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A list of Dominica newspapers includes Dominica daily news, Dominica tourism news, country news, health news, business news, politics news, and many more.

Dominica is a small, island, and Caribbean country situated in North America. It is one of the poorest countries which is also known as the nature island of the Caribbean.

Top Dominica Newspapers

Dominican people mostly speak in the English language so the newspapers are here also in the English language.

Dominica News Online

With the tag of “Independent, immediate, trusted”, Dominica News Online is the most popular online newspaper in Dominica newspapers. The online Dominica news site provides local news islands news and Caribbean news. It has multiple social media platforms with a huge number of readers.

Dominia Weekly

Dominican weekly is one of the most-read Dominican blogs among Dominica newspapers. The blog site publishes information about Dominican islands, Dominican people weekly.

DA Vibes

With the tag of “the Caribbean’s news portal”, DA Vibes is inclined to inform Dominica people with the latest information about the islands, current issues, and entertainment news.


Sun is a weekly and independent newspaper in Dominica newspapers. The newspaper is distributed in Dominica every Monday.

Kairi FM

With the tag of “The genuine sound of Dominica”, Kairi FM is a popular radio station in Dominica that telecasts multiple shows and programs for the Dominicans.

EMO News

EMO News publishes news and articles on agriculture, socio-economic, cultural news, international news, and information to the Dominicans.

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Dominica Magazines

  • The Dominican  – The Dominican is an online news site that has columns on historical news, country news. Also has radio and tv channels for the Dominican people.
  • Virtual Dominica  – Stay, eat, explore which is the motto of Virtual Dominica, which is an online Dominica magazine that features islands news, Dominica tourism news, cuisine articles, and travel guidelines.
  • Discover Dominica  – Discover Dominica is mainly a tourist guide for national and international tourists in Dominica.

Along with printed newspapers, there are also online newspapers and news sites available in Dominica.

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