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A list of Ghana newspapers that provide sports news, political news, entertainment news, business news, daily news, country news, and African news.

Ghana is a less developed country in the world and one of the fastest-growing economical countries in Africa. The country is situated in Western Africa known for cocoa, wildlife, and natural beauties globally.

Top Ghana Newspapers

Right now, we will provide you with the top Ghana newspapers below here.

Daily Graphic

Daily Graphic is a leading daily newspaper in Ghana newspapers printed in the English language. The newspaper is the official newspaper in the country since 1950.

Ghanaian Times

Ghanaian Times is a daily newspaper that is owned by the Ghanaian government. The English language top newspaper was established in 1957 in Accra.

Daily Guide

Daily Guide is the most circulated daily newspaper among Ghana newspapers. The private independent newspaper started in 1984 based in Accra, Ghana.


YEN is an online Ghanaian news site that features political updates, world news, business news, ghana entertainment news, and Ghana current news daily.


Herald is a popular newspaper in Ghana in the English language that covers news on health, education, business, culture, and lifestyle.

Ghana Soccer Net

Ghana Soccer Net is a sports-based newspaper in Ghana that provides sports news, football news, and international sports updates to Ghanaians.


Pulse covers breaking news, Ghana’s latest news, Ghana trending news & top stories of Africa regularly to the Ghana people in the English language.

Modern Ghana

Modern Ghana is a privately owned daily newspaper in Ghana owned by Modern Ghana Media Communication Limited since 2005.

Business In Ghana

Business Ghana is a business-oriented newspaper in Ghana that provides farm, business, economic, investment, and socio-economical updates to Ghanaians.

Business & Financial Times

Business & Financial Times is a private independent business newspaper in Ghana. The top Ghanaian newspaper mainly publishes business, economical and financial updates.

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Ghana News Online

Since English is the official language of Ghana so the news media here is in the same language, although the French language is also taught widely in the country.

  • Ghana Review International – Ghana Review International is an independent news agency in Ghana that is owned by Macromedia Consultants Ltd.
  • GH Base  – GH Base contains mainly Ghana entertainment news, cultural news, events, and social updates for the African people.
  • Ghana Web  – Ghana Web is an online news portal that distributes sports news, business news, entertainment news, African news, and casts tv programs.
  • Citi Newsroom – Citi Newsroom reports on current news, Ghana facts, daily news, international news, and African news in the English language to the Ghana people.
  • Finder – Finder is an online news media that gives 24/7 coverage, breaking news in Ghana today, and current news in Ghana.
  • Business Ghana – Business Ghana is a financial and commercial newspaper that publishes investment, banking, business, and economical updates.
  • GH Headlines – GH Headlines is a Ghanaian news provider that publishes articles, and blogs from other different new sources in the English language.
  • Chronicle – Chronicle is the biggest independent private newspaper among Ghana newspapers that provides Ghana news regularly.
  • Today – Today is a top newspaper among African newspapers that has different sections of news such as technology, business, entertainment, and international news.
  • Ghana Man Sports – Ghana Man Sports is a common newspaper that is focused on the latest news of sports, updates, and events in Ghana sports newspapers.
  • Peace FM – Peace FM is a common radio channel that casts different programs on Ghana breaking news, Ghana news today, and other enjoyable programs for the Ghana people.
  • Ghana Star – Ghana Star is a Ghana entertainment news broadcaster that keeps up-to-date cultural programs, Ghana news, and community events.
  • Buzz Ghana – Buzz Ghana is an online newspaper that contains mainly Ghana entertainment news, cultural events along with African entertainment affairs.
  • Ghana News Agency – Ghana News Agency is a very familiar news agency in Ghana that features relevant information, political articles, and Ghana trending news.

Hence, Ghana newspapers play as a mirror to observe the daily lives of the Ghanaians.

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