List Of Canadian Ethnic & Multicultural Newspapers

A list of Canadian ethnic & multicultural newspapers that covers sports news, political news, entertainment news, and business news in various languages.

Ethnic & Multicultural Newspapers

Can-India News

Can-India News is a popular newspaper in Canadian ethnic & multicultural newspapers that is based in the Indian community.

Corriere Canadese

Corriere Canadese is a daily newspaper that is in the Italian language among Canadian ethnic & multicultural newspapers. The newspapers cover health, education, business, culture, and lifestyle.

Das Echo

Das Echo is a German-language newspaper that is based in Montreal, Quebec provides news to Canadians.

Horizon Weekly

Horizon Weekly is an Armenian newspaper that is distributed weekly, founded in 1979 in Canada. The newspaper is active on multiple social media platforms to stay engaged with readers around the world.

Korea Times

Korea Times is a Korean-language newspaper that promotes Korean and Canadian news, city news, and community news to the nation.


Bejsment is a Polish newspaper that features Canadian daily news, national news, and Poland updates. The newspaper has a news site so that readers can read online.

Punjabi Post

Punjabi Post is a popular newspaper in the Punjabi language in Canada that contains national and international news.

Russian Express

Russian Express is a general newspaper in Canada in the Russian language for Canadians.

Gujarat Newsline

Gujarat Newsline is a Gujarati-language newspaper in Canada that promotes daily updates on Canada and India.

Kanadan Sanomat

Kanadan Sanomat is another community-leading newspaper based in North America in Canada that is continuing for 80 years that serves with 24/7 coverage to the residents.

Bengali Times

Bengali Times is a Canadian newspaper that is printed in the Bengali language for the Bengali community in Canada. The newspaper is also available online for international readers.

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