Burkina Faso Newspapers List: Burkina Faso News Online

A list of Burkina Faso newspapers contains entertainment news, political news, business news, cultural news, current issues happening there.

Burkina Faso is a low-income earning African country situated in Western Africa. The country is extremely limited with natural resources and is one of the poorly developed countries.

 Burkina Faso Leading Newspapers

Here are the leading Burkina Faso newspapers listed according to the reader’s choice.

L’Observateur Paalga

L”Observateur Paalga is the most read newspaper in Burkina Faso newspapers. The newspaper publishes Burkina Faso news, the latest news, international to readers.

Le Pays

Le Pays is one of the most known Burkina Faso newspapers providing news in the French language that is founded in 1991.


Sidwaya is a French-language newspaper founded in 1984, one of the most circulated papers among Burkina Faso newspapers.

Le Faso

Le Faso is a French-language news site featuring Burkina Faso tourism, technology updates, regional news, and information to the people of Burkina Faso.

Burkina 24

Burkina 24 is an online news agency that gives coverage of Burkina Faso news today 24/7, regional and local news in the French language.

A Ouaga

A Ouaga newspaper publishes political news, business news, economical news, entertainment news daily to the people of Burkina Faso.

L’Economiste du Faso 

L’Economiste du Faso is an economically based newspaper among Burkina Faso newspapers that prints socio-culture news, finance news, business news.

Faso Actu 

Another popular news portal is Faso Actu which gives updates on the daily lives of Africa and Burkina Faso people.

Aujourd’hui au Faso 

Aujourd’hui au Faso is an online news site covering regional news, city news, international news in both English and French languages.

L’Express du Faso

L’Express du Faso is a Frech language news media containing Burkina Faso Africa news, recent news, and breaking news for the people of Burkina Faso.

Read other African newspapers:

All African News Today

Burkina Faso people speak in the French language so the newspapers are here in majorly French language.

  • Les Affaires  – Les Affaires is a business-oriented newspaper in Burkina Faso newspapers featuring economical news, saving, and finance content in the Frech language.
  • L’Evenement – L’Evenement is a wide known news site in Burkina Faso containing Burkina Faso Africa news, recent news, and breaking news.
  • Radiodiffusion Television du Burkina  – Radiodiffusion Television du Burkina telecasts different types of shows, news programs for the people of Burkina Faso.
  • FasoZine.com  – FasoZine.com publishes international news, Burkina Faso tourism, technology updates, regional news in both French and English languages.
  • Faso Presse  – Faso Presse is an online news media portal that provides political news, Burkina Faso news, business news, economical news, entertainment news.
  • Le Reporter  – Le Reporter has multiple social media platforms to engage with readers and join the community.
  • Burkina Info  – Burkina Info claims to report in real-time in both English and French languages to the nation.
  • AiB Burkina  – AiB Burkina is a government news site providing all information, Burkina Faso news, events, and current updates to the people of Burkina Faso.
  • BBC News: Burkina Faso  – BBC News is an international broadcast having almost all countries around the world which also has a country profile for the Burkina Faso updates.
  • All Africa: Burkina Faso  – All Africa is an international news platform that covers African and surrounding areas’ news and updates including Burkina Faso country.

In addition, Burkina Faso newspapers are increasing in numbers as the country tries to develop day by day.