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A list of Telugu Newspapers including Eenadu, Andra Jyothi, Sakshi, Andra Bhoomi, Vaartha, Praja Sakti, Suryaa, and more.

Around 8.1 crore people speak the Telugu language in the world which is also an official state language in India. Telugu newspapers are a great source of communication for staying updated with the modern world to the Telugu people.

Top Telugu Newspapers

In the midst of a wide number of Telugu newspapers here are the top Telegu newspapers in India.

Eenadu (ఈనాడు)

Ee4nadu is the most read newspaper among Telugu newspapers. The daily newspaper is published by Eenadu publications and formatted in broadsheet style.

Andra Jyothi(ఆంధ్ర జ్యోతి)

Andra Jyothi is one of the oldest Telugu daily newspapers in India. The newspaper has a weekly magazine named Navya and also a TV channel ABN Andra Jyothi.


Sakshi is one of the largest Telugu newspapers in India. The daily full-color printed newspaper is also available online edition.

Andra Bhoomi(ఆంధ్ర భూమి)

Andhra Bhoomi is another oldest paper among Telugu newspapers in India. The newspaper is owned by Deccan Chronicle, a prominent newspaper. It has also a weekly edition named Andhra Bhoomi Sachitra Vaara Patrika.


Vaartha is a popular daily newspaper published in Hyderabad. Vaartha which means news was founded in 1996.

Namaste Telangana 

Namaste Telangana is mainly focused on the developments of the Telangana state. The newspaper is very popular in the state along with its sister newspaper Telangana Today.

Praja Sakti 

Praja Sakti is a well-known daily Telugu newspaper that is published in Andra Pradesh. The owner of the newspaper is the Communist Party of India.


Suryaa is a leading newspaper published in India. The daily newspaper was founded in 2007 based in Hyderabad, India. is a Telugu news site that is providing Telugu news on politics, and entertainment in the Telugu language based in Telangana, India. is a common news site that published news in the Telugu language. The news portal is mainly focused on political updates in the Telangana state.

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Telugu Newspapers List

Also, there exist numerous newspapers printed & distributed in the Telugu language all over India.

  • Telugu News 18  – Telugu News 18 is a local Indian news site providing the latest news, state news, technology, and entertainment news in both Telugu & the English languages.
  • – features politics, entertainment, and technology updates happening in Telangana.
  • Namaste Andhra  – Namaste Andhra is an Indian news website publishing news based in Telangana, India. The news site has an e-paper version, also available in both Telugu & English languages.
  • Telugu Times  – Telugu Times is a very famous newspaper that is distributed in San Francisco and the USA targeting whole Telugu people all over the world.
  •  – is an independent web portal founded in 2002 is based in the USA.
  • Tupaki  – Tupaki, is a news site that mainly covers political news, and entertainment news happening in the Telugu language.
  • Telugu 360  – Telugu 360 is an Indian news site focusing only on political news, movie news, and entertainment news in the Telugu language.
  •  – provides Telugu news, Indian news, entertainment news, political news & current issues of Telangana.
  • Samayam Telugu  -Samayam Telugu is a part of The Times of India, featuring Telugu’s latest online news to the Telugu people.
  •  – claims to offer services with entertainment, and the independent latest news in the Telugu & English languages.
  • Teluguone: News  – Teluguone: news delivers political news, entertainment news, country news, latest news to the Indian people.
  • Andhra Headlines  – Andhra Headlines publishes today’s news, headline news, Indian news, and breaking news happening all over the world.
  • Mana Telangana  – Another daily newspaper in the Telugu language is Mana Telangana. The newspaper is formatted into a broadsheet style based in Hyderabad, Telangana.
  • Andhra Watch  – Andra Watch is another Indian news site that provides Telugu politics news, trending news, and movie news to the Telugu people.

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Telugu Online News Sites

In recent years, since the number of users of the internet is increasing Telugu online news sites are also making places on the list of news viewers and newsreaders.

  • Telugu Bullet  – Telugu Bullet provides Telugu online news, Indian news, and more updates on the state of Telangana.
  • NTV – Telugu News Channel  – NTV, the news channel has a live tv section and a wide number of visitors on multiple social media platforms.
  • Telugu Post  – Telegu Post is a digital media platform that claims to offer news on public interest and old-fashioned journalism.
  • Visalaandhra  – Visalaandhra is a daily newspaper published in the Telugu language. The broadsheet formatted newspaper was founded in 1952 almost 70 years ago.
  • Webdunia Telugu  – Webdunia Telugu is a widely known news platform that publishes Telugu online news, international news, and sports news in multiple languages.
  • One India Telugu  – One India Telugu is also a very popular news site delivering news in multiple languages for the Indian people.
  • Janam Sakshi  – Janam Sakshi is wide known daily newspaper printed in the Telugu language. The paper is also available in e-paper format in Telangana.
  • Ira Newspaper – Ira newspaper is a national newspaper giving insights into political news, state news, and popular news to the Telugu people.
  • Asianet News Telugu  – Asianet News is a famous online news site that has several state news published which is also available in the Telugu language.
  • DearUrban  – DearUrban claims to update people with instant news of technology, fashion, science developments, etc.
  • OK Telegu  – OK Telegu publishes political news, Indian news, entertainment news, and more trending updates in the Telegu language.
  • Aadab Hyderabad  – Aadab Hyderabad has multiple social media platforms for the readers to join the community.
  • Google News: Telugu  – Google News: Telugu provides the latest Telugu news collection via google sources.

Finally, Telugu newspapers play a very important role in the daily lives of Telugu people and society.

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