Bahrain Newspapers List & Bahrain News Sites Online

A list of Bahrain newspapers covering news on Bahrain tourism, politics, business, entertainment, sports, and more.

Bahrain is the smallest country in the Middle Eastern countries. The country is a developing country with its main assets including oil and gas.

Top Bahrain newspapers

Arabic is the official language of Bahrain. So the people and major of Bahrain newspapers are in the Arabic language. As the Government of Bahrain plays an important role in Bahrain media here are the top Bahrain newspapers given below.

Al Watan 

Al Watan is a daily newspaper published in the Arabic language in Bahrain. The newspaper was founded in 2005 by Al Watan for Publishing and Distribution Company.

Al Ayam 

Al Ayam is one of the most popular Bahrain newspapers based in Manama. The newspaper has a weekly magazine and a monthly magazine.

Al Bilad 

Al Bilad is one of the leading Bahrain newspapers in the Arabic language. The newspaper was established in 2008.

Gulf Digital News 

Gulf Digital News is a popular news site that reports on 24/7 breaking news, business news, sports news, entertainment news, and current updates in the English language. The paper has also an e-paper version for the readers.

Al Wasat 

Al Wasat is one of the most read & top Bahrain newspapers based in Manama. The independent newspaper has gained multiple awards for its journalism excellence.

Akhbar Al Khaleej 

Akhbar Al Khaleej is a leading daily newspaper printed in the Arabic language. The daily is a sister publication of Gulf Daily news.

Bahrain News Agency 

Bahrain News Agency is a Bahrain news platform delivering local news, international news, cultural news to the Bahrain people in both English & Arabic languages,

Daily Tribune

Daily Tribune is an English-language daily newspaper distributed in Bahrain. The newspaper has both versions online & printed.

Bahrain Mirror 

Bahrain Mirror is an independent Bahrain online newspaper based in Manama. The newspaper is covering national & international news in both Arabic & English languages.

Bahrain News Sites

  • 24×7 Bahrain News  – 24×7 Bahrain News is a Bahrain online news site that provides news on banking, finance, Bahrain tourism, real estate, etc in the English language.
  • Gulf Weekly  – Gulf Weekly is a community newspaper among Bahrain newspapers published in the English language delivering local news, cultural news, sports news to the Bahrain people.
  • Ministry of Information Affairs – Ministry of Information Affairs provides various information & updates to the Bahrain people and the world with its different services.
  • Voice of Bahrain  – Voice of Bahrain is another local Bahrain news site reporting various trending issues in both English & Arabic languages.
  • BBC News- Bahrain  – BBC News is an international broadcaster providing news to around the world has also a Bahrain country news section.
  • BizBahrain  – BizBahrain is a popular business-oriented magazine that covers news on finance, banking, Bahrain tourism, real estate, and more to the Bahrain people.

However, Bahrain newspapers are a great way for discovering the insight of the country and the world to the general people of Bahrain.

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