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A list of Mauritius newspapers that sports news, political news, entertainment news, business news, national news, and international news.

Mauritius is one of the developing African countries in the world. The country is known for having the wealth of natural beauty including the world’s best aromatic tea leaves.

Mauritius Daily Newspapers

Here are the leading Mauritius daily newspapers in the French and English languages.


L’Express is one of the most read Mauritius newspapers in the French language. The daily newspaper has a Sunday version named L’Express Dimanche.

Le Mauricien

Le Mauricien is one of the most circulated Mauritius newspapers. The French-language newspaper has sister newspapers such as Weekend, Weekend scope, and Turf magazine.

5-Plus Dimanche

5-Plus Dimanche is a French-language Mauritian newspaper online. The daily contains national news, political news, policy updates, sports news, and social news.

Le Défi Media

Le Defi Media is a leading news media in the French language that serves the latest news of Mauritius news, community news, Mauritius news live, and updates.

Republic of Mauritius – News

The Republic of Mauritius News is a national news agency that gives updates on international news, regional news, and city news to the Mauritian people.

Maurice Info

Maurice Info is a wide known news portal in Mauritius in the French language that delivers daily Mauritian news, political news, social news, and updates.

Mo Pays

Mo Pays is an English-language newspaper among Mauritius newspapers that reports on Mauritian news now, Mauritius news today, and local news.

Sunday Times

Sunday Times is a major weekly newspaper in the English language in Mauritius. The newspaper delivers national news, regional updates, and international news.


MBC is the national broadcaster of Mauritius that casts local news, national news, international news, cultural programs, entertainment shows, and events.

Mauritius Times

Mauritius Times is an English-language newspaper that is distributed once a week. The newspaper covers Mauritian news on health, education, business, culture, and lifestyle.

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Mauritius News Online

The French language is a general language to the common and English is the official language of the parliament.

  • Zinfos Moris – Zinfors Moris is an online news site that covers African news, political news, cultural news, and the current news of Mauritius.
  • Star – Star is a French-language newspaper in Mauritius that is available also online for readers.
  • Radio One – Radio One broadcasts Maurititian daily news, entertainment shows, and programs.
  • ION News – ION News is a news portal that publishes relevant information, trending topics, and discussions to the Mauritian people.
  • L’Eco Austral – L’Eco Austral is an independent regional newspaper in Mauritius in the French language.
  • Inside News – Inside News is an English-language news portal in Mauritius that gives updates on the country daily.
  • Live Mega – Live Mega casts live Mauritian news, daily local news, social news, and more.
  • Biz Week – Biz Week delivers trending news, headlines, entertainment news, and community events.
  • Pathirikai – Pathirikai is a community news portal that is available in the French and English languages for the Mauritian people.
  • – features Mauritius news live, and Mauritius news now regularly in the French and English languages.

In fact, Mauritian news site serves the nation with 24/7 coverage including Mauritius newspapers.

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