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A list of Eritrea newspapers that covers sports news, political news, entertainment news, business news, daily news, national news, and international news.

Eritrea is one of the least developed countries that is situated in Eastern Africa. The almost unknown country is called “North Korea of Africa” for facing the worst dictatorship.

Top Eritrea Newspapers

Here are the top Eritrea newspapers given below according to the most read. is one of the most read Eritrea newspapers in Africa that contains news on health, education, business, culture, and lifestyle in the English language.

Eritrea Daily

Eritrea Daily is a leading newspaper in the English language that provides news daily to the people. It has also a news site for national and international readers.

Tesfa News

Tesfa News is a sports-based newspaper among Eritrea newspapers that publishes different categories of sports news around the world.


ZENA is one of the most circulated newspapers in Eritrea that casts African news, political news, and other issues in multiple languages.


Farajat is a leading newspaper that contains relevant information, political articles, trending topics, and discussions.


Jeberti is a popular newspaper that distributes daily cast Eritrea news today, Eritrea national news, and international news in multiple languages for readers.


Madote is a very common newspaper to Eritrea people, also active on multiple social media platforms for engaging readers worldwide.


Assenna is a wide known news site in Eritrea that serves sports news, political news, entertainment news, and business news.

Eritrea News Today

There are different languages are available in Eritrea such as Arabic, Afar, and Kuanma. So the newspapers are here in the same languages, also in the English language.

  • Eritrean of Ministry Information  – Eritrean of Ministry Information is the official website in Eritrea for serving relevant information, data, and Eritrea facts in the English language.
  • Raimoq – Raimoq is an online Eritrea news site that features current news, Eritrea facts, daily news, and international news.
  • Adoulis – Adoulis is a prominent news media in Eritrea that covers 24/7 breaking news, current news, and rural news.
  • Asmarino Independent  – Asmarino Independent is an independent news media that contains daily news, Eritrea news today, national news, provincial news, and international news.
  • Dehai – Dehai is a well-known newspaper among Eritrea newspapers that contains news in multiple languages globally.
  • Eritrea – is an international news site that has also an Eritrea news site for the nation along with other African news sites.
  • BBC News-Eritrea – BBC News is an international broadcaster that casts daily news, national news, and other information globally and has sections for Eritrea country.
  • Jeune Afrique  – Jeune Afrique is an African news provider that distributes all current news, and issues to people all around the world including Eritrea.

Hence, news sites in Eritrea are as popular as Eritrea newspapers to the nation.

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