List of Kannada Newspapers & News Sites In India

The list of Kannada newspapers includes Udayavani, Suvarna News, Prajavani, Kannada Prabha, Vijaya Karnataka, Kannada Dunia, and more.

About 4.37 crore people in India speak the Kannada language which makes it the eighth language in India. The Kannada language is also considered the classical language of India.

Leading Kannada Newspapers

Kannada newspapers are not very much in numbers compared to the readers of India. Leading the Kannada language newspapers are here:


Udayavani is one of the leading Kannada newspapers in India. The newspaper has several sisters publications including Roopatara, Taranga, Tunturu, and more.


Prajavani is one of the most-read Kannada newspapers. The daily has multiple sister newspapers such as Deccan Herald, Sudha, and Mayura.

Kannada Prabha

Kannada Prabha is a daily major newspaper published in Karnataka. The award-winning newspaper is owned by a famous politician.

Vijaya Karnataka

Vijaya Karnataka is a daily newspaper published in Karnataka, India. The newspaper including its sister magazine is now owned by Bennett, Coleman & Co Ltd.

Vijaya Vani 

Vijaya Vani, another leading daily newspaper from Karnataka, India. The newspaper is owned by VRL Group.

Vishwavani News

Vishwavani News is a familiar daily newspaper published in the Kannada language. The newspaper is very appreciated for its charming writings including traditional facts and information.


Varthabharathi is a widely known daily newspaper among Kannada newspapers. The newspaper is highly appreciated for its contribution to society.

Praja Pragathi 

Praja Pragathi is also a well-known daily newspaper that is available in Tumkur, Chitradurga, and Davanagere.


Sanjevani is an evening daily Kannada newspaper published in Banglore, Karnataka. The newspaper is also the first south Indian newspaper to be ranked no 1 by a Microsoft survey.

Kannada Dunia

Kannada Dunia is a daily newspaper published in Karnataka. The newspaper is printed in broadsheet format style.

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Kannada Online News Sites

There are also Kannada online news sites so that readers can read news & get updates from anywhere via internet access.

  • Samyuktha Karnataka – Samyuktha Karnataka, a daily newspaper in the Kannada language started its journey in 1921. The newspaper has also sister publications such as Karmaveera, Kasthuri.
  • SahilOnline  – SahilOnline is a Kannada online news site covering traditional, rural news, and political news to the Kannada people happening in Karnataka, India.
  • Sudharma – Sudharma is the only daily newspaper that is printed in the Sanskrit language.
  • Suddi Mola  – Suddi Mola, is a Kannada daily India news site based in Raichur, India.
  • Ee-Sanje News – Ee – Sanje is another Kannada online news site published in the Kannada language. The news site offers religion, provincial news, agricultural news, and more updates.
  • Janathavani  – Janathavani is a local daily newspaper published in the Kannada language. The newspaper was founded in 1974 in Davanagaree, Karnataka.
  • Karnatak Malla – Karnatk Malla is a popular Kannada online news site providing Indian news to the Kannada people based in Mumbai.
  • Balkani News – Balkani News is a Kannada language news portal updating with 24/7 news coverage for the Kannada people.
  • Kannadamma – Kannadamma, a general daily newspaper distributed in Belagavi, Karnataka.
  • Suddidina – Suddidina is a leading news site delivering news to the Kannada people in the Kannada language.
  •  – provides relevant Indian news and information about the Kannada language spoken people.
  •  – is a very widely known news portal for serving updates on what happening in Karnataka and in India.
  • Suvarna NewsSuvarna News is a versatile news site featuring news and columns on various topics such as politics, entertainment, art, lifestyle, etc.

Finally, the Kannada newspapers are a great source of communication for the Kannada people for getting news around the world.

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