Gambia Newspapers List: Gambia Online News

A list of Gambia newspapers that contain sports news, political news, entertainment news, business news, national news, and daily Gambian news.

The Gambia is one of the least developed & small countries situated in Western Africa. The country is worldwide known for peanut production & affordable amazing tourist spots.

All Gambia Newspapers

The English language is the official language, here are the top daily newspapers in the Gambia given below.


Foroyaa is a bi-weekly newspaper among Gambia newspapers in the English language. The newspaper is owned by PDOIS & founded in 1987.


Point is the only independent newspaper among Gambia newspapers based in Bakau. The English language newspaper publishes Gambian news, the latest Gambia news, and African news daily.


Standard is a Gambian online newspaper in the English language. The Gambia news site provides political news, and current affairs, Gambia news 24.

All Gambia News

All Gambia News is an online news site that brings all current news and issues of the country and Africa to the Gambia people.

Gainako News

Gainako News is an independent news media in the Gambia that features relevant information, political articles, trending topics, and discussions in the English language.

Fatu Network

Fatu Network is a Gambian news media that telecasts live news, country news, African news, and international news to the Gambia people.

Kaironews Gambia

Kaironews Gambia is an online news site founded in 2014 in Gambia country. With the motto, In pursuit of the truth, freedom, liberty we shall survive, the media telecasts daily news to the Gambia people.

Gambia Today

Gambia Today is an independent broadsheet formatted newspaper that contains health news, national news, daily Gambia news, and Gambia news today.

Elegance Magazine

Elegance Magazine is an entertainment-based African magazine in the English language established in London. The magazine covers African rich cultural events, and trending & exciting news.

What’s On Gambia

What’s On Gambia is an online news site among Gambian newspapers that covers cultural events, lifestyle content, and entertainment updates to the African people.

Although the Gambia is not a well-developed country Gambia newspapers present its rich culture to people around the world.

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