List of Comoros newspapers: Comorian Online Newspapers

A list of Comoros newspapers and news sites providing news on the economy, politics, entertainment, culture, health, Comoros tourism news, and more.

Comoros is a beautiful country known as the “Perfume Islands” situated in Southeast Africa. As French and Arabic languages are the official languages of Comorian so the newspapers are here majorly in the French language.

Top Comoros Newspapers

Top Comoros newspapers and new sites in Comoros are given below.

Al Watan

Al Watan is a daily newspaper in the French and Arabic language in Comoros newspapers. The newspaper is formatted in a broadsheet style founded in 1985 and based in Moroni.

Habari Za Comores

Habari Za Comores is an online Comoros news site that contains culture, Comoros tourism, entertainment, politics, and international news to the Comoros people in the French language.

Le Mohelien

La Mohelien is an independent online news site in Comoros that publishes Comoros economy news, Comoros capital news, Comoros tourism news, political news, local news, and more information about the capital of Comoros.

La Gazette des Comores

La Gazette des Comores is a privately owned national newspaper among Comoros newspapers. The newspaper covers Comoros news on health, politics, economy. culture, politics, Comoros islands, and more in the French language.

Comores Infos

Comores Infos is one of the top online Comoros newspapers in the French language, and also in the English language. The new site gives updates with 24/7 coverage, breaking news, and relevant information to the Comorian.

Actu Comores

Actu Comores is an online newspaper in Comoros newspapers that serves with Comoros news on health, politics, economy. culture, politics, African news, Comoros islands, and international news in the French language.


Comores provides national news, political news, African news, entertainment news, and sports news in the French and English languages including also all African regions and countries.

BBC News-Comores

BBC News is an international news site that provides news and facts to almost all countries in the world. The news portal has also a country figure for Comoros in which there are Comoros facts and the daily lives of Comoros people.

All Afrcia

All Africa is another international news portal publishing African countries’ news, issues, trending news, and more updates of Comoros also to the African people.

RFO Mayotte

RFO Mayotte has a news portal, radio station, and tv channel in which it telecasts Comoros tourism guides, various programs, and shows for the Comorian.


Wikipedia is an international news and information open-source for people around the world that has also details of Comores country and Comoros people.

Finally, Comoros newspapers are an important part of the daily lives of Comorians.

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