List Of Benin Newspapers: Benin Online Newspapers

A list of Benin newspapers contains Benin news on politics, economics, culture, art, entertainment, business, tourism, etc.

Benin is one of the least developed countries situated in West Africa. The country is trying to develop economical growth in recent years. Since Benin is poor so its mass media is also not highly developed to be mentioned.

About Benin Newspapers

Benin is a West African country with a vibrant media industry. The country has a range of newspapers that provide news and information to its citizens. These newspapers cover various topics, including politics, business, sports, and entertainment.

Some of the major newspapers in Benin include La Nation, Fraternité, Matin Libre, and Le Matinal. La Nation is a daily newspaper that covers national and international news, as well as sports, culture, and society. Fraternité is another daily newspaper that covers politics, economics, and society. Matin Libre is a daily newspaper that focuses on politics, business, and society, while Le Matinal is a weekly newspaper that covers politics, economics, and society.

In addition to these newspapers, there are also several online news sources in Benin, including Beninwebtv, Benin Times, and Benin24tv. These websites cover a range of topics, including politics, business, sports, and entertainment.

The media industry in Benin is relatively free, and the government generally respects press freedom. However, there have been instances where journalists have been harassed or arrested for their reporting. In 2020, for example, a journalist was arrested and detained for reporting on corruption in the country’s health sector.

Despite these challenges, Benin’s newspapers continue to provide a valuable service to the country’s citizens. They play an important role in keeping the public informed about current events and holding those in power accountable.

Top Benin newspapers

Here are the top Benin newspapers according to the circulations in the country.

Quotidien Le Matinal

Quotidien Le Matinal is one of the biggest newspapers in Benin. The newspaper features on politics, economy, entertainment, culture, business, etc

La Nation

La Nation is the government-owned newspaper among Benin newspapers. The newspaper was primarily known as Ehuzu.

La Nouvelle Tribune

La Nouvelle Tribune is a leading Benin newspaper providing current news, information, analyzing reports to the Benin republic in the French language.

L’Evenement Precis 

L’Evenement Precis is a common newspaper among Benin newspapers in the French language. The newspaper contains politics, social news, technology news, sports news, discoveries, and more.

24 Heures au Benin

24 Heures au Benin covers 24/7 news and information on what’s happening in Benin and around the world for the Benin people.

Benin Times

Benin Times is a leading Benin news site covering different categorized news such as politics, social, international, national news in the French language.

A Cotonou 

A Cotonou is a popular newspaper among Benin newspapers printed in the French language providing daily news, international news, local news, and more updates of Beninese.

Les Pharaons

Les Pharaons is a daily newspaper in Benin that started in 2004. But the newspaper temporarily stopped and later started in 2004.

Visages du Benin

Visages du Benin is a web journal that is featuring updated daily news and information from 2009. Political, socio-economic, culture, sports, etc are the main topics of Visages du Benin.

Read other newspapers:

Benin Republic News

Benin people mostly speak the French language, as the illiteracy rate is high in the country so the people are not most familiar with the English language.

  • L’Economiste – L’Economiste is a first-ever Benin economic daily newspaper in Benin that is published in the French language. It has also a Benin news site that is available in the English language.
  • Benin Site – Benin Site is an online Benin news platform publishing sports, economics, culture, entertainment, international news to the Benin Africa region.
  • L’Integration – L’Integration is another web journal in the French language that delivers current news in Benin, Africa, and all over the world.
  • Benin Plus – Benin Plus claims to serve with relevant, critical, detailed information and analyses to the Beninese in both English and French languages.
  • Matin Libre – Matin Libre is another online popular news site that claims to report first and foremost compared with other Benin newspapers.
  • Benin Info – Benin Info is a news and promotional portal that casts videos of events, news to the Benin people in the French and English languages.
  • Ici Benin – Ici Benin is an online Benin news site that covers updates in Benin and surrounding areas for informing Beninese.
  • Fraternite – Fraternite is a well-known news site in Benin newspapers that is also active in social media platforms to join with Benin republic.
  • La Gazette du Golfe – La Gazette du Golfe has tv and radio stations telecasting different shows along with news sites in the French language.
  • BBC Country Profile- Benin – BBC Country is an international broadcaster that telecasts daily Benin news, updates, and current issues happening in Benin capital.
  • Benin – is a  wide known news site that covers the Caribbean and African news. The news site has also a Benin news site for providing daily news to the Benin people.
  • Government of Benin (Gouvernement du Bénin)  – The government of Benin is a national information site of Benin country for updating about various info and events to the Beninese.
  • Wikipedia- Benin – Wikipedia is a great source of information about Benin country, Benin capital, Benin people around the world.

However, along with printed Benin newspapers, online readers are also increasing day by day around the world.

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Q: What are some popular newspapers in Benin?

A: Some of the popular newspapers in Benin include Fraternité, La Nouvelle Tribune, Le Matin, Le Quotidien, and Le Télégramme.

Q: Are there any English-language newspapers in Benin?

A: Yes, there are a few English-language newspapers in Benin, such as The Benin Standard and The Informer.

Q: Can I access Benin newspapers online?

A: Yes, many Benin newspapers have online versions that can be accessed through their websites or social media pages.

Q: Are there any government-run newspapers in Benin?

A: No, there are no government-run newspapers in Benin. All newspapers in Benin are privately owned and operated.

Q: What type of content does Benin news online cover?

A: Benin newspapers cover a wide range of topics, including local news, politics, sports, entertainment, and business.

Q: Are there any independent media organizations in Benin?

A: Yes, there are several independent media organizations in Benin, including the Union of Independent Journalists and Media Professionals of Benin (UPMB) and the Network of Journalists for Human Rights (RJDH).

Q: Are Benin newspapers free or do I need to pay for a subscription?

A: Most Benin newspapers require a subscription fee to access their online or print editions, although some may offer limited free content.

Q: Can I submit a letter to the editor of a Benin republic newspaper online?

A: Yes, most Benin newspapers have a section for readers’ letters or opinions, and you can submit a letter to the editor through email or the newspaper’s website.

Q: How often is Benin news online published?

A: Most Benin newspapers are published daily, although some may be published less frequently.