Mali Newspapers List & Mali Online News

A list of Mali newspapers that contain sports news, political news, entertainment news, business news, national news, and international news.

Mali is one of the least developed African countries in the world. The country was previously famous for its wealth and renowned teaching centers.

About Mali Newspapers

Mali is a landlocked country in West Africa with a population of over 20 million people. The country is home to several newspapers and media outlets that provide news, information, and entertainment to the Malian people.

Some of the most prominent newspapers in Mali include Le Republicain, Le Combat, and L’Essor. Le Republicain is a French-language newspaper that has been in circulation since 1991. It covers national and international news, politics, sports, and culture. Le Combat is another French-language newspaper that covers news and current affairs in Mali, as well as sports, business, and entertainment.

L’Essor is a government-owned newspaper that has been in circulation since 1960. It is published in both French and Bambara, which is one of the most widely spoken languages in Mali. L’Essor covers news, politics, economics, and culture.

In addition to these newspapers, there are several other media outlets in Mali, including television and radio stations. Some of the most popular television stations in Mali include ORTM and TM2, while popular radio stations include Radio Kayira, Radio Kledu, and Radio Bamakan.

The media landscape in Mali has faced challenges in recent years, particularly in the wake of the country’s political instability and security challenges. Journalists have faced threats, intimidation, and censorship, and media outlets have been targeted by both the government and extremist groups. However, despite these challenges, the media continues to play an important role in informing and engaging the Malian people.

Mali English Newspapers

Here are the top Mali newspapers in the French and English languages given below.


L’Essor is one of the best-selling Mali newspapers in the French language. With the tag of The voice of the people, the daily provides news on health, education, business, culture, and lifestyle.


Maliweb is an online newspaper in the French and English languages. It delivers political news, business news, country news, economical news, and African news.

A Bamako

A Bamako is a Mali news site that is mainly focused on business news, and commercial news and also publishes sports news, and national news to the Mali people.


Malijet is a popular regional newspaper among Mali newspapers. The daily distributes local news, political news, and social news in the French and English languages.


Bamada is a Mali news portal that publishes relevant information, political articles, trending topics, and discussions in the French and English languages.

Studio Tamani

Studio Tamani is a French-language news agency in Mali that reports on daily Mali news, and international news including serving magazines, and a radio channel for the Mali people.


Koulouba is a major news media among Mali newspapers that contains daily national news, political news, policy updates, sports news, and more news.

Journal du Mali

Journal du Mali is a French-language news portal in the French and English languages that features the latest Mali news, economical news, and cultural news.

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Mali News Today

The French language is the official language of Mali but the English language is quite familiar here.

  • Afribone‎ – Afribone is a French-language news site that features Mali news today and Mali news 24.
  • Mali Web – Mali Web is a Mali newspaper online that is available in the English and French languages.
  • ‎Info Matin – Info Matin is a Mali news portal in the English language that local news, community news, and events.
  • ‎Mali Zine – Mali Zine is a Mali magazine for Mali people around the world that contains trending news, lifestyle tips, and social news.
  • AMAP (Agence Malienne de Presse) – AMAP is a news agency in the French language that publishes national news, political news, domestic news, and African news.
  • CEFIB – CEFIB is a news site in Mali that contains educational news, tips, and training suggestions in the English language.
  • Nord Sud Journal – Nord Sud Journal is a Mali newspaper in the French language that distributes daily Mali news, Mali news today, and Mali news 24/7.
  • L’Express du Mali – L’Express du Mali is a French-language newspaper among Mali newspapers that features the current news of Mali and Mali facts.
  • ‎Mali Info – Mali Info serves with 24/7 coverage of Mali, breaking news, current news, and headlines to the Mali people.

However, Mali newspapers and news sites try to serve Mali people with the latest news and affairs of the country.

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Q: What are some popular newspapers in Mali?

A: Some of the popular newspapers in Mali include L’Essor, Maliweb, Le Républicain, Le Sphinx, Le Challenger, and Le Flambeau.

Q: What language are newspapers in Mali published in?

A: Newspapers in Mali are published in French, the official language of Mali. However, some newspapers also publish in Bambara, one of the most widely spoken languages in Mali.

Q: Are there any online newspapers available in Mali?

A: Yes, there are several online newspapers available in Mali, including Maliweb, Studio Tamani, and Le Confident.

Q: What topics do Mali news today cover?

A: Mali newspapers cover a wide range of topics, including politics, economics, sports, culture, and social issues.

Q: Are Mali papers independent or state-controlled?

A: Mali newspapers are generally independent, although some may have affiliations with political parties or other groups.

Q: How can I access Mali newspapers if I am outside of Mali?

A: Many Mali newspapers have online editions that can be accessed from anywhere in the world. Some newspapers may also be available through online newspaper databases or news aggregators.

Q: Are there any English-language newspapers available in Mali?

A: While most newspapers in Mali are published in French or Bambara, there are a few English-language newspapers available in Mali, such as The Guardian Mali.

Q: How often are Mali newspapers published?

A: Most newspapers in Mali are published on a daily or weekly basis, although some may be published less frequently.

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