List Of Guinea Newspapers & Guinea News Sites

A list of Guinea newspapers that contain sports news, political news, entertainment news, business news, daily news, international news, and daily news.

Guinea is one of the least developed countries in the world located in Western Africa. The county is known for gold and diamond producers in the world, a huge mineral resource.

Guinea Newspapers Today

As French is the official language of the country so the news media are here mostly in the French language. Leading Guinea newspapers are mentioned below.

Guinee News

Guinee News is a French-language online newspaper among Guinea newspapers founded in 1997. The daily news site provides current news, country news, and international news to the Guinea & African people

Africa Guinee

Africa Guinee is a news site that features international news, Conakry Guinea news, and African news in the French language. The news site is profoundly active on multiple social media platforms.

Guinee 7

Guinee 7 is an online news provider that covers business news, political news, cultural news, and economical news based in Conakry, Guinea. It has different sections for broadcasting live news & latest news on Africa.


Aminata is a news media in the English and French languages that publishes relevant information, political articles, trending topics, and discussions of the Republic of Guinea.

Guinee Matin 

Guinee Matin is another common news media in Guinea in the French language that contains regional news, community news, and international news for the Guinean people.

Media Guinee

Media Guinee is a daily news site that publishes economic news, political news, trending news, and issues 24/7 to the African people.

Foot 224

Foot 224 is a French-language Guinean newspaper that mainly reports on regional, national, African, and international football updates.

Gnakry Live 

Gnakry Live is an entertainment-focused newspaper among Guinea newspapers that provides entertainment, music, cultural events, and updates.

Actu Guinea

Actu Guinea is a French-language online newspaper in Guinea that promotes economical news, recent news, breaking news, and political news regularly.

Guinee 360

Guinee 360 gives 24/7 updates, recent news, and country news, international updates in the English and French languages to the Guinean.

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Guinea News Now

Along with printed newspapers, news sites and portals are getting also popular in the country.

  • Guinee Foot – Another football-oriented newspaper among African newspapers is Guinee Foot, which presents daily updates on sports and events.
  • Guinea 24 – Guinea 24 is a business-oriented newspaper that provides Guinean farm, business, real estate, and socio-economic updates.
  • Kaba Bachir  – Kaba Bachir is a Guinean news agency that promotes local news, African news, international news,
  • Guinee Live  – Guinee Live telecasts cultural news, entertainment news, political news, environmental news, and society news to the African and Guinean people.
  • Kaloum Presse  – Kaloum Press is a Guinean news agency that telecasts news daily on health, education, business, culture, and lifestyle.
  • Conakry Infos  – Conakry Infos is a common news portal in Guinea that contain daily updates on the country and world news in the French and English languages.
  • Guinee Actu – Guinee Actu is a French-language newspaper among Guinea newspapers publishing regularly Guinea news now, Guinea news today.
  • Afri News  – Afri News is a leading Guinea news portal that provides African news, international news, national news, and sports news to the people around the world.
  • Radio Kankan  – Radio Kankan is a Guinean radio station that casts varieties of programs, talk shows, events, and Guinea news today in the French language.
  • Le Lynx – Le Lynx is a satirical newspaper among Guinea newspapers that publishes weekly. The newspaper is following the model of a French satirical newspaper named Le Canard Enchaine.
  • BBC News- Guinea  – BBC News is an international news provider that represents different countries’ news, and updates globally including the African country Guinea also.

Hence, Guinea newspapers prove that Guinea has a rich potential to develop further.

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