Oriya Newspapers List And Odia News Sites Online

A list of Oriya newspapers includes Sambad, Dharitri, Samaja, Samaya, Dinalipi , Pragativadi, Bhaskar, and more.

Around 3.75 crores people speak in the Odia language in India. Along with other languages newspapers in India, Odia newspapers are also quite familiar to the Indian people.

Top Oriya Newspapers

Here are the top Oriya newspapers which are read by the Indian people.


Sambad is the most read among Oriya newspapers. The Indian daily newspaper is published in Bhubaneswar, Odisha.


Dharitri is a daily newspaper among Oriya newspapers. The newspaper is published in the Odiya language since 1974. It has a sister newspaper called Orissa Post.


Pragativadi is an Odiya language newspaper published in Bhubaneswar. It is also one of the most read Oriya newspapers. The paper has an online version for the readers and also a website.


Samaja is one of the oldest daily Odia newspapers. The newspaper was founded by a prominent Indian freedom fighter. The paper is now run by Lok Sevak Mandal, a non-profit organization.


Dinalipi is a popular newspaper among Oriya newspapers that printed news in the English language. The daily has also an e-paper format.

Odisha Samaya 

Another daily newspaper in the Odia language is called Samaya. The newspaper is published in Bhubaneswar since 1996.

Odisha Bhaskar 

Odisha Bhasker is a common news site delivering Indian news including local news, state news, breaking news in the Odia language.


Prameya is one of the largest Oriya newspapers in India. The newspaper has its own TV channel named Prameya News7.

Orissa Post 

Orissa Post is an English-language daily newspaper among Oriya newspapers. The newspaper started its journey under the Dharitri newspaper in 2011.

Odisha Reporter 

Odisha Reporter features daily Indian news, trending news, health news, state news and more.

Orissa Diary 

Orissa Diary is a leading news portal in Orissha providing current affairs happening in the world to the Odia people.

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Oriya Language News Sites

Oriya news sites are also gaining popularity as people nowadays prefer online newspapers or e-paper formats.

  • Anupam Bharat  – The Anupam Bharat is an online news media platform in Orissha, India featuring news on sports, culture, lifestyle, and the latest news.
  • eodishasamachar.com  – eodishasamachar.com is an online news media that serves Indian news on entertainment, state, lifestyle, health, sports in the Odia language.
  • Odisha.com  – Odisha.com is an online news site in the Odia language that is serving news and updates from the Eastern Indian state.
  • Odia Pua  – Odia Pua is a daily newspaper that is published in New Delhi, India. The newspaper serves 24/7 coverage in what’s happening Orissha to the Indian people.
  • Incredible Orissa – Incredible Orissa focuses on Indian & Orissha cultural news, festivals, updates to the Odia people.
  • Odisha Tourism  – Odisha Tourism, is a news portal providing news & information about different tourist places that exit in Orissha, India.
  • Odisha TV  – With the motto of “We report, you decide”, Odisha TV reports on exclusive Indian news on international, national, breaking news in the English language.
  • Nijukti Khabar  – Nijukti Khabar is a weekly newspaper that published news on admission, job, business & employment news to the Odia people, youth, and entrepreneurs.
  • Sharbasadharana – Sharbasadharana claims to be the voice of the public, an important news site featuring news on the current issues ongoing in the Eastern side of India.
  • ENews Odia  – ENews Odia provides entertainment news, art news, lifestyle, etc to the Indian people in the Odia language.

However, Oriya newspapers are an important source of communication to the Odia people, India.

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