List Of Gujarati Newspapers & Gujarat Samachar News Sites

The list of Gujarati newspapers & E-papers including Divya Bhaskar, Sandesh, Gujarat Samachar, GujaratMitra, Gujarat Midday, Akila Daily, Gujarat Guardian.

Gujarat, the homeland of Mahatma Gandhi is famous for colorful festivals. The state of India is one of the industrially developed states to be mentioned. There is a wide range of Gujarati newspapers in India.

About Gujarati News Papers

Gujarati News Papers are newspapers published in the Gujarati language, which is spoken by about 55 million people worldwide. Gujarati newspapers are widely read not only in the Indian state of Gujarat but also by Gujarati-speaking people in other parts of India and abroad.

Some of the prominent Gujarati newspapers are Gujarat Samachar, Divya Bhaskar, Sandesh, Akila, and Saurashtra Samachar. These newspapers provide coverage of national and international news, as well as local news from different regions of Gujarat. They also feature articles on a wide range of topics such as politics, sports, entertainment, business, education, health, and lifestyle.

Gujrat News Papers have a long history, with the first newspaper in the language, Bombay Samachar, being founded in 1822. Since then, the Gujarati newspaper industry has grown significantly, with numerous newspapers being published in print and online formats.

The rise of digital media has also had an impact on Gujarati Online newspapers, with many of them now offering online versions of their publications. This has made it easier for people living outside of Gujarat to stay up-to-date with news from their home state.

Gujarati news sites have played an important role in shaping public opinion in Gujarat. They have been a forum for political debate and discussion, and have also played a role in promoting social and cultural activities. Moreover, they have helped to promote the Gujarati language and literature.

Gujarati Newspapers List continue to be an important source of news and information for Gujarati-speaking people. They provide coverage of a wide range of topics and help to connect people with their culture and heritage.

Gujarati Newspapers List

Amidst Gujarati newspapers, there are some leading newspapers exits.

Divya Bhaskar

Divya Bhasker is the most read newspaper among Gujarati newspapers. The newspaper was founded in 2003 but with intense word-of-mouth publicity, it gained nearly 850000 circulations daily. Divya Bhaskar Epaper is also available for the readers.


Sandesh is a popular newspaper in Gujarat, India. The newspaper has multiple supplements for the readers & also has a Sandesh news channel.

Gujarat Samachar

Gujarat Samachar is one of the leading newspapers in Gujarati newspapers. The daily newspaper is formatted into broadsheet style. It has launched a news channel named GSTV.

Akila Daily

Akila Daily is an evening daily newspaper published from Rajkot, Gujarat.

NavGujarat Samay

NavGujarat Samay is a daily newspaper in the Gujarati language in India. The newspaper is founded in 2014 & the owner of the paper is Shayona Times Pvt Ltd.


Gujratmitra is one of the oldest newspapers in Gujarat, India. The newspaper was established in 1863 by Gujaratmitra Pvt Ltd.

Gujarati Midday

Gujarati Midday is a local newspaper printed in the Gujarati language. The newspaper is covering news on entertainment, sports, lifestyle, business, etc.


Another daily newspaper in the Gujarat language is Kutchmitra. The broadsheet formatted newspaper is owned by Janmobhoomi Media Group.

Mumbai Samachar

Mumbai Samachar is another old newspaper published in the Gujarati language to the Gujarati people.


Aajkaal is a daily newspaper that features Gujarati news on business, lifestyle, sports, arts, business, and international affairs.

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Gujarati Language Newspapers

Day by day the number of Gujarati language newspapers is increasing as the numbers of readers are also increasing.

  • Sardar Gurjari – Sardar Gujari is a common newspaper in Gujarat. The newspaper provides headlines, breaking news, provincial news happening near Gujarat.
  • Nobat – Novat is a local newspaper published in Gujarat, India. The daily newspaper is an evening edition and available in both print & online versions.
  • Sambhav Metro – Sambhav Metro is a tabloid formatted newspaper published six days a week. The newspaper is under the control of Sambhav Media which includes a radio station & online news portal.
  • Gujarat Today – Gujarat Today is a daily newspaper published in the Gujarat language in India serving the Muslim community. The newspaper is founded in 1991 in Ahmedabad, India.
  • Western Times – Western Times is an English-language daily newspaper that is also available on the internet for readers.
  • – is a popular news site that published Gujarati news in the English language. The news site offers news service 24/7.
  • KutchUday – KutchUday delivers trending Gujarati news, world news, entertainment news. The newspaper has also an Epaper facility.
  • Ahmedabad Mirror – Ahmedabad Mirror is a daily news site in India providing news and updates going on in Ahmedabad & surrounding areas.
  • Gujarat Guardian – Gujarat Guardian is a general newspaper owned by Western India Media Pvt Ltd.
  • Janmabhoomi Newspapers – Janmabhoomi newspaper is an evening daily newspaper published in India. The title of the newspaper is “Mother and Motherland are superior to Heaven”. It was founded by an Indian freedom fighter.
  • Lok Sansar – Lok Sansar is a Gujarati language newspaper published in Gandhinagar and Bhavnagar.
  • Saurashtra Aaspass – Sarurashtra Aaspass, is a news site that has news on politics, economics, national in the Gujarati language.
  • Rakhewal – Rakhewal is another daily newspaper in the Gujarati language published from Banaskantha delivering news.
  • Naya Padkar – Naya Padkar is a common news site that provides Gujarati news on history and national news.
  • Sunvilla Samachar – Sunvilla Samachar provides Gujarati news on Bollywood, politics, lifestyle, sports in both Gujarati & English languages.
  • Eagle News – Eagle News is also a popular news site delivering authentic news & reports in the Gujarati language.
  • Dhabkar – Dhabkar is Surat’s leading newspaper that provides Gujarati news in the Gujarati state.

