Marathi Newspapers And Marathi News Sites In Maharashtra

The list of Marathi newspapers includes Lokmat, Maharashtra Times, Loksatta, Divya Marathi, Tarun Bharat, Sakaal, Pudhari.

The Marathi language is the third most spoken language in the world with around 8.30 crores speakers. Right now we are going to describe the Marathi newspapers that exist in India.

Leading Marathi Newspapers

Widely spoken Marathi language leading newspapers name are here given below.


Lokmat is one of the most read Marathi newspapers in India. The regional newspaper also has the Hindi language & English language newspapers named Lokmat Samachar, Lokmat Times.


Loksatta is one of the largest leading Marathi newspapers in India. The newspaper was founded by the Indian Express Group, has also multiple supplements & editions.


Sakaal which means Morning is a very famous Marathi newspaper published from Pune, Maharashtra. The newspaper organized different types of events and activities on education, travel,  business, agriculture, etc. It has also a well-known number of magazines named Sakal Saptahik, Tanishka, Premier.

Maharashtra Times 

Maharashtra Times is the second-largest newspaper published in Mumbai. The newspaper has various supplements such as Times Property, Maifal, Sanvad, Mumbai Times, Thane Pus, Pune Plus, etc.

Divya Marathi

Divya Marathi is one of the most popular Marathi newspapers. The daily newspaper is published by the Dainik Bhasker Group.


Pudhari is one of the oldest Marathi newspapers in India. The newspaper started its journey as a weekly paper & later turned it into a daily one. The popular newspaper was founded in 1937.

Tarun Bharat

Tarun Bharat is one of the best-selling Marathi newspapers in India. The newspaper offers different types of magazines with its daily name Khazana, Mukta, Champion, Diwali magazine.


Aikya is a daily newspaper providing current news to the Indian people. The newspaper has several social media platforms to engage with the readers.


Deshonnati is a daily newspaper in the Marathi language providing country news, international news, Indian news to the Marathi people.


Agrowon is basically agriculture, a farm-focused newspaper printed from Pune, India. The newspaper is also published in the Marathi language.

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Marathi Language Newspapers

With the leading newspapers in India, there are numerous newspapers are printed in the Marathi language.

  • Prahaar  – Prahaar is a familiar regional Marathi language daily newspaper. Rane Prakashan Pvt Ltd is the owner of this daily newspaper.
  • Prashv Bhumi  – Prashv Bhumi is another daily newspaper that is published in Mumbai. Prashv Bhumi’s e-paper has also become available to the Marathi people.
  • Beed Reporter  – Beed reporter is a daily paper published in Beed, Maharashtra, India. The newspaper has live tv sections, e- with breaking news,
  • Ekmat(Marathi: एकमत)  – Ekmat is a prominent daily newspaper among Marathi newspapers. The newspaper printed a number of supplements like Saptarang, Sakshi, The Ekmat Diwali.
  • Sanchar  – Another common daily Marathi language newspaper is called Sanchar. The newspaper was founded in 1961 from Solapur, India.
  • Punyananagari E-paper – Punyananagri is a regional daily newspaper to the Marathi people providing Indian news, rural news based in Maharashtra.
  • Lokasha  – Lokasha is a daily regional newspaper publishing the Marathi latest news to the Marathi people.
  • Navshakti( Marathi (मराठी) – नवशक्ति )  – Navashakti is a leading Marathi language daily newspaper. The newspaper is formatted into a broadsheet style based in Mumbai, India.
  • Marathawada Neta  – Marathawada Neta is a general regional newspaper in the Marathi language. The newspaper provides the latest Marathi news, Indian news from Maharashtra, India.

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Marathi Online News Sites

Along with printed newspapers, Marathi online news sites or e-papers are very much available for the readers.

  • Lok Prashn  – Lok Proshn is a leading daily Marathi online news site published in Beed, Maharashtra delivering 24/7 updates to the Marathi people.
  • The Bridge Chronicle  – The Bridge Chronicle is an English-language newspaper based in Pune, India. The newspaper is committed to only serving the news but also the explanation their readers deserve.
  • Deshdoot  – Deshdoot is a popular Marathi online news site that publishes the latest Marathi news and information in the Marathi & English languages.
  • Zunjar Neta  – Zunjar Neta is a well-known daily newspaper that has a youtube platform and e-paper format for the Marathi people.
  • Gomantak  – Gomantak is a regional Marathi online news site providing relevant news, information, current issues to the Indian people.
  • Dainik Murder  – Another Marathi online news portal is Dainik murder. It covers rural news, provincial news in the Marathi language.
  • Shivner  – Dainik Shivner is a daily newspaper published in the Marathi language. The newspaper was founded in Mumbai in 1955.
  • Navakaal  – Navakaal is a Marathi language newspaper formatted into broadsheet style. The daily newspaper follows pro-congress political alignment.

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