Top Bolivia Newspapers & Bolivian Spanish News Media

The list of Bolivia newspapers contains news on education, Bolivia tourism, health, economics, politics, business, entertainment, and more.

Bolivia is one of the poorest countries in South America, also a developing country. Although, Bolivia has not had sufficient mass media sources for the general people Bolivia newspapers play a vital role in this regard.

Top Bolivia newspapers

Here are Bolivia newspapers that are popular among Bolivia people.

El Deber 

El Deber is one of the most popular Bolivia newspapers in Bolivia. The daily is tabloid formatted newspaper publishing in the Spanish language in Santa Cruz de la Sierra.

Los Tiempos 

Los Tiempos is one of the leading Bolivia newspapers based in Cochabamba, Bolivia. The daily newspaper previously printed news into Berliner format later turned into a tabloid format.

La Razon 

La Razon is a daily newspaper among Bolivia newspapers. The newspaper is also in the Spanish language founded in 1970 based in La Paz.

Pagina Siete 

Pagina Siete is an independent daily newspaper among Bolivia newspapers distributed in La Paz, Bolivia. The newspaper was founded in 1910 in tabloid format.

El Diario

El Diario is one of the oldest Bolivia newspapers based in La Paz. The owner of the daily is one of the most influential families among Bolivians.


The opinion is a daily newspaper among Bolivian newspapers. The newspaper contains news on state, country, and internationally based in Cochabamba, Bolivia.

La Patria 

La Patria is another daily newspaper in Oruro, Bolivia. The daily printed current affairs and trending news in the Spanish language since 1919.

Eju TV

Eju TV provides multiple categorized news including political, technology, information, social, lifestyle, and more in the Spanish and English languages.


Erbol is a digital newspaper featuring the latest Bolivia news and information which is also active on various social media platforms.

EA Bolivia 

EA Bolivia is another leading news site providing Bolivian people Bolivia news online almost for 13 years in both Spanish and English languages.

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Spanish Language Newspapers

Bolivia’s official language is Spanish language. People speak and write in the Spanish language however the English language is also mentionable used in there.

  • El Deber: Diez  – El Deber: Diez is a sports-oriented newspaper that contains only sports news such as league sports, football, women football, and more based in Santa Cruz de la Sierra, Bolivia.
  • Urgente BO  – Urgente BO is a digital newspaper in the Spanish language featuring the right information, expression to the Bolivian population.
  • Correo Del Sur  – Correo Del Sur is a local daily newspaper published for the Bolivian people. The newspaper covers local states in mostly Southeastern and surrounding areas in Bolivia.
  • Sociales  – Sociales is a well-known Bolivian newspaper mainly focused on entertainment, arts, culture, and more updates in the Spanish language.
  • El Dia  – El Dia is a prominent newspaper that is also available in e-paper format in the Spanish language for the Bolivian population.
  • El Potosi  – Another recognized national newspaper in the Spanish language in Bolivia is El Potosi based in Potosi.
  • Bolivia TV  – Bolivia TV telecasts different types of programs including news, cultural shows, documentaries for the Bolivian.
  • Bolivia  – Bolivia gives insights into the latest Bolivia news, sports news, entertainment news, education news, present news happening in Bolivia and around the world.
  • Gente  – Gente is a Cochabamba news site reporting on Bolivia’s present news, crime news, sports news to the Bolivian population.
  • Notibol  – Notibol is a daily online news site providing economic news, health news, sports news, opinions in the Spanish language.
  • Hoy Bolivia  – Hoy Bolivia covers 24/7 updates and regional issues in Bolivia in the Spanish and English languages.
  • El Chaco Informa  – El Chaco Informa is another Bolivian news site containing entertainment news, sports news, regional news, national news, international updates for the reader.
  • El Peridico  – E$l Peridico is a Bolivia online news provider in the Spanish language & has also different types of social media platforms for the Bolivian.
  • Jornada  – Jornada is a common daily Bolivian newspaper from La Paz containing Bolivia’s latest news. The newspaper has also an official website.
  • Nuevo Sur  – Nuevo Sur is a daily newspaper in the Spanish language distributed to the Bolivian population from Tarija.
  • La Epoca  – La Epoca is an online news platform featuring national news, state news, international news for the Bolivian population and people around the world.
  • Diario Andaluz  – Diario Andaluz is Bolivia news online provider reporting on economics, finance, health, etc 24/7 news.
  • Tarija Digital  – Tarija Digital is an online news site based in Tarija, Bolivia covering Bolivia’s current issues and blogs for the readers.
  • Montero Noticias  – Montero Noticias is Santa Cruz de la Sierra-based news site which also active in social media for engaging with the Bolivian.
  • Ultimas Noticias Bolivia – Ultimas Noticias Bolivia gives insights into the latest Bolivia news, sports news, entertainment news, education news based in Cochabamba, Bolivia.

In addition, Bolivia newspapers and news sites are growing as the newspapers are increasing worldwide.

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