List Of French Canadian Newspapers & News Sites

A list of French Canadian newspapers that provides daily news, national news, sports news, political news, entertainment news, and business news.

French Canadian Newspapers 

 Alberta Newspaper

  • Le Franco – Le Franco is one of the leading newspapers in the French language among Canadian newspapers in Alberta. 

British Columbia Newspaper

  • Source – Source is one of the most circulated newspapers in the French language among Canadian newspapers in British Columbia.

Manitoba Newspaper

  • La Liberte – La Liberte is a widely known French-language newspaper among Canadian newspapers based in Manitoba. 

New Brunswick Newspaper 

  • Acadie Nouvelle – Acadie Nouvelle is the only independent French-language newspaper in New Brunswick. 

Newfoundland & Labrador Newspaper

  • Le Gaboteur – Le Gaboteur is a weekly community newspaper in the French language in Newfoundland and Labrador province.

Nova Scotia Newspaper 

Ontario French Canadian Newspapers 

  • L’Action – Le Action is a weekly community newspaper owned by Altomedia based in Manitoba, Canada. 
  • Le Droit – Le Droit is the only French-language newspaper among Canadian newspapers that is published in Gatineau, Quebec. 
  • L’Express – L’Express is a French-language weekly Canadian newspaper that is published in Toronto, Ontario. 
  • La Rotonde – La Rotonde is the official & one of the oldest student newspapers from the University of Ottawa.
  • Journal Le Voyageur – Journal Le Voyageur is a weekly community newspaper based in Greater Sudbury, Ontario. 

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Quebec French Canadian Newspapers 

  • Les Afaires – Les Affairs is a French-language newspaper that publishes news on politics, business, technology, and entertainment. 
  • L’aut’journal – L’aut’journal is a popular newspaper in Canada that provides national news, daily news, and international news. 
  • Le Delit Francais – Le Delit Francis is a student society newspaper in Canada from the University of McGill.
  • Le Devoir – Le Devoir contains relevant information, political articles, and trending topics in the French language. 
  • Le Journal de Montréal – Le Journal de Montréal is a Frech language newspaper based in Montreal, Canada.
  • Le Journal de Québec – Le Journal de Quebec is another newspaper based in Quebec in the French language. 
  • Le Soleil – Le Soleil is a French-language weekly newspaper based in Quebec that provides daily Canadian news. 
  • Rive-Sud Express – Rive-Sud Express is an online newspaper in Canada that publishes daily news, national news, and international news. 
  • Organisation du Québécois – Organisation du Québécois casts relevant information, trending topics, and discussions in the French language. 
  • Le Nouvelliste – Le Nouvelliste is a popular newspaper in the French language under control by Numrique in Canada. 
  • Le Courier de Sud – Le Courier de Sud features daily news, national news, local news, and international news online. 
  • Journal Metro – Journal Metro is an online news site among Canadian newspapers that provides breaking news and current affairs. 
  • La Presse – La Presse is an online newspaper that contains sports news, entertainment news, technology news, and daily Canadian news in the French language. 

Saskatchewan Newspaper

  • L’Eau vive – L’Eau vive is a prominent newspaper among Canadian newspapers founded in 1971.

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