Punjabi Newspapers List In India & Punjabi News Sites

The list of Punjabi newspapers includes Ajit, Punjabi Tribune, Tribune, Punjab Times, Punjabi Jagran, Jag Bani, Nawan Zamana.

Punjab is one of the most recognized languages in the world that is spoken much in  India and Pakistan. Although the majority of the Punjabi language is spoken live in Pakistan, Punjabi newspapers are mainly published widely in India.

Leading Punjabi newspapers

Leading Punjabi newspapers which are very popular among people are given below.


Ajit is a daily newspaper published in the Punjabi language in India. The newspaper was founded in 1941 by a prominent journalist in India. The daily has sister newspapers named Ajit Samachar in Hindi and Daily Ajit in Urdu.

Punjabi Tribune 

Punjabi Tribune is a popular daily newspaper among Punjabi newspapers. The newspaper is owned by The Tribune Trust in India.

Jag Bani 

Jag Bani is another daily newspaper in Punjabi newspapers. The newspaper has some famous sister newspapers named Punjab Kesari, Navodaya Times, and Hind Samachar.

Rozana Spokesman 

Rojana Spokesman is one of the leading daily Punjabi newspapers. The newspaper started its journey as weekly papers then later became a daily newspaper.


Tribune is a daily English language newspaper founded in Lahore, Punjab. The popular newspaper has two sister newspapers such as Dainik Tribune in Hindi and Punjabi Tribune in Punjabi.

Punjabi Jagran 

Punjabi Jagran is a general daily newspaper published by Jagran Group, India. The paper features multiple sections of Indian news, country news, and world news to the Punjabi people.

Nawan Zamana 

Nawan Zamana previously known as Naya Zamana is a daily newspaper in Punjabi newspapers. The paper is published in broadsheet style from Jalandhar, Punjab.

Ajj Di Awaz 

Another wide known daily newspaper in the Punjabi language is Ajj Di Awaz. The newspaper covers news such as sports news, rural news, international news based in Jalandhar, Punjab.

Punjab Times 

Punjab Times is a quite familiar daily newspaper published in Jalandhar, India. The newspaper is also available in e-paper format.


Charhdikala is a common daily newspaper in the Punjabi language. The newspaper provides news to the Punjab people from Patiala, India.

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Punjabi Online News Portal

Including printed newspapers, there are also a wide number of Punjabi online news portals available are for readers around the world.

  • 5 Dariya News  – 5 Dariya News is a multilingual news site that started in 2011 providing news on entertainment, sports, education, etc to the Punjab population.
  • Sach Kahoon  – Sach Kahoon is a Punjab daily newspaper that offers current issues & affairs happening in Punjab people’s daily lives.
  • Punjab Post  – Punjab  Post is a weekly newspaper that was established in 2009. The newspaper is published in Calgary in the Punjabi language.
  • Aashiana  – Aashiana is a daily newspaper published in the Punjabi language from Punjab, India. The newspaper covers Indian news on sports, politics, culture, lifestyle, and more.
  • Quami Ekta  – Quami Ekta is a Punjabi weekly newspaper which is from California. The newspaper has print & online formats which are absolutely cost-free.
  • Sky Hawk Times  – Sky Hawk Line is a popular Punjabi online news site publishing categorized news on national, international, political, entertainment, and sports to the Indian people.
  • Yes Punjab  – Yes Punjab is a Punjabi online news portal that gives coverage of 24/7 updates, Indian news, and a live-watching option to the Punjab population.
  • Punjabi News Online  – Punjabi News online delivers local news, states news, Indian news, other latest news around the world to the Indian people.
  • Azad Soch  – Azad Soch is a well-known daily newspaper distributed from Punjab, India. The newspaper features 24/7 updates of Punjab states to the Punjab people.
  • Indo Times – Indo Times is the first Punjabi-language newspaper published in Australia and New Zealand. The Chief editor of the newspaper is S. Taswinder Singh.
  • Desh Doaba  – Desh Doaba is a popular weekly newspaper published in the Punjabi language from California targeting the Punjabi population worldwide.
  • Hamdard Weekly  – Hamdard Weekly is a weekly Punjabi newspaper founded in 1991. The newspaper has also a monthly magazine called Quomantary.
  • Times of Punjab  – Times of Punjab is a Punjab online news portal that is available in e-paper format, web TV based in the USA.
  • Punjab Mail USA  – Punjab Mail USA is the first Punjab language printed newspaper based in California, USA. The newspaper is also free for the people of Noth America.

However, Punjabi newspapers are increasing day by day as the number of reading newspapers is also rising.

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