List Of Equatorial Guinea Newspapers & News Sites

A list of Equatorial Guinea newspapers that covers sports news, political news, entertainment news, business news, and more updates.

Equatorial Guinea is one of the least developed countries situated in West Central Africa. The country is very well known for oil serving worldwide.

Top Equatorial Guinea Newspapers

French and Spanish languages are the official language of Equatorial Guinea. So the news media are here also in the same languages. Top Equatorial Guinea newspapers are given below.

Diario Rombe

Diario Rombe is one of the leading Equatorial Guinea newspapers that provides daily news, national news, country news, and international news in the Spanish language.

Guinea Ecuatorial

Guinea Ecuatorial is one of the most read newspapers in Equatorial Guinea that covers current affairs and trending news to the people in the Spanish language.

Asodegue Segunda Etapa

Asodegue Segunda Etapa is another popular daily newspaper in Equatorial Guinea. The newspaper contains health, education, business, culture, and lifestyle updates.

Guinea Info Market

Guinea Info Market is an online newspaper among Equatorial Guinea newspapers that gives coverage of 24/7 breaking news, current news, recent news.

El Confidencial de Guinea Ecuatoreal

El Confidencial de Guinea Equatorial is an influential newspaper that contains trending news, headline, breaking news for the national and international readers.

El Diario de Malabo

El Diario de Malabo is a well-known newspaper that publlishes daily news, African news and national news in the French langauge to the African people around the world. Equatorial Guinea is an international news site that has also Equatorial Guinea’s daily news, information section in the English language.

ReliefWeb Equatorial Guinea

ReliefWeb is an online news media that covers African countries’ updates including also Equatorial Guinea.

BBC News- Equatorial Guinea

BBC News is a worldwide known international broadcaster that covers different countries’ news along with Equatorial Guinea.

Jeune Afrique

Jeune Afrique is an African worlwide news media that features Equatorial Guinea daily news, Equatorial Guinea facts and international news in the English language.

Government of Equatorial Guinea

The government of Equatorial Guinea is the official website of the country that provides relevant information, Equatorial Guinea data, and nation updates.

In addition, news sites are also increasing in fame along with printed Equatorial Guinea newspapers.

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