Leading Gujarat E-papers

Along with the printed Gujarati newspapers, Epapers are also raising their popularity. Since Gujarati people are trying to keep pace with the era of the internet.

ePaper Gujarat Samachar

Gujarat Samachar, Gujarati News Paper & Gujarati Epaper. Gujarat Samachar is the Leading Daily Online Newspaper/ePaper in Gujarat. This Gujarati newspaper is published in its main office in India Ahmedabad.

  • Muslim Sandesh – Muslim Sandesh is a daily newspaper published in the Gujarati language which is delivering news to the Muslims living near Gujarati states.
  • Gujarat News: Times of India – Times of India is a very famous newspaper in India. It has also a Gujarati profile delivering updates of Gujarati people’s lives.
  • Gujarat News: IBNLive – Gujarat News: IBNLive telecasts live news, tech news, budget news to the Gujarati people.
  • Gujarat News Headlines: Zee News – Zee News, is a versatile & renowned news channel in India that has also a Gujarat news section.
  • BBC- Gujarati Programme – BBC is an international broadcaster that provides also Gujarati programs to the Gujarati people.
  • – provides breaking news, headlines in the Gujarati language to the Gujarati people.
  • – is a wide known Gujarati news site coverage 24/7  up to date in India.
  • Gujarat Abroad (Canada)  – Gujarat Abroad is one of the largest weekly newspapers from abroad. The newspaper has an Epaper version so that readers can read the entire newspaper online.

In addition, we can say that Gujarati newspapers are a great source of communication or media to the Gujarati people and around the world.

Here in this article we mostly try to cover All Online Newspapers of India circulated from Gujrati State. We listed National News List, International Newspaper, Online News Portal, Daily Newspaper, & Gujarat ePapers.

Gujarat Samachar Online

Gujarat Samachar is a popular daily newspaper in the state of Gujarat, India. It was first published in 1932 and has since become a leading source of news and information in the region. In addition to its print version, Gujarat Samachar also has a strong online presence through its website, Gujarat Samachar Online.

Gujarat Samachar Online features news and articles on a wide range of topics including politics, business, sports, entertainment, and more. The website is designed to be user-friendly and easy to navigate, with a clean and simple layout that allows readers to quickly find the information they are looking for.

One of the key features of Gujarat Samachar Online is its emphasis on local news and events. The website covers news from all regions of Gujarat, providing readers with a comprehensive view of what is happening in their communities. This local focus has helped to make Gujarat Samachar a trusted source of news and information for people throughout the state.

In addition to its news coverage, Gujarat Samachar Online also offers a variety of other content including opinion pieces, editorials, and feature stories. The website also features a number of interactive tools such as polls and quizzes, which help to engage readers and encourage them to participate in the online community.

Overall, Gujarat Samachar Online is a valuable resource for anyone looking to stay informed about news and events in Gujarat. Its focus on local news and commitment to quality journalism have helped to make it a trusted source of information for readers throughout the state.

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FAQs Of Gujarati Newspapers

Q: What are some popular Gujarati newspapers?

A: Some popular Gujarati newspapers are Gujarat Samachar, Sandesh, Divya Bhaskar, Akila Daily, and Saurashtra Samachar.

Q: Are Gujarat Newspapers available online?

A: Yes, most Gujarati newspapers have an online version that is accessible from their website or mobile app.

Q: Are Gujarati News published daily?

A: Yes, most Gujarati newspapers are published daily, with some exceptions for weekly or monthly publications.

Q: Can I subscribe to Gujarat Online Newspaper?

A: Yes, most Gujarati newspapers offer subscription options for both their print and online versions.

Q: Are there any Gujrat Newspapers that are published outside of India?

A: Yes, there are some Gujarati newspapers that are published in other countries with significant Gujarati-speaking populations, such as the USA, UK, and Canada.

Q: What types of news are covered on Gujarati News Sites?

A: Gujarati newspapers cover a wide range of news topics, including local, national, and international news, politics, sports, entertainment, business, and more.

Q: Are there any free Gujarati newspapers available?

A: Yes, there are some Gujarati newspapers that are available for free, such as Gujarat Mitra, but most newspapers require a subscription or purchase to access their content.