List Of Mozambique Newspapers Online

A list of Mozambique newspapers that contain sports news, political news, entertainment news, business news, national news, and international news.

Mozambique is one of the less developed African countries in the world. The Republic of Mozambique is known for its extreme biodiversity, wildlife, and amazing nature.

Mozambique Newspapers Online

Here are the leading Mozambique newspapers in the Portuguese and English languages.


Noticias is one of the most read Mozambique newspapers online in the Portuguese language. The daily provides news on health, education, business, culture, and lifestyle based in Maputo.


MMO is an online news site in Mozambique newspapers that covers local news, African news, political news, and social news to the Mozambique people.


Sapo is a news portal that publishes relevant information, political articles, Mozambique news, trending topics, and discussions in Mozambique.


Infromoz is a major news site that features Mozambique news live, Mozambique news now regularly in the Portuguese and English languages.

Carta de Mocambique

Carta de Mocambique is a Portuguese-language newspaper in Madagascar that reports local news, regional news, and national news to the Madagascan people.


Verdade is a Portuguese-language newspaper in Mozambique that publishes national news, African news, regional news, political news, cultural news, and world news.

Portal do Governo

Portal do Governo is a national news portal that features Mozambique news now, the latest update of Mozambique in the Portuguese language.

‎Club of Mozambique

Club of Mozambique is a community newspaper that is available in the Portuguese and English languages for the Mozambique people.

Folha de Maputo

Folha de Maputo is a Maputo-based news site that reports on regional news, world news, community news, and events.


Stop publishing crime news, investigative news, country news, and political updates in the Portuguese and English languages.

Canal de Mocambique

Canal de Mozambique is Maputo-based news media that casts national news, international news, political issues, cultural programs, and events.


Desafio is a sports-based newspaper in Mozambique mainly delivers football updates nationally and internationally.

Jornal Txopela

Jornal Txopela is a Portuguese-language news site among Mozambique newspapers that serves with the latest news of Mozambique news, community news, and updates.

Zitamar News

Zitamar News gives coverage of Mozambique 24/7, breaking news, current news, and affairs of the world.


Domingo is one of the most popular Mozambique newspapers in the Portuguese and English languages. The daily contains daily national news, political news, policy updates, sports news, and more news.

Televisao de Mozambique (TVM)

Televisao de Mozambique is a national tv channel in Mozambique that broadcasts daily news, local updates and different of cultural programs.

Hence, Mozambique newspapers are an important part of the nation’s daily lives.

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