Burundi Newspapers List & Bujumbura Online News

The list of Burundi newspapers are providing news on education, Burundi travel, economy, health, sports, culture, entertainment, and more.

Burundi is a small and poor country situated in South Africa. The country’s livelihood mainly depends on agriculture sector. Burundi people are not so developed in communication & media system. So, the number of Burundi newspapers, others media are not so much in the country.

Burundi Leading Newspapers

Majority of Burundi people speak in Kirundi and French languages which are also official language in Burundi. Leading Burundi newspapers are:

  • Iwacu – Iwacu is a privately owned newspaper established in 2003. It is a weekly most read newspaper covering regional and international news. The newspaper is published in both languages in French & English languages.
  • AllAfrica.com: Burundi –  AllAfrica.com is an Africa-based news site that provides news on African countries and regions. Burundi has also a profile on AllAfrica.com for covering the news & events happening in the country.
  • ARIB – ARIB is a news portal delivering news on justice, human rights, security, the economy, education, health, African news, and Bujumbura news.
  • Radio Isanganiro – Radio Isanganiro, casts different programs on demand of the Burundi people. The radio station also provides the environment, sports, cultural, entertainment, daily Burundi news in African regions. It has also an active Twitter platform.
  • Net PressNet Press is a common news site in Burundi newspapers. The news portal publishes articles on Burundi information & various current issues going on in Burundi and rural areas.

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 French language Burundi News

As French language is an official language so the newspapers are here in also French language. The maximum newspapers are published from Bujumbura capital.

  • Burundi Africa Generation –  Burundi Africa Generation publishes news on African regions. The French-language newspaper focused on social, socioeconomic situations, politics, sports events.
  • Yaga Burundi – Yaga Burundi is a Burundi online news platform that has pages on most-read articles, current issues going on in the country.
  • Nawe – Another popular news site named Nawe, expresses news on health, sports, Burundi travel, education, fieldwork in Burundi. The site is also active on multiple social platforms to interact with readers.
  • Burundi Forum – Burundi Forum is a Burundi online newspaper among Burundi newspapers. The French-language newspaper provides actual rural, provincial, international news to the Burundi people.
  • Burundi Information – Burundi Information, another news site delivers news on Burundi in the French language. It offers different news sections including history, rural, politics, economics, and other information.
  • Burundi 24 – Burundi 24 is a local news site that publishes latest news 24/7 in the French language in Bujumbura city. The news portal features crime, politics, documentaries, international and more.
  • BBC News- Burundi – BBC News has also a profile for broadcasting news about Burundi people. The international broadcaster publishes facts, breaking news, African news, and analyses on Burundi and surrounding areas.
  • Jeune Afrique- BurundiJeune Afrique publishes news within Africa and regional areas. The news site publishes news of Burundi news to the Burundi people.

Finally, we can say that, Burundi newspapers is a great source of communication to the Burundi people.

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