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A list of Micronesia newspapers that contain sports news, political news, entertainment news, business news, national news, and international news.

Micronesia which is the Federate States of Micronesia is one of the developing Oceania countries. The beautiful country is a great choice for a tourist destination, with local seafood, and cuisine.

Micronesia Newspapers Online

Micronesia does not have an official language, people speak different languages such as Marshallese, Gilbertese, Kosrae, and Nauruan languages. But the English language is also common here at the govt and office level.

Here are the top Micronesia newspapers online in the English language given below.

Kaselehlie Press

With the tag of The FSM’s newspaper, for today and tomorrow, Kaselehlie is a national newspaper among Micronesia newspapers. The English language newspaper is distributed every two weeks to the Micronesia people. It has an online Micronesia news portal that covers the latest news of Micronesia, political news, and business news.

Wikipedia: Micronesia

Wikipedia is a global news source that provides news on related topics and world updates. It has relevant information, data, and information for readers along with Micronesia facts, local news, Micronesia news, and regional news in the English language.

BBC: Micronesia

BBC is an international news broadcaster that gives updates on different countries’ news data and information worldwide. It has also a country figure of Micronesia to cast local news, Micronesia facts, and national updates.

Infoplease.com : Micronesia

Infoplease.com is an international news site that covers global data for countries’ including Micronesia news and events in the English language.

Although, Micronesia is not well developed in the media of communications Micronesia newspapers help us to observe the daily lives, and updates of the Micronesia people.

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