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A list of Gabon newspapers contains sports news, political news, entertainment news, business news, tourism news, economical news, and national news.

Gabon is a well-developed country in Africa that is situated in Central Africa. The country is famous for being one of the largest oil producer and wildlife beauties. The French language is the official language in the Gabon country.

Leading Gabon Newspapers

Here are popular Gabon newspapers and news sites are given below. The news media is also available in the English language for readers around the world.


L’Union is one of the most read Gabon newspapers in the French language. The daily newspaper is the official paper in Gabon that covers daily news, country news, politics news, business news, entertainment news, and more updates.

Gabo News

Gabo News is one of the leading online newspapers in Gabon in the French language. The news site publishes news daily, Gabon news today in different categories.

Gabon Media Time

Gabon Media Time is another daily newspaper online that provides Gabon news live, Gabon’s latest news in the French language.

Info 241

Info 241 is an online newspaper among Gabon newspapers that distributes daily news on health, education, business, culture, and lifestyle in Gabon.

A Libreville

A Libreville is one of the top English newspapers among Gabon newspapers that is also available in the French language. The newspaper covers news on sports, business, daily news, and notices in the country.

Gabon Review

A popular French-language newspaper in Gabon is Gabon Review which is known for containing environmental news, cultural news, African news, society news, and political news.

Direct Infos

Direct Infos is a news site among Gabon news sites that gives coverage of relevant information, political articles, trending topics, and discussions in both French and English language.

Infos Gabon

Infos Gabon is an independent private news agency among Gabon online newspapers founded in 2008. The news site distributes news on social rights, activities, health, social, and gender discrimination issues.

Infos Plus Gabon

Infos Plus Gabon provides current news, Gabon facts, daily news, international news, and breaking news in the French language to the Gabon people.

Agence Gabonise de Presse (AGP)

Agence Gabonise de Presse is an online news agency in Gabon that publishes daily news. The news agency covers agricultural news, farming news, and other important information in the French language.

Journal du Gabon

Journal du Gabon is a recognized newspaper among African newspapers that covers daily news, international news, city news, political news, society news, and cultural news entertainment news in the French and English languages.

Sport 241

Sport 241 is a sports news media that provides daily sports news, and updates happening in Gabon and other African countries.


BBC is an international channel that broadcasts different countries’ news, facts, and updates all over the world. The international site has also a Gabon news section, facts, and information for the people in the country.

Hence, Gabon newspapers are a phenomenal way to observe the lives of Gabon people and country facts.

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