List of Grenada Newspapers Online & News Sites

A list of Grenada newspapers that contain travel news, local news, sports news, political news, entertainment news, business news, and international news.

Grenada is one of the developing countries situated in the Eastern Caribbean sea. The country is known as the Isle of Spice and is known for its natural beauty to tourists.

Leading Grenada Newspapers

Here are the leading Grenada newspapers in the English language given below.

Grenada Broadcast

Grenada Broadcast is a news media that provides current news, and affairs in Grenada. It started in 1993 as a weekly broadcaster which has also radio stations and television stations.

Wee FM

Wee FM is an independent radio station that broadcasts various programs, including Grenada news live, talk shows, cultural shows, and entertainment programs since 2001. The channel has also websites for live interactions with listeners based in St George’s, Grenada.

Now Grenada

Now Grenada is a Grenada online newspaper among Grenada newspapers that promotes Grenada news live, Grenada crime news, Grenada daily news, arts, culture, and entertainment news to the Grenada population.

Grenada Explorer

Grenada Explorer is a news site that features Grenada travel news, tourism guide, and Caribbean travel information updates in the English language to people around the world.

Barnacle News

Barnacle News is a monthly newspaper among Grenada newspapers in the English language. The newspaper provides information on local Grenada news, sports news, and business news from the Caribbean and the country.

Spice Islander

Spice Islander is a regional online news site that covers Caribbean news, sports news, Grenada breaking news, Grenada’s latest news, and local Grenada news to the Grenada population.

Grenada Chronicle

Grenada Chronicle is a Grenada online newspaper among Grenada newspapers that publishes Grenada local news, Grenada travel news, Grenada breaking news, Caribbean news, business news, and international news.

BBC News- Grenada

BBC News is an international broadcaster that airs different country news and information including Caribbean countries’ news such as Grenada facts, and Grenada daily news.


Wikipedia is a great source of information and data of mostly about everything. It has also Grenada information, data, and other important things.

In addition, Grenada newspapers online play a great role to offer news and travel guide to the people globally.

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