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Nauru is one of the smallest countries in the world which is an oval-shaped island situated in the South Pacific ocean. The country has no capital city & one of the least visited countries globally.

Leading Nauru Newspapers

The news media in Nauru is undeveloped, it has no officially news papers and press. Only one state owned television channel whih broadcast local programs, news, and events. Also a radio station which is also broadcasts state news, Ausi news and programs. Both medias are operated by Nauru Broadcasting Service that casts programs under Australian broadcasting service.

Here are the leading Nauru newspapers in the English language given below.

Wikipedia: Nauru

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BBC: Nauru

BBC is an international news broadcaster that covers most countries’ news updates, breaking news, and documentaries. In other countries, the news channel publishes Nauru news, Nauru news today, Nauru news now, Nauru facts, Nauru data, Nauru daily news, global news, Oceania news, etc in the English language.

Although Nauru newspapers and news media are not available. These international news source which are mentioned above serve people globally with the  provide Nauru news now, Nauru news today, Nauru daily news, local news, world news, and cultural news regularly in the English language.

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