List Of Canadian Alternative Newspapers & News Sites

A list of Canadian Alternative newspapers contains sports news, political news, entertainment news, business news, Canadian daily news, health news, cultural news, and international news in the English language.

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Canadian Alternative Newspapers 


Coast is a weekly newspaper among Canadian Alternative newspapers that is owned by Coast Publishing Limited. The newspaper promotes entertainment news, cultural news, events updates, and current affairs to Canadians. The newspaper is both available in printed versions and on online sites for the nation.

Georgia Straight

Georgia Straight is the largest urban newspaper that is distributed weekly in Canada. The award winner newspaper publishes Canadian news on business, finance, culture, entertainment, technology, fashion, and more updates to Canadians. 


Grapevine is a community newspaper that publishes once a month in Canada. The newspaper mainly focused on arts and culture and also promotes local business and community news based in Annapolis Valley. The alternative newspaper in Canada is profoundly active on social media platforms for readers.

Planet S

Planet S is a city magazine in the English language based in Saskatoon in Canada. The newspaper features community Canadian news, entertainment news, blogs, and articles, also available online for Canadians around the world. 


Voir is another youth culture magazine that mainly publishes news on culture, social events, community events, local businesses, and other shows in Canada. It is also available on social media platforms for readers around the world to create a community.


Now is a popular magazine based in Toronto in Canada. The well-known magazine covers lifestyle, shows, cultural programs, events, local businesses, articles, blogs, and other discussions around the world. The Canadian alternative newspaper claims to cover everything going on in Toronto, with its tag. 

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