapers published their news based on Sylhet updates like Sylhet politic, environment, education, development, and others. They also provide religion, sports, and international news.



Sylhet View Provide daily news updates from Sylhet. It covers the world, sports, ICT, Others, Open Speech, Job News BD, LifeStyle, and Video News.

Daily Sylhet Newspaper

Daily Sylhet

DailySylhet is the largest newspaper in Sylhet District and Division. This newspaper has extraordinary value in Sylhet. Cause it publishes every indivisible district news of Sylhet Division! Also has some category like international, Sylhet division, exclusive news, sports, technology, pleasure.

Sylheter SokalSylheter Sokal

Just imagine, how would be the newspaper with matches the name of Sylheter Sokal! Yes, this news site provides all kinds of beginning newspapers in Sylhet. This is a daily online portal newspaper.

doinik sylhet

Dainik Sylhet

Dainik Sylhet is a daily newspaper in Sylhet. This newspaper provides a kind of category like international, Poem, national news, Islam, Sports, Foreign News.

habiganj samachar

Habiganj Samachar

Habiganj Samachar is a daily printed newspaper from the tea city of Sylhet Habiganj. This newspaper was printed based on Habiganj News.

Kazir bazar

Daily Kazirbazar

Daily Kazirbazar is a popular newspaper in Sylhet. This newspaper publishes news based on finance, education, entertainment, science and technology, sports, all Sylhet.

sirso khobor

Sheersha Khobor

Sheersha Khobor is one of the largest and most popular newspapers in Sylhet city. It also circulation news in paper and print media.

khowai newspaper

The Daily Khowai

Dhowai Newspapers is the most readable paper in Habiganj. The newspapers published news based on Habiganj Sylhet. It has a forum called Dainik Pathak Forum on Facebook.

Sylhet Online Newspapers

1. Sylhet Express

2. Sylhet News Surma Times

3. Sabuj Sylhet 

4. Habiganj Express

5. Dream Sylhet

6. Dainik Moulvibazar

7. Sylhet News-Times 

8. Beani Bazar News

9. Euro Bangla News 24

10. Sylhet Report

11. Sylhet News 24

12. Kulaura Songbad

13. Amar Sylhet 24

14. Zakiganj Barta24

15. Uttor Purbo

16. Protidiner Bani Daily Habiganj Newspaper

17. Ajker Kagoj 24

18. Global Sylhet 

19. Crime Sylhet 

These are the best all Sylhet news sites and newspapers online. Some of them are printed versions, some of them are online ePaper, and some of them are online news portals